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Part 29
by Sherman H. Skolnick 4/1/03
Some in Europe are determined to stop any further Bush White House plan to attack in the Mid-East and elsewhere. Such as a long-planned bombardment and invasion of places like Iraq.
How many Americans realize the attitudes of France in current events? The monopoly press, dealing with us like eight-year old children, would have us forget how France was instrumental in helping America against the British dictators in the American col onial period. And, that the British Aristocracy vows to divide this continent into Balkan-like warring regions, subjects of the British Monarch, and that we Americans should be puppets of colonies rather than citizens of the American Republic.
Short of targetting the Brits with French missiles---and some believe the Paris government harbors that thought if not already in effect---how would the French stop the British/American aristocracy and their war-mongering as to Iraq, in the Mid-East, an d elsewhere?
If the U.S., under the Bush Administration, starts a war in the Mid-East, such as currently planned against Iraq, here is what France plans
[1] France would freeze all U.S. assets in any way within their custody, control, or jurisdiction.
[2] Inevitably this freeze would include freezing the assets and funds of Canada as well, since the U.S.'s northern neighbor has mostly just a few large banks with numerous U.S. dollar accounts transacting, among other places, through French financial i ntermediaries, entities, agents, brokerages, and similar.
[3] Well-informed Americans, not sharing their knowledge with routine journalists, have been quietly repatriating their assets and funds parked, pledged, held, brokered, or otherwise with the custody, control, and jurisdiction of France, and within the control and custody of French financial intermediaries as branches in the U.S. and elsewhere.
[4] Yes, such activities not shared with naive, know-nothing Americans addicted to the U.S. monopoly press as if it were a narcotic, tend to make the U.S. isolationist, a bad word to New World Order types but possibly acceptable to common Americans. But , it is a forced reality update that the U.S. is a FORMER world super-power, now in the midst of financial collapse. Our attention has been diverted from this fact by a prior-arranged series of violences, called 9-11, and then later, playing up Osama bi n Laden and Saddam Hussein as the two demons of the planet.
Who all has studied the documents of Operation Northwoods, in James Bamford's opus, "Body of Secrets", published just before Black Tuesday? How madmen in the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, in 1962, wanted to instigate an invasion of Cuba, by orchestrating bloody killings of Americans, disguised as if having been done by Cuba instead of actually by monsters part of covert U.S. teams. It should be studied carefully by those persisting in falsely blaming Black Tuesday on "the Moslems".
The U.S./British aristocracies, Establishment, powers-that-be, Ruling Classes---whatever you call THEM---is step by step overthrowing the American Republic and making us the DISUNITED States of America. Our good-paying jobs are ending, our industries ex ported to cheap-wage overseas regions, our porous borders mere unenforced jokes.
Here is some background to understand this; that there is a need to change the regime IN WASHINGTON, not Baghdad. AND some in France and elsewhere believe this is necessary.
Old-time Frenchmen recall, with great regrets, that France in the mid-1930s, had an opportunity to stop Hitler. How? By moving French military forces into a key region of Germany as the French were authorized to do so, under various treaties and provisi ons that were enacted in the wake of World War One.
The French move, however, in the midst of the worldwide Great Depression, was tabled, some say, by French leader Leon Blum. He was blamed, some say falsely, because he was a peace-seeking socialist. At the time, France had a virulent, Fascist element--- the French word describing this, gagliards, translates as "the hooded ones", sort of like the American KKK, the Ku Klux Klan.
Some later blamed this ultra right-wing element for the perceived weak opposition in France to the German invasion of 1940, peaking with the surrender of Paris in World War Two. It led to the division of France into what was called the Vichy Government, pro-Hitler collaborators.
The pro-British American monopoly press overlooks the now known treason, before and during World War Two, of the British Monarchy. After all, the Brits changed their name to the House of Windsor, to disguise their German origin. They should rightfully b e called the House of Hanover. A sizeable portion of the British royals plotted to surrender to the Nazis. King Edward 8th abdicated, not because he married a divorced commoner, but because he was pro-Hitler which needed for the moment to be concealed.
As the Duke and Duchess, the couple ruled the British colony of Bahamas during World War Two, and treasonously allowed Nazi submarines to refuel right offshore the U.S.
Without desiring to recall the history of Mesopotamia, the war-mongering media persistently repeat the words of George W. Bush that there is a need for regime change in Baghdad (NOT Washington).
