Friday, May 31, 2013



I hereby accept the Oath of the Clerk of this Court of
record and expect that he shall perform his duties in
a manner that is just and proper.  I am not obligated
to comply with the private corporate statues that
compel and regulate this body. Wherefore I am



An email buddy recently ran into some "legal trouble" and I passed along
to him what I have learned from a retired Judge friend of mine. 


#1.  YOU are a living flesh and blood creature and  a Sovereign being of Our Creator. 


#3.  ALL of THEIR STATUES (laws) ONLY APPLY TO THEM - - NOT TO YOU the Sovereign Being!!! 

#4.  To Create "Their Profit"  they MUST CON YOU TO CONTRACT WITH THEM !!!

YOU MAY Defeat this Evil and that of ANY Corporation by using the following 16 magic words:



The Attached KINGS WAIVER  is best used and applied onto any Court Document and placed in the upper right hand margin of the top page in the landscape position so you would need to turn the document 90 degrees to the Right to read it.  The language is simply to emphasize that YOU are #1 and that YOU are fully aware of #2, #3, & #4.  The LARGE BLUE LETTERS of the 16 magic words should be as large as those above and placed near a 45 degree angle across any document you intend to return. 

NOTE: Normally this would be applied only to the Top Page of any Court Document you receive. However YOU need to examine the "package" to insure there are NOT other Motions or Petitions buried therein.  IF SO, apply the same procedure to each first page thereof and return each in one single mailing. 
(Once in a while some smartass in the Clerks Office might mail you a "notice" that they are not able to file or record your paperwork as YOU did not include the FEE for filing.  Simply smile, apply your Overlay onto it, Sign it having your Notary do their thing and RETURN IT to the Clerk of Court.)

It is worth your time and effort to visit a local Office Supply Store and have a Transparency made. Provisions thereon should also include proper space for NOTARY recording  status, date, time, stamp, of your Signature in bright BLUE or PURPLE !!!  This makes it extremely easy for you to USE and to
REPLY in a Timely manner !!!  Imagine their SHOCK VALUE in receiving back such documents. It lets them know they are NOT dealing with any ordinary " STRAWMAN "  but rather an educated Sovereign.

NOTE:  A NOTARY is an extension of the Secretary of State and therefore "ranks" higher than any County Court Judge.  They DO NOT any authority to deny or over-rule a NOTARY or any paperwork you return to them as described above.  Case Closed.

For the Record, NEVER engage ANY Attorney or Lawyer.  Like almost every Judge they all belong to the BAR (~ The British Accreditation Registery ~).  As such they SWEAR AN OATH to Support the Crown of England, AND in doing so whether or not they are aware of it, THEY automaticly become citizens of Great Britian and No Longer Citizens of the United States!  They are in fact 'Foreign Agents' !!!

BEWARE: All BAR Members participate against Sovereigns in the Corporate Game for PROFIT. YOU are best advised to follow the above information and Stay Out of Their Courts !!! Keep all Original documents you receive in a SAFE place.

ps:  My retired Judge friend was NEVER a member of the BAR.

pps:  Having a friendly Notary is a PLUS on your side.  They can provide you with a "NOTARY CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE" as a cover letter to any documentation you return which is additional support of your timely response / reply AND in the which the Notary may also mention your document(s) contain the Overlay 16 magic words and the KINGS WAIVER.


Anonymous said...

This is very good information, however.. over here in the UK they've been anticipating this movement for a little while now. Two years ago i started to take this course of action, the problem was i couldn't get a Notary Public to help me.. their first question to me everytime was "is this to do with the freeman movement" to which i asked "does it matter?" then i was very quickly told goodbye. TPTB are really scared of this movement.
The upshot of all this is that we really need to look into the Trusts that each and everyone of us has to our name/corp. YOU are the beneficiary and any presiding judge is the trustee, no one can being can be both. Never give up your benificiary status because they will try to trick you with words so they can become benificiary of your trust, and they do this with simple trickery in court by asking you to rise when the judge enters. In doing this you give him power over you.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you and a friend apply for a Notary License? In the States, all it takes is an application, I believe a recommendation letter and the fee paid!

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap people are going to jail for this all over the country for using this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Simply rising for the judge will not sign you into a contract with the government. Your true rights are nontransferable because they come from the source creator. You simply have to ask for "Remedy" and assert that the court recognizes that you are a living being and not a strawman. Do NOT consent to anything is correct.
The Judges and the Crown are ultimately submissive to the priesthood. Who puts the crown on the kings head? A priest does and thus the authority of the crown is transferred. All Judges are basically priests operating under cannon law. They wear black robes because they are part of the inquisition. The Jesuits control all the law schools and write the laws. The Jesuits get their authority from the Pope and Jesuit black Pope. The Popes get their authority from god. But this is not the real god. It is BAAL they worship as one of the Archons. The Archons are the self appointed judges of all mankind.
What happens in Earthly court rooms is of little consequence. When you die the Archons will try to judge you but just tell them "NO" because nothing comes between you and the divine. Know that divine source GOD of all that is loves you and there is no judgement beyond that.
This is the gnostic truth of all that IS.

Anonymous said...

I could not get a single document of ANY kind filed at the Los Angeles County Recorder's Office.
When I asked the clerk why, she motioned to the guard to be on alert. Then another lady came and stood
beside her as if to act like a witness.

All I did was ask a question in a civil manner and was treated like a terrorist.
In fact, I was handed a document that explained I should never come back with documents (not described)
or there could be potential problems. She said if I wanted answers I should talk to an attorney.

A LOT of fearful defensive venomous nonsense going on!

Thus, we cannot even assert our alleged rights to file a document that might save our home
from confiscation and prevent us from becoming homeless.

No dignity in the current system of things...soon to become DEFUNCT...I pray!