Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Actual Judicial Notice now up on Anna's Website

This link will give you the Judicial notice and filing information for the actual signed Judicial Notice of Claim  of June 29, 2017, filed in Alaska.

These are in JPG format. In other words they are a picture of the actual documents.

To print you need to save them to your drive, then open them in a graphics program like Photoshop, or Corel, then print them from that program.

Paul Stramer


Anonymous said...

Do you know why Karma is a mo-fo?
You can't escape the consequences of Karma.

Taking the time to just pose a thought [ if the thought police attack, too late if you see it posted, the thought is already in the universe ]

Also Freedom of Speech is connected to Freedom of Conscience...the speech that is not causing harm or promoting hate, segregation, or used to break someone's spirit is free to share.

When people are on Twitter and see a comment they don't like, they can unfollow, and on facebook they can unfriend, and on youtube they can block the commenter, and on Nesara they can not post it.

When a group of people can control an outcome at the expense of the few, that group has created their own pocket democracy, and each pocket collectively is a whole and the system in play today.

A Republic if you can keep it, is a singular, adult, system. Where people converse, hear the experience of some, know the experience of others, and studied the experience of people they never met, but got some information through hearsay. The movement the singular makes is their own, not through fear, not through peer pressure, not through collective behavior to belong.

We could not and cannot keep a Republic.

As soon as a Republic is declared, a group of people will get together to decide how the Republic should operate and we will be right back at groups operating how others should behave and right back at Democracy or some other form, Dictator perhaps.

O signed enough documents to be Dictator and T is sitting on those same documents and he's not stupid enough to unsign or unagree with what O did. So anyone thinking T will not accept Dictator if it is put in his lap, you can do that.

See how easy it is to not attack someone for thinking different from you?

The internet is full of trolls. They system is giving them a paycheck to be on every awareness blog, every viral video, ever newest thing happening on facebook, twitter, google/youtube everywhere.

These trolls are like you and me. If you saw them posting on a twitter or youtube of someone you subscribe to, you'd be telling them to don't watch or go somewhere else. You do that here.

When you turn off information, no matter how much you don't like it, you turn yourself off from a part of universe.

Do not feed the trolls. Ignore. But the ego won't let you ignore and just let it be. The ego makes you believe 'that comment was for you!, now put on your sword and shield and go out there and fight!', and that's your doing.

I will not silence my conscience. All things in the universe are known, seen and unseen. If I submit a comment, the host can choose whether they want to allow the comment through, a moderator can approve or not. That doesn't mean those 0's and 1's did not create the alphabetic characters on the keyboard and send them into the electronic universe. It just means it remains as part of the unseen.

As Creators, and that we are; we can create and destroy.
I create a writing of an idea and create a situation for it to be visible.
Another Creator creates a situation where it is unseen.

Both of us are equal.
All men/Creators are created equal.

The war are Angels in the heavens is the same as the war of Creators on earth.

There are no winners in any war, just different outcomes for each side.
One outcome may be favorable for one side.
One outcome my be unfavorable for one side.

That's it.
So all we are doing is creating outcomes.
I have no issue with anyone, here, before, now, later. As a youth we played with jump ropes, and marbles and jacks and said things like 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'. We were smarter, then it seems.
We knew how to play, and knew how to not feed the trolls.

I post here, because 'A fool and his money are soon parted'. Karma is a mo-fo

Anonymous said...

Let me explain, my opinion, of outcome from war, where something is favorable for one side and not favorable for one side.

Some my have read that as favorable for one side and not favorable for 'the other' side.

That's called interpreting what you see.
Interpreting can cause distortion because you can 'interpret' someone's intent and in translation get it wrong, or you can interpret someone's language and in translation some words do not translate and what does translate is not giving the true intent of what someone communicated.

I never said 'the other'.
there is only one.
Creator vs. Creator - all men created equal, you have A = A.
There is nothing else.

So there is this war.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are fighting 6, 7, 8, 9, 0

at the end of the conflict
1 has no injuries
2 fell off a building, broke his back and is paralyzed
3 got shot and the bullet is close to his heart an inoperable
4 has PTSD but for the most part gives the outward appearance it's all good, inside there is still conflic
5 lost a limb

6 received facial injury and was blinded by the shrapnel that damaged his face
7 got into contact with some chemical from some weapon that is destroying his immune system
8 received no visible injuries and if there are psychological injuries like PTSD, he ain't saying and not seeking treatment
9 seems okay physically but wakes up every night from night terrors so does not get much sleep
0 is just forgetful, somehow has short term memory loss and some long term memory loss.

One side would consider they won the conflict; because the war is over.
They are fighting each other, and they aren't ordered to fight each other.
A peace agreement, a stand down was issued, a cease fire that never changed is still in effect.

People rejoice for the end of the war.
Everyone has their stories of who won and who lost in the war of
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, vs 6, 7, 8, 9, 0
Both sides have outcomes
The outcome is favorable for one
The outcome is unfavorable for one

How many of those who were equal - forget they look different, for get that 1 is not 2 and 3 doesn't act like 9, forget that, they are numbers...they are equal in that they are numbers created with the ability to add and subtract, multiply and divide, regardless if the other differences among their selves they can use to separate,
such as whether one can be divided by two with no remainder.
Whether it's a prime number
whether its an early member of Pi is 3.14159265....

All that didn't matter. Who knows what the war was about.
Higher denominated numbers vs lower denominated numbers
who was created first and who was created second

Doesn't matter!
They were created equal, as numbers with the same capabilities regardless of when, how, where created. They can be used to add, subtract, multiply and divide

There was the end of the war.
There was outcome.

