Monday, July 17, 2017

Obama Caught Spending $36.2 MILLION - He’s a Criminal


July 17 2017
The Angry Patriot

Obama ran the least transparent administration in American history, according to a new Associated Press analysis.

During former President Obama’s final year in office, the White House spent a whopping $36.2 million fighting off Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to cover up his administration’s crimes. (via AP)

For the last two years the Obama administration set the record for “lost” files. They were forced to tell citizens and journalists that they could not find federal records more than any other administration since FOIA became law.

President Obama received non-stop praise from the mainstream media despite running one of the most corrupt administrations in American history. If President Trump did half of what Obama did, he would have been impeached by now.

Former President Obama dedicated his administration to expanding the surveillance state allowing him to spy on average Americans and political opponents such as President Trump.

At the same time, the Obama administration was actively attempting to crush press freedom. Obama wiretapped and threatened journalists in addition to fighting FOIA requests on a daily basis.

The Justice Department was the leading culprit spending $12 million to prevent Americans from discovering their crimes.

This expense reflects the efforts to hide the details of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal that unfolded over Obama’s final year in office.

In total, 77 percent of all information requests were denied or were answered with heavily censored documents, indicating that less than a quarter of people had their requests answered.

Way back in 2012, when he was still a private citizen, Donald Trump criticized Obama for his lack of transparency. “Why is @BarackObama spending millions to try and hide his records? He is the least transparent President–ever–and he ran on transparency.” He tweeted. (via Twitter)

President Trump is on track to be much more transparent than his predecessor – which is not much of a challenge.

Unlike Obama, President Trump has nothing to hide. He is working for the American people instead of against them. 


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