Saturday, July 22, 2017

Time for McCain to go - FINALLY

American  Media  Freaks  Out  That  McCain  Is  Dying,  Meanwhile  Doesn’t  Care  About  Actual  Helpless  Child  Being  Tortured  To  Death  By  The  Government


Anonymous said...

McCain doesn't have brain cancer you fools. You need to pay less attention to the lying mainstream news and more attention to the insiders and alternative sources - I though you've figured this out by now.

The idiot senile old bag got fingered by white hat intelligence for being one of only two people who were actually in possession of the fake Russian dossier concocted by Fusion GPS and the silicon valley leftists AND for rewarding Comey's Russian snitch Vaselnetskaya with lucritive contracts with his own organization - the McCain Institute - and for being in full collusion in trying to use her to frame both president Trump and his son Trump Jr. for "Russian collusion."

After Comey's rightful firing by the president the FBI finally caught wind of this old fart and they showed up at his door in Arizona to question him. This old fake war hero actually tried to slam the door in the faces of FBI agents on his front doorstep so the agents pushed it back in and it slammed McCain so hard in his forhead he fell on the floor with a likely concussion.

Now your lying media is trying to spin it as McCain having brain cancer to cover for the conspirators like they always do.

Either way McCain is definitely finished. Dead-O. Gone MNeahhOUTTAHEER.

Watch more OAN - One America News Network. It is literally the Trump news channel.

Go Trump - Make America Great Again!


Joseph Eggert said...

Good riddance evil bastard......

Anonymous said...

I'm sure McCain toad head still hasn't connected the dots. It was a long time comin, but not soon enough. Miracles still do happen. Now when are the rest of em gonna follow suit?

marie said...

I am not sure if he has brain cancer or if it is a cover story and McCain was HARRY REED'ED. (THE SAME TYPE OF STORY WAS WAS TOLD ABOUT DIRTY HARRY REED) but one thing is for sure he deserves every bit of suffering. GOD IS POWERFUL AND JUST!

790 said...

If you do the research on (near-death-experience) when one dies they usually end up judging themselves... He better hope all that karma religion stuff isn't real. GOOD BYE !!! Of course if this a cover story this could just be a clone replacement. I don't believe a team of FBI would knock on his door. He's got protection. Good times, Morongo!!!

790 can be harsh,,, said...

Die Monster Die!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me he's guilty of treason at least four counts - that's four death sentences. Of course the FBI would knock on his door just to see what he had to say about and well . . they found out what he had to say.

It's painfully obvious the brain cancer story is fake when McCain is back in public answering questions for the media four days after he supposedly underwent brain surgery.

- xenoverse