Saturday, July 22, 2017

Trump assassination plot

There Is A Trump Assassination Plot

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Pastor - There Is A Trump Assassination Plot, 1715

Synopsis: I know some of you think I’m being too wild with this talk of a coup.
Well, those same people thought that I was nutty to claim that a totally unrecognized group of voters would charge to the polls and elect Trump despite Voter Fraud and Election Fraud, fake polls, and an MSM deck that was totally stacked against him.

According to EVANGELIST RODNEY HOWARD BROWNE who has been doing a week-long meeting at Constitution Hall around this time of year for several years to pray for the President – and yes, that meant Obama.

This year, President Trump invited he and his wife and 25 other pastors to visit him in the Oval Office. The rest – as they say - became history.

I’m sorry this is long. I’ll cut what I can, if I can, but I was fascinated with every word. He tells a riveting story about a plot to “take out” President Trump. The implication clearly is that he means an assassination.

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