Tuesday, May 7, 2013


"When all else fails, use common sense!" - Erasmus of America 

     This is a quick example of how to keep many medical expenses way down in America. Wash., D.C. does not know how to provide cheap medical services in America, so medical services in America cost several times what could be provided with a little common sense to the services.
     This is a true story. One labor union years ago came up with a novel idea how to provide decent medical services for union members, but not bust the union funds in the process. They bought an old hotel no longer used, fixed it up into a simple converted hospital for up to medical patients requiring some medical attention, but not the extreme cases involving total medical attention all day long. They turned the ex-hotel guest rooms into rooms for patients. They assigned I think it was two medical nurses to each floor of the ex-hotel. They had maybe two doctors on a shift assigned to the ex-hotel now turned into a union owned and managed hospital for the moderate medical patient not needing too much intensive care all day long. This took care of the medical needs of a lot of the union members who now needed some medical care short of the death dealing ailments, etc. I think the figure was the labor union ran this moderate level care hospital at about 20% of the cost of conventional hospitals if they had handled the same patients.
     There are all sorts of ways that common sense could be used to make medical care in America far less expensive than what it is in America, but with politicians involved, common sense is a word not in their dictionaries of how to set up federal policies in America. Of course I could really step on toes with this example. There are probably three dozen or more good cancer cures in America but all suppressed by Washington corruption. Use the common sense cancer cures suppressed by Washington politics, cures for diabetes which work but again suppressed by corrupt Wash., D.C., and go down the list of medical killers of American citizens and maybe the entire federal medical expenses in America might only be as much as 5% to 10% of what they cost under Obama and other totally impractical political leaders in America. And maybe most Americans recovering from federally sponsored medical health services instead of dying killed off by the Washington approach of suppress the good cures which work and instead substitute the federally sponsored medical treatments which so often kill off the patients instead of curing them. After all, why would Washington, D.C. want a cancer cure I invented which got rid of two tumors in 4 days flat and got rid of advanced colon cancer in 7 days flat for a total cost each time of less than $100 using God-given natural ingredients. Instead Wash., D.C. can spend $250,000 to $500,000 or more to "fight" cancer when $100 or less would likely cure the cancer patients instead of killing them or maiming them for life treated by the federally approved ways to fight but not normally cure cancer. The Americans love the cons of political leaders in Wash., D.C. who tell the people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. The politicians tell you how they will steal from the rich so you can have the expensive $250,000 to $500,000 or more treatment to fight but not cure cancer rather than a cancer cure which probably will work for less than $100 in supplies. 
     In my book "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity," I tell how I cured in two days flat each time what caused two tumors to form on my body. One was on my left arm and one was on my face. Both times using God-given ingredients, I knocked out the tumor in 4 days flat and left no scar. As the medical profit is not in something working this good, the medical field had zero interest in my answer which worked with me and apparently with a few others who followed my example when also faced with cancer. Also, I knocked out advanced colon cancer in 7 days flat using the same natural ingredients and costing less than $100 to knock out. Maybe 16 years later and the tumors and colon cancer never came back. I must have done something right! My book tells how I did this which probably anyone else could do if they wanted to. I tell how the brother of a friend of mine knocked down his high blood sugar count from Diabetes 1 from 230 down to 120 which was close to normal in 4 hours flat in a hospital each time he took one tablet and one capsule of natural God-given ingredients. My book has health answers showing God gives us the answers to cure us of deadly ailments, but we have to have the common sense to listen to the brilliant answers God offers to mankind if mankind will listen to the wisdom of God. 
      The high cost of medical care in America is due to enormous corruption in federal medical policy. They don't want the God-given answers which work to heal mankind. They want the corrupt answers which turn the medical field too often into fighting but not curing the deadly ailments which threaten mankind with pending death or else pending crippling physical damage for life if not killing them first. The American people need to drop the habit of loving liars for public political office instead of men and women who have the guts and brains to tell them the truth on important national issues. My book is listed on my website of www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com and can be ordered from there. Got another email today of someone who had read my book. She commented how God blest was my book and should be read by others. She really liked it!
     I have other interesting product offers on my website also. When the medical field thinks it likely all Americans will have cancer or have had cancer by 2020, I would think Americans would not want to be part of that predicted 100% of Americans who are predicted will have cancer or have had cancer by 2020 which is just a few years away. I shared in my book God-given health answers I thought you would appreciate knowing about. 
     Due to federal corruption of Wash., D.C., the medical costs of Obamacare for example is predicted will be so high as to bankrupt many state governments if they try to carry out its terms. And millions of Americans will be changed from full-time employees to part-time due to employers will not be able to pay the new expenses created by Obamacare for businesses in America. Pass my Omni Law posted on my website and also heavily pushed in my book and we will return the medical field to honest standards and wanting cures for deadly ailments instead of "fighting" but not curing cancer, etc. because the big profits are in fighting but not curing these deadly ailments. And the predictions are that Obamacare will basically knock out private medical insurance in America for American citizens and be replaced by government insurance plans. And Obamacare gave federal medical policy a lot of leverage to "mercy kill" senior citizens, etc. costing Obamacare too much federal money. 
      Pass this report around if you want a free America, not a federally socialized America where the difference between the old Soviet Union and the new Soviet America is location only, not a difference in laws and policies in the nation involved. 
     My website again is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com . My email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com . My mailing address if you want to send an order by mail to us or send financial support for the Omni Law drive in America is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI.
     Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the one who dares to stand for the truth in national health and other important issues that correct stands need to be made on in America today. I am a chip off the old block. Before I was born, my father was supposed to die of a medically incurable ailment. American doctors would not do what he wanted done. He got two Jewish doctors who had fled Austria due to the Nazis and they agreed to his radical plan of how to cure this incurable ailment. He was maybe the only American in that decade who did not die of this incurable ailment and I was born afterwards because he followed common sense instead of poor quality medical advice. And He lived very healthy for decades after he was supposed to die. I didn't die from cancer because I used God-given common sense how to fight and cure it in myself. I gave credit to the Lord in advance and said, "When you are ready, you will show me the answer that works!" And my faith was rewarded. I suddenly saw the answer by inspiration and blessing of the Lord. The answer worked and I was healed contrary to other Americans in the same medical situation. If I had been given a stunning physical Miracle of God where I was suddenly healed and all I did was pray, most of you would not care as you would feel prayer would not work for you. But I was given a unique natural healing answer with natural ingredients given us by God and now I have an answer even you without much faith can believe in because it worked for me by application of an answer that can be repeated endlessly for all it will work for. It is hard to argue against the answer which works when applied!). 

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