Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Two Different Populations

Folks, there are and have always been two different populations here in America.

Actual current federal employees (retirees don't count as active federal employees) and federal dependents (political asylum seekers, etc.) who receive actual paychecks or unearned benefits from the federal corporations are owed discharge of all "franchise" debts via bankruptcy. 

The rest of us are owed discharge of the same franchise debts via probate action.

The difference is that the probate action not only discharges debts accrued by secondary beneficiaries of our estates (the franchises operated in our names), it returns our land and our other property back to us unharmed and fully restored.

If you really ARE a federal employee or unearned dependent (for example, someone receiving SSI who never paid into and vested in Social Security), by all means, take the bankruptcy protection and run. 

But if you are NOT a federal employee or unearned dependent, claim your estate back. The debts will all go away just the same, but you will also receive back the land and homes and businesses and other things that are rightfully yours. 

It's that simple. 

Anna Von Reitz


Anonymous said...

the estate is in the land of the dead.

Anna, you figured it out.

Why is it; that when you are looking for something, you always find it in the last place you look?

Because once you find it; you stop looking.

How is it that something can exist when we die, but we do not know it exists while we are alive?

Because they hide it's existence in the place where the dead's estate is divided.

If it exists when someone dies.
It exists when someone is alive.

They set this up, and knew we would not look.
They also knew we'd attack each other of the pettiest of things and they sit and laugh because someone who knows something just may not share it with people who attack them on a regular basis.

Sort of.....let them figure it out...since they want to stay down and pull people down with them.

I'm watching...always watching the behavior.

They are mixed among us.

Some of us think two eyes, two ears, one nose, a mouth, two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet means human and means human with a soul.

Then we collect on the internet and think every one posting is alive and not demon possessed, or that everyone has a soul, a spirit of the Creator, and not the spirit of the other.

Then you with the soul, align with the souless, and that's just another soul for them to add to their future collections.

When you join with them in mind, they consume your spirit, and you get sick and are sickly; then you are bitter and mad at the world.

You put out the energy they feed on, that they will help you stay negative and sickly while you try to pull someone else down to your level.

But we aren't coming where you are, and you can't come where we are as long as you align with them.

And the truths you seek, you shut off, and the souless, and those with the spirit of the other, I guess they love you for that....so at least you are loved while they consume you, first soul then body.

Anna, yes, it's in the land of the dead.
Glad you found it.
And I am one who gets bashed on this site by the thought police, and the 'no freedom of speech', f'k the republic form of self government people, who want to guide how other people act without looking at how they treat another. In a Republic they'd be the first jailed and asking 'why' ( you trespassed on another's rights, that's why)

Anonymous said...

Anna, I love your work, and you are extremely accurate in all that you do....

AS: "My Dear Beloved Francis"....


penny4yerthoughts said...

you get more with honey than vinegar. they want you to get down on their level so they can justify their actions. watch putins interviews and how he constantly refers to the U.S. as allies and friends.