Sunday, July 30, 2017

"My Money in Your Bank Account!"

The Lord Spoke to Me: "I Want to Talk to You About My Money in Your Bank Account"

These were the words spoken loud and clear soon after the Lord called me from a good paying steel mill job near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was saving my money for my dream of getting married one day but God had a different plan concerning my money. The Lord stirred my nest to leave that factory, to lay down my nets ( security ) and follow Him. Thirty days after I left that factory it began to shut down and never re-opened. The Lord was looking out for me for He knew that factory was going under.

Upon leaving home I moved in with my brother who lived in Middletown, Maryland. He began taking me to prayer meetings. I discovered something strange. I met the poorest Christians in the state of Maryland. Almost everyone in those meetings had a financial need.

After several prayer meetings and many financial requests, the Lord spoke to me: "I want to talk to you about My money in your bank account. Since I haven't given you someone to marry yet, you won't be needing it right now. But others do."

The next prayer meeting a man shared a need of several thousand dollars. I thought I had better give to this request before I heard of a larger one. At my brother's home that night I secretly wrote out the largest check in my life. As I wrote the check, I felt like a saw was cutting on my shoulder blade. Many years of hard earned money was now escaping me through the tip of a pen. And the Lord led me to give the check to a pastor to give to the man in need so he would never know where it came from. I didn't get to share any glory in my giving.

I have noticed something walking with the Lord. When I obey what He says, He continues to speak to me. But it's not always what I want to hear. Thirty days after I moved into my brother's home, the Lord spoke: "I didn't call you to leave your father and mother and cleave to your brother. I am calling you alone to know Me." I explained to my brother what God had said. I packed up everything I owned in my car and drove slowly out of my brother's driveway. All I knew was that God called me from the factory, from my parent's home, and now from my brother and his family.

Pulling onto Interstate 70, doubts flooded my mind. The devil shouted. "What are you going to do now if you do find someone to marry? How will you survive?" I had to answer that voice before I could continue on. I said, "Devil, if Jesus doesn't do one more thing for me besides what He did at Calvary, I will still follow Him!" Dead silence. The subject was never brought up again.

I held tight to my life Scripture message: "By faith Abraham [Bill Yount] obeyed and went out, even though he did not know where he was going" (Hebrews 11:8).

After driving for a while, I saw an exit sign called Hagerstown. I had never been there before. I just happened to take that exit. Looking back, I know God knows how to drive an automobile. Since I had no agenda of my own, it was easier for Him to guide me. I drove into the center of the city and parked the car. Walking down an alley I discovered a Christian coffeehouse there. I walked inside and the Bible teacher was teaching on "Abraham going out, not knowing where He was going." Very interesting.

I'm On A Mission: I Am Has Sent Me

Once I arrived in Hagerstown, Maryland, a spirit of giving came upon me. I actually wanted to give my money away wherever I saw a need. This had to be God. I remember the Sunday morning in church there, when I had just three one dollar bills left. As the offering plate was being passed, I put my last bit of money in. It was the first time in my life I was without any resources. That Sunday evening the pastor was preaching and stopped in mid-stream. He said, "There is someone here who has left everything to follow Jesus. The Lord wants you to know that He is going to meet your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!"

A bolt of electricity surged all through my being as it did right now writing this. The Lion of Judah was roaring loud and clear. From that moment on I began to see the Lord's provision for my life. I have learned that when God calls a man or woman, He calls for everything, including the wallet and purse, before He can trust us with true spiritual riches. I can tell you why I had to leave everything: So I could find my future wife, and I did. She was where God was leading me to the whole time.

After a year and a half of getting to know each other, we set a wedding date. I had no money. Neither did she. But the Lord had been preparing both of us for years to live by faith. We had no furniture or housekeeping supplies of our own, but we knew the Lord was bringing us together for marriage. I was living in an apartment at the time and volunteering for a prison ministry. The Lord was providing in unusual ways to pay the rent and daily needs.

Two months before our wedding date, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roared the loudest I had ever heard Him up to that time. I was singing in a little country church, and a friend was preaching a revival there. A man came up after the service and asked my friend if he knew of anyone who could use a bedroom suite. They had it in the paper to sell, but it didn't sell so they felt led to bless someone by giving it away. My preacher friend explained that I was getting married in a couple of months and I was believing the Lord to provide what we would need. The man delivered it to my apartment. It was a three piece cherry bedroom suite!

A week later the man calls me and invites me and my future wife, Dagmar, to their home in Winchester, Virginia. They began sharing their testimony with us. They said, "God is calling us to go to Bible school out West and we are unable to take everything with us. He is showing us that He is going to take care of us as we go. And besides that, He has told us to give you everything in our house! I looked at my future wife, Dagmar, and said, "If this is a dream, don't wake me!" Everything, from their furniture, washer and dryer, down to the cereal boxes in their cupboards! It was worth far more than what I had tried to save in my measly bank account. Our apartment couldn't hold it all. We had to give certain things away.

I said, "Lord, why are You going overboard in blessing us like this?" He said, "Son, when you were willing to lay down your nets and follow Me and die to your dream by giving your bank account away, My Word promises: "Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom..." (Luke 6:38).

Bill Yount
Remember, when we are finally able to exchange currencies, it ALL belongs to our Lord and Savior.  Seek His direction on who to give to, when and how much.  Willingly help others, give all that you can, and His hands of provision and protection will rest upon you always.  Blessings in YHWH's precious name!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story. Thank you for obeying.May God Almighty continue to bless you.

Unknown said...

GOD Bless you, I have made a promise to my lord Jesus I waiting on him.

Olive Oyl said...

Joseph - You are a precious reader of this website. I read your comments and feel your heart. I believe I can speak for our Jesus/Yeshuah when I say that He heard your prayer/promise, knows your heart and honors you for your loving Him and your desire to serve Him. I believe He would call you His 'friend.' And because you love our Savior, I call you friend, too! Hope you don't mind.