Monday, February 29, 2016


This is martial law...

There are no sheriffs left in

the State of Connecticut! 

They have all been replaced with US Marshals by Public Act No. 00-99            
                      (House Bill No. 5832 signed by the Governor)


The office of sheriff is a unique and special Constitutional office.  It is a part of the Check and Balance System.  When a man becomes a
‘sheriff’, he takes on the special responsibility of preserving and protecting the rights, liberties and freedoms of the people within his county against unlawful acts, including any unlawful act committed by public officials working in the government.

The Sheriff has a direct obligation toward the people living within his county. For over 200 years, the office of sheriff in the United States has been an office that is controlled by the people through the election process.  He is elected as their choice to take hold as the chief law enforcement officer in the county.  The people place great trust in him to provide protection for themselves against unlawful acts of all kinds, including usurpation and sedition.  This also includes illegal acts by agencies of government. He takes an oath to uphold, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State in which his county exists.

The federal government is a servant of the people and the states, and have only the powers that have been enumerated and delegated to it in the Constitution by the action of the people and the states.  The people retain all other powers not delegated to the federal government.

James Madison made it quite clear that the delegated power of the people is not surrendered power.

It is the duty of the federal government to guarantee a republican form of government.  It has no authority to build a military government to satisfy desires for a New World Order.

Ultimate authority resides in the people. The federal government may not substitute its will for the best interests and the will of the people, nor exercise authority beyond the limits set out  in the Constitution.  Laws repugnant to the Constitution are void.

The Sheriff must be advised of the instances in which unlawful acts are committed. Power change is like electricity: not easily seen, but the effects are strongly felt.  This nation is undergoing massive, frightful, and outrageous changes in its power structure, so much so that an unwelcome militarized form of government is quietly spreading its network over us.

The people’s control over their local government ended when the federal government took control over the “General Plans” for cities and counties.

Local control over city police departments ended when the federal government acquired the nationwide “Standard-setting Process” by using devices created by the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, a commission that was instituted under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Now, our sheriffs are being replaced by federal marshals who are non-elected personnel, who are not obligated to take an oath to the Constitution, and who are not beholden to the best interests of the people.  Marshals are federal legmen.

Sheriffs have been elected to protect our freedoms and to keep control local.  The sheriff takes an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and that of his State. 

Have you checked your state Constitution?  It should include a stipulation that the office of sheriff must be an elective office.  Does it?  This
effort can be enhanced by having the county Board of Supervisors pass an ordinance to support the urgency of retaining the sheriff as one who must be elected by the people.  It is important to make sure that this requirement is there as it is a barrier erected against the plans of the federal government to federalize all civilian law enforcement systems.

Voters in some states have been persuaded to reduce the steadfastness of good sheriffs by approving propositions at the polls that reduce sheriffs to an appointive position.  This action is the first-step in a two-step maneuver to eliminate the sheriff entirely and replace him with an appointed federal marshal.

Speak to trustworthy elected officials in your county, including your county attorney, to see what defense you may undertake against these plans to eliminate sheriffs and replace them with appointed federal marshals.

Don’t let happen to your State that which has already happened in the State of Connecticut: a movement which threatens to destroy the nation’s Constitutional system of sheriff authority.  Is Connecticut’s problem not a classic textbook example of “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis”?

The sheriff, the last vestige of local control of government by the people, is being engineered to fall under the consolidated power of the federal government for military operation of the United States under international Sovietized management.  Only an informed population will prevent it from happening! 

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Anonymous said...

Does this explain the false flag school shooting having taken place in CT?

Anonymous said...

The communist commonwealth of Taxachusetts has been like this for as long as I can remember with only town cops and the State Police which have the power of the Courts and can drag you out of your car and execute you with complete immunity. I never saw or heard of a Sheriff, ever. That's why I left 26 years ago, everything is illegal in Massachusetts, except gay marriage, sodomy, alcoholism, etc.... Why should its liberal socialist neighbor be any different?

Anonymous said...

This needs to be sent to Ward, the sheriff in Burns Oregon. He ois one that will be on the chopping block if we ever move back to the right side of history.
Speak to trustworthy elected officials in your county? We don't have any such thing is our county,(empire)and very doubtful anyone can say any different.
I heard that Obama signed another executive order to put another Muslim in the place of Scalia. I think it is time to get the flock out of Dodge.

RagtopRoadster said...