Saturday, July 29, 2017

Silent Coup Beginning to Overtake America Now

Silent  Coup  Beginning  to  Overtake  America  Now - Larry Nichols

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Suggested an excellent study of the dual enemy of American freedom. (Vatican II accelerated the oppression and harnessing of the American soul and what little remains of it.) We really need to wake up now or live the nightmare of a collectivist gulag system run by authoritarian oligarchs.

"Sean Stone’s New World Order (NWO) tells the story of a “Deep State,” of an extraneous apparatus within the American Federation.

This foreign entity, which acts in inconspicuous ways, i.e., through extremely exclusive lodges and clubs, appears to be bent on taking over the wholesome strata of America, her exceptional manpower and resources, and harnessing them to a vast design of centralized, planetary domination.

This “extraneous body” is typically an oligarchic mindset of unmistakable British make. Professedly “democratic” and “Liberal,” this English drive is, in fact, ferociously elitist and exploitative. To date, it represents the most sophisticated conception of imperial management.

Technically, it uses finance and commerce as its consuetudinary (practices of a religious order, Babylon?) instruments of rent- and resource-extraction; politically, it keeps public opinion “in flux” by playing (i.e., scripting) both sides of the electoral spectrum (Left vs. Right) and everything in between with an attentive and solicitous eye to the appetites of the masses; militarily, it exerts control by patrolling, proprietarily (in the sense of owned by a corporation), the main sea and air “corridors” of the world; and intellectually, it is ever alert to promote a flurry of “authoritative” charters with which to legitimize its ever-expanding jurisdiction."

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