The newsfakers are not inclined nor capable of a more balanced understanding of recent history.
===To control oil, American/British big business interests favord backward, non-progressive regimes of the oil-drenched Mid-East sheikdoms. Whatever one may in retrospect otherwise say about the Shah of Iran, the Pahlavi Royal Family were determined to make Persia a modern, 20th century nation. The Shah restrained and restricted the narrow-minded clerics of Iran. Sarcastically, they could be described as the best minds of the 14th Century.
The American and British spy agencies jointly installed one of THEIR agents as the Ayotollah, the head man/cleric in Teheran, part of the overthrow of the Shah in 1979. Thereafter, as a front for the British royals, Daddy Bush instigated the Iraq-Iran W ar, starting in September, 1980 which ended in 1988. In great part, it was to keep up the price of oil, by causing the bombing of oil machinery and such. The price of oil drastically declined upon the end of the conflict.
By the massive bribery of Iranian clerics-leaders in October, 1980, in Paris and in a Paris suburb, Daddy Bush had an advantage against the dreaded possibility of what he called "The October Surprise". Namely, that Carter, running for re-election, would have a voting advantage if he could gain the release of the 52 U.S. hostages from the Teheran Embassy.
The U.S. hostages, because of Daddy's Bush's treason, were released ONLY just at the very moment in January, 1981, when the Reagan/Bush ticket were inaugurated. To remind Reagan to "follow orders", there was an attempt to assassinate Reagan a few months later; multiple shootings, falsely blamed on a lone gun-men, John Hinckley, whose father was in the oil business with Daddy Bush. And, to stop any efforts of the Vatican to promote peace, shortly after the attempt on Reagan, was the attempted assassina tion of Pope John Paul 2nd, falsely blamed on a Turkish nut, but actually arranged by the American CIA.
In the 1980s, Daddy Bush assisted his PRIVATE secret business partner, Saddam Hussein in obtaining the makings of bio/chemical weapons and the start of nuclear devices. [See the documented opus, "The Spider's Web" by Alan Friedman. AND, as to Daddy Bush and Saddam Hussein as PRIVATE secret business partners, visit our website story, "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]
The Bush Family were the key players in making Kuwait, A British colony up to 1961, as a world oil power. This was done through the Bush Family business, Dresser Industries, which later was merged into Richard Cheney's Halliburton, a worldwide provider of oil patch equipment.
By the late 1980s, Kuwait was financially damaging Iraq, which was impoverished by the eight year Iraq-Iran war into which Bush suckered Saddam Hussein. Kuwait had driven down the price of oil by massive oil pumping. Further, Saddam claimed the area nea r the Iraq/Kuwait border is actually Iraq's 19th Province. Kuwait was stealing oil from Iraq, Saddam claimed, by slant-drilling and pumping oil also out of the contested region.
Why was Saddam in a position to be mislead by Daddy Bush? Because the American CIA assisted Saddam Hussein into power by political assassinations. In 1990, Saddam was informed by Daddy Bush's U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad, April Glaspie, that the U.S. has no interest in interfering in Saddam's quarrel over the 19th Province and slant-drilling with Kuwait.
Is it not strange that Saddam has not been the victim of an CIA assassination plot? Created by the American secret political police, Saddam, like Osama bin Laden, has been used by Daddy Bush. A convenient "enemy", to be demonized while the Bush Crime Fa mily, as stooges of a section of the American aristocracy jointly with the British destroy the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
How many Americans understand Iraq? Numerous households in Iraq have a large number of books, follow Opera, promote intellect. Baghdad is a cosmopolitan metropolis.
Americans find it difficult, because of media brainwashing, to understand that Iran, under the Shah, and Iraq under Saddam, have been modern-seeking nations, not run by backward clerics opposed to women being educated, opposed to women driving cars, and such. Modern nations are a detriment to Big Oil which needs narrow-minded reactionaries and Fascists.
Unlike Iraq, how many ordinary Americans have in their homes numerous books and such? The media fakers have pounded Americans into simple-minded types, believing that there are no high-level plots and that only "lone assassins" murder our leaders.
How and when are we reminded that among industrial nations (or declining industrial nations), America has the highest per cent of functional illiterates?
Will it be needed and will it work, if necessary? That is, France's Plan to Stop America's Hitler. By among other things, of freezing American funds and assets.

More coming. Stay tuned.

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