Thursday, July 27, 2017


By Anna Von Reitz

No, I have not been arrested.  Times being what they are, anyone can be arrested and charged with darn near anything. With 80 million possible "laws" to choose from the perpetrators can criminalize breathing and defecating, which is part of the problem. But, no, I have not been arrested and it is not likely that I ever will be.


Because I know what I am talking about and have my records straight and don't preach violence or encourage people to do things that are half-baked.

Heather Ann Tucci Jaraf has been arrested. I have not heard the charges. Most likely this is because she is trying to access the HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARAF trust fund, which is a generation skipping trust set up for a young child long ago declared "missing, presumed dead". 

In order to legally and lawfully access those funds the matter must be returned to probate and she must prove who she is and prove to be alive and she must also return to the land jurisdiction of her birth. Otherwise the Federales are paid to guard her trust and guard it from her, they will. 

Like everyone else, she has been mis-characterized and suffered identity theft. 

Until people deal with those facts they won't be able to address the problem in a rational way or bring effective international pressure to bear on the regimes supporting these barbaric and outrageous practices. 

I call it commercial feudalism. 

These corporations have done unspeakable things to people in the name of profit.  Nobody needs to think that they are just going to grow a soul and share with the victims without being forced to do so.  

There are two very compelling reasons for this beyond greed.  First, if they do the right thing and share the profit it implies that prior to this they have been doing something wrong. They have been and they know it and now the whole world is learning how the hypocrites enslaved the entire western world--- but that is a different thing from admitting it by paying back the people you've wronged. 

There is an entire camp that firmly believes in just stonewalling and trying to brazen it through and keep the status quo. 

The other reason is that they have bankrupted the entire world and stockpiled all the stolen gold in China, preparatory to trying to force everyone back onto the gold standard. 

This is part of the same plan they hatched on Jekyll Island a hundred years ago. 

Issue and devalue the fiat currency, siphon off the profit from that devaluation, meantime take everyone off the gold standard and steal and confiscate and gather all the gold, then bad-mouth the currencies you yourself created, cause a crisis so that everyone runs back to the gold standard --and there you sit, open for business and ready to sell the gold back at a 10,000 percent profit to the grandsons of the people you stole it from. 

THAT is what is happening right now. 

Right on schedule. 

Preparatory to that they have bankrupted the UNITED STATES, which means that CANADA and the UNITED KINGDOM and HEATHER ANN TUCCI JARAF are also bankrupt. 

That action has also served to bankrupt the so-called Territorial governments worldwide, because they were all leeching off HEATHER ANN and ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER as the "presumed" beneficiaries of our ESTATE trusts. 

Are you all beginning to see how complex and diabolical this is? 

You have a global nest of bankers bent on defrauding the world and forcing everyone to use gold which they control as money on one hand, and you have a worldwide bankruptcy of all the Municipal governments causing the secondary bankruptcy of all the Territorial governments. 

The ones that have really been controlling the show are the Secondary Creditors of the Territorial governments which are now in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and attempting to reorganize. 

This has recently all hit a big speed bump because the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders in both the Municipal and Territorial government bankruptcies--- the American states and people-- showed up and reclaimed their assets and exercised their controlling interest. 

That bumped all the Secondary Creditors claiming to represent us (or to be more exact-- to represent our ESTATES) right out of the saddle. 

Remember the identity theft discussed at the beginning?  How they declared the actual Heather dead and created an ESTATE that they own and operate in her name? 

This is where it all comes full circle. 

We are the actual Creditors. Not the banks. Not the politicians. 

How do we cut our way out of this web? 

1. We take back our stolen identity and re convey all our Trade Names back to the land and soil of our birth state. Now we are on solid ground. 
2. We seize the Common Law Copyright to our own name as provided for in the Session Laws of every state. We claim all forms of our name---all the variations we can think of. 
3. We expatriate from any municipal or territorial citizenship and permanently domicile our names on the land and soil of our birth states. 
4. We record all this on the public record of the land jurisdiction.  

Now we go to the court and announce that--- lo and behold!  It's a miracle! The "dead" have risen and come home to reclaim their property.

Suddenly, the Secondary Creditors-- the banks, are not in control. And neither, really, are their selected Trustees, the UN, Corp.

We are. 

There is a lot more to it than that when you expand it to include all the states and all the people-- which we did. 

So that is also going on, too. 

That development means that all the gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals the banks seized as "abandoned funds"--- that also belong to us, have to be returned. 

Either that or a lot of bankers are going to jail and a lot of banks are going to close. 

But, you say, don't they still have us over a barrel?  After all, they have cashiered all the gold in China and who wants to fight a billion Chinese to get to it? 

The Chinese are intelligent and honest people. They see what is going on. 

These crooked bankers are causing trouble for them and for the whole world. 

They will take action to deal with the problem that has been dragged over their doorstep. 

And meanwhile, to the extent that we may need to trade in precious metals, we will trade in silver, not gold.  

That neatly cheats the dirty bankers out of their 10,000 % profit and defuses the entire situation while we mop up the loose ends. 

Like restoring our lawful government, discharging a lot of odious debt, and getting Heather out of jail. 

Cindy Kay Currier has also been arrested according to the local scuttlebutt.  If so, that is to be expected.  She has a record for bunco and has been pushing the bogus Swissindo "prosperity funds" offer. 

For the record, I don't think that Heather knew the full scale of the evil she has been trying to deal with, and she may have even been deliberately misinformed and misled.  The same might be said for Cindy Kay Currier, but I am not at all sure of that. When someone has an established criminal record and goes on promoting shady deals, that's more likely a matter of knowing choice than blissful ignorance.

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