Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Charges Of TREASON Against Obama

U S District Attorney Revealed That 
He Will Press Charges Of TREASON Against Obama

 Comey’s FBI HID Terrible Thing 
Obama Did To America…

This Is HUGE 
Charles Krauthammer Calls For the ARREST 
of Former President Obama


Anonymous said...

At some point, Obama, Hillary, and Bushs and Bush WH thugs will hang for treason.
Full description below the video: "Susan Lindauer joins us to discuss her investigation into missing trillions of dollars and everything leads back to the Hilary Clinton & her crime cartel....."
WOW! The Shocking Truth About Hilary Clinton, Missing Trillions & Assassinations --

Olive Oyl said...

Anon 10:51 - Amazing how great minds think alike! hahaha! Just working on Susan's video interview. Will be posted tonight. Thanks for the suggestion. Lots going on in the background. Much cannot be brought forth at this time but hang in there. Layer after layer of filth is being peeled off and revealing the stench below it. More to be brought forth soon for publication. We try to get it out on this website as soon as we receive it.

Unknown said...

Huh? Do you mean that Hillary may have to pay for her sins? Like Obama did with his fake and forged birth certificate, his
phony social security number, his sexual affairs with Larry Sinclair and two murdered homosexual black man in Chicago? All the "stuff" that Orly Taitz and Dr. James David Manning tried to take to court and the NEWS media ignored? Maybe with the TRUMPSTER in office something might get done, but don't count on anything. Remember that Nikita Khrushchev boasted they would take us over without ever firing a shot! Hillary wrote her thesis on Communist Saul Alinsky who offered her a job. You know...Alinsky, the one who wrote Rules for Radicals and dedicated the book to Lucifer, the first radical. Did that even make the news? And who was it in the FBI that at one time was a member of the Communist party...Brennan? Has the whole nation been ASLEEP for the last eight years?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, and being brain dead at that, BUT, the end result will be as such, that all of these sick individuals WILL HANG, like sausage on a smokehouse wall- This just reminded me of the song by Jim Stafford, 'Swamp Witch'-And for the record, Trump has done more in his 7 month stint as President than Obastard did in his 8 acid destroyed years as our idiot in the house-Sad, isn't it? Let the good times roll!!!