This is what you enter into, even as a group, thinking you are on the winning side.
The consequences of entering the war is not made obvious until it is over and you see what you are left with, spiritually.

Few will make it where they claim to want to be.
Many think they will all go to the same place, same outcome because they group's not necessarily so.

The Republic is the way to graduate from this earth school.
All else accepted of your free will, just ensure you endure until you decide the journey is your own, among others on the same journey.

Shamans, buddah's, and the like, are in the world having their individual journey among the masses. You may make Anna or others your leader but it's not a single journey when you do.

Anonymous said...

The accessing the accounts before being spiritually ready to make the claim, is the reason many will fail, and may touch it for a short time, but not receive it as expected. There will always be Anna's and Heather's and that Rise Together lady, and others asking you to give yourself to bondage to get what you claim is yours.
A woman called is social contagion - Everyone doing what everyone else is doing because they think everyone else knows what to do.
Great knowledge comes in unusual packages, so your own bias may stop you from learning something, and that's okay.
What does the Economic Collapse look like ?
Your own bias will make you a fully informed prisoner.
That's why the information about the corporation acting as a government.
FIAT acting as currency
The accounts held by trustees who never gave you the benefits because they still act like you are dead or a child - and you prove it to them because they are waiting on you to walk like an adult in a Republic and you hold on to each other in groups and not walk on your own and fight among yourselves and troll each other, and bully people you don't know while like infants or preschoolers or unlearned, while the trustees keep track of your activity and justify keeping your assets from you.

We are not all from the ground like Adam, ie. We are not all real estate, where our birth records are kept in the real property records of the county, recorded in the same place homes and other property are recorded as if we are all from the land.

Some of us are created in the image of our Creator, who rested. That creator created life from the sea before he rested.

There are two types of men among us, and you align easily according to your will.
Why else talk about wheat and chaff, why else talk about the parable of the farmer sowing seed, and while men slept his enemy came and sowed weed seed, and the keepers of the land went to their LORD and asked if they should pull the weed seed, and they were told to let them grow together, at the time of the reapers they would be separated? You really thing good seed can't get some weed properties if it chooses to? Maybe even weed seed can have good properties if they grow close together. There is potential in everything, and hybrid plants are known to exist, so a mix of weed and good, or male and female, or wheat and chaff will grow too.

There is more than your simple mind can discern, but your spirit knows more and your heart houses your spirit mind, that's where all the love can be expressed unconditionally. The mind can express conditions, and conditional love.

These offers of wealth from man, may be controlled by man but he's not the creator of your wealth, why align with him to touch it? Only you know why you do what you do.

They can justify keeping the thousand of bails of cotton you picked by giving you some back if you give them the number of your enslavement; the number attached to you, that you will tell them is 'your number' just to touch your wealth.

They know who you are, and if they want to find you, they will, like a bounty hunter finds a bail jumper, or the police find a fugitive.

Who has discernment when they are willing to give their soul for one of the heavens offered to you in hell.

heavens and earth is in Genesis 1 God
earth and heavens is in Genesis 2, LORD God after God rested
No one pays attention of the two creators - anymore.

I guess anyone striving for any heaven will just take one, regardless of whose offering.

Remember who comes first.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone read what Anna von Reitz actually wrote?

1. She misspells the name of one of the judges.
2. On July 3, 2017 at 10:29 am she sends her Judicial Notice from Anchorage to Washington by registered mail. The postal receipt and tracking number are reproduced on page 4.
3. Whatever she is demanding is supposed to be done by no later than July 4, 2017.
4. It is received at some mail room on July 18.

Why would anyone believe this woman knows anything about law if she cannot even understand how mail works?

Anonymous said...

HUH ??????

Anonymous said...

Answering the question:
HUH ??????

The answer is
It's nothing......(never mind)(not for every mind)

Anonymous said...

The people who are knowledgeable about law understand how wrong she is. It is the people who know nothing about law who put her on a pedestal as if she were creating a new religion. In other words HAVE FAITH (avoid reality).

Anonymous said...

Not only that, the misuse of the meanings for the word of and the letter a.
Everyone knows Henry Campbell Black defined the legal game. The words used in legalese.

a piece of cake
the piece of cake

have distinct meanings, where in most cases, a preference for the word the strengthens the document.

of where something is derived from the thing that follows - in layman's terms.

piece of cake the piece is derived from the cake

voluntary waiver of equal civil rights provisions.

Equal rights and civil rights have their own distinct meanings and civil rights places anyone in a less than sovereign situation, that was given to the minority during race wars, some form of civility, but it was not sovereignty.

Anyone agreeing with 'judge' on this stuff, deserves the document they signed.
But she appeals to the people who like being controlled 'governed' anyway, so she's offering them one form of govern/control over another.

Sort of frying pan or fire, depends on how hot one is, you may prefer the other, when there is a third alternative the fearful won't take.


Let the separation begin...the sooner the governed are gathered together, to have what is given to them by another man; the sooner the sovereign can hold our claim and take care of what is given to us by divine right.

Anna appeals to those that are still infant or child, still lost, but not necessarily at sea, maybe floating by the dock of the bay but refusing to leave the admiralty/water.

Adults are ready to self govern and we are studied in the 'words used by the system to know a trap when we see one'. The fearful have no exposure, because they are afraid.

Anna's use of word tense is off, the document seems to state several thoughts one way, and if one was to use the legal dictionary, the thoughts expressed are not s they appear. Any judge will run over that document, easily, and if they allow it, it's because it deliver no power to anyone wielding it (civil is lower than judge)
I am not a lawyer.

Holy Cross said...

Very deep - it caught my attention. Are you familiar with the mountains of evidence available for "mind" at You may enjoy another "thought". Maybe complimentary yet contrary. Enjoy.