Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TerryK Intel update ------ It is to pop this afternoon!!

TerryK  Intel update



Shabibi met with Jack Lew last night to sign off on Iraq part.  IQD was traded on paid Forex sites last night.  

It is to pop this afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

to read the whole chat go to Dinares Gurus. Awesome news, if true!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news if true. But, it is not true. That is from my confirmed intel source. RV is a an emotional-energy scam.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, we're treating it all as RUMOR at this point.

Anonymous said...

Pray that the "pop" will include the global currency reset; the new U S treasury currency and the global settlemennts. Terry K, please post a follow up indicating if the "pop" will include all these elements, thank you

Anonymous said...

terry K, please post further up date on fast moving parts, thank you

Anonymous said...

This probably will not be posted, but all voices should be heard.

Making money this way is immoral.

You are no different than the Rothschild family that made money from Napolean's defeat. You have inside information and you use it to make money from the suffering of others.

Your depraved lust will destroy the United States.

George Washington advised us to avoid foreign entanglements. You "investment" helped to guide the war, you are implicated.

Anonymous said...

Do you own stocks? Do you own a home? Do you own silver or gold? I'm sure if you have any of the above, you researched and chose the best avenue to put your hard earned money toward. How is this any different? Owning foriengn currency is not illegal, or immoral, it is simply another avenue. And I wouldn't be surprised if you owned a little dinar yourself, otherwise, why would you be reading these posts?

Anonymous said...

Terry K, need a new up date poost, thank you

Anonymous said...

This is NOT immoral money. We are using this money to support Wounded Warriors Charity.
The USA does not do enough for them. Somebody has to.

Anonymous said...

Terry k, Please post a new update status uup date, thank you, you indicated that things would move fast, faster would be better

Anonymous said...

626 100% CORRECT


Anonymous said...

6:26 is 0% Correct or a negative percent, even

If you want to live a "morally superior" life, then don't use money at all. It is the product of lies.
You know it is backed by nothing, hence you lie to yourself and others by stating that it has value.
It was created out of a corporation, which is a lie because a corporation is an imaginary object! It doesn't exist and yet "possesses" things. (like demonic possession)
Every capitalist transaction is done with the intent of buying more than the value that you pay for. You have been brainwashed to do so, because if you were a "moral" person, you would only give an equal value of what you receive.

Anonymous said...

Asking TerryK to post any update for you is exactly the same as just saying, TerryK please tell us more of your lies. We love it when you lie to us. We can't live day to day without being fed your lies day after day after day. We can't handle any truth. Truth is to painful. We can only accept lies because your lies just tell us things we want to hear. Go to Terry's site and just read his posts from everyday going back as a far as you want and you are GUARANTEED to read the same BS he feeds you every time he posts. Anyone who loves being lied to by Terry you can prove it by giving your thanks by saying anything negative to this truth you were just given.

McCroft said...

I wonder how much the Iraqi people are benefiting from the RV?
Why are there different Tiers?
Still hirarchies, why?
Smells like the old way but with differen paint don't ya think?

Who is in charge of you value?
No money does not = money cause money is just a representation of you value. You are working in order to "earn" money?
It's your work should'nt money work for you?

Just a little brain fart..


Anonymous said...

I wrote the response above at 626.

Owning this currency is different in the ways that I have stated. Anyone who owns this currency, you are not simply buying a currency, you are engaging in an action that has moral dimensions to it. At the very least, you ought to have waited until the bombing had completely ended. There ought to have been a moratorium on buying up this currency during wartime.

It does not take a morally perfect person to see this as being evil, as something to be avoided. Ungodly, really.

To live a morally superior life does not require the complete discontinuation of the use of money. For the one who posted below about the evils of capitalism, you ought to have been taught in school that there are two types of money: mercantilist and capitalist. Mercantilism views money as wealth; capitalism views money as a measurement of wealth. If you want to be angry at someone, be angry at your school for not having taught you these things.

Why would you assume that I own any of this currency? Your response is similar to the interrogations conducted during the inquisition in the middle ages. It is a mindset so prevalent nowadays.

I wrote my response specifically to those who do own the currency.

Anonymous said...

I am invested in this just like everyone else, but he/she does have a point. How can anyone dispute this? I have been following Terry K. just for fun and we can be guarenteed his information will be the same day after day. I would not go as far to call it lies, but just the same statements day after day.