Thursday, July 27, 2017



We are told EVERY day that everything is done and no more papers need to be signed.  We are told to look for the 800 numbers and that tiers 1,  2, 3 are being hydrated and tier 4 is ready to 'go in', only to repeat the story line AGAIN - day after day after day.

What's going on?

Well, most of you readers have heard this by now from other sources but, in case you haven't, we will give you the latest 'scoop' on the poop here now!

And it all centers around the 'healthcare bill' - originally known as  'obamacare'.  If Americans only knew what was planned for them and included in that bill that Nancy Pelosi FORCED through CON-gress. In that bill the RV was only ONE of multiple offenses against Americans. But that's another story. To survive and participate in the RV  is what we want to do right now - and all are working on that one major issue. 

One of the major topics in the lying cabal 'news' is all the fuss over 'obamacare' - to repeal it and start over again or to retain it with all its hindrances to the Americans being able to participate in the RV (among other issues).

The 'obamacare' bill, consisting of thousands of pages, was a host of Obama's and his cohort's intentions for the destruction of the US and her people. This is THE reason 'why' behind the congressional standoff to retain the current bill.  The entire bozocare fiasco should not only be repealed but burn those thousands of pages in hell where they belong and bozo and his cohorts with them. Let's be honest about this creature - he did NOTHING - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING - to benefit our nation but ONLY TO DESTROY IT and making himself WEALTHY while doing it (among his other 'extra curricular' activities!)

Most of you know about (formerly) 'pretty boy' McCain, known by now to most all - especially his fellow VietNam compatriots -  as a traitor to America. He is also known these days as one of - if not the leading - obstructionist - to the passing of the repeal of 'obamacare' returning our nation to the gold backed financial system. 
As a result of the repeated excuses and delays on passing the repeal of the 'obamacare' healthcare bill, almost entirely centered around the RV, a Chinese General, who is in the states to oversee the RV, decided he had enough of McCain and paid him a visit. In that process the General decided to make his point to McCain - literally - to return to the swamp to lead the march for approval of the RV (the return to the gold standard) or else.  McCain received quite bluntly the 'or else' affirmation from the General himself.  I believe the General's sincere encouragement was understood and McCain received it as confirmation at that point in their conversation.

Pretty boy McCain is not so pretty right now.  You can't help but notice all the stiches above the left eyebrow line.  Difficult to cover those up. His left eye and checkbone has severe underlying blue tones - bruising - which can be seen to be heavily covered by makeup - no doubt very costly makeup and most probably supplied either by his wife or his surgeon.

Told he had a job to get done by the General and forced back to Washington, D.C. by military escort, McCain was literally wheeled on to the Senate floor so he could lead the vote (no doubt to the applause of the waiting idiots on the floor).  Observed and finally understood by all as to what can happen to those who do not cooperate with the General,  McCain was most able to encourage his fellow traitors to vote in favor of the return to the gold standard. 

What is often most overlooked, however, is that Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader and thus the lead negotiator for the Congress and not McCain, though McCain continues to believe that the voting process cannot proceed without his input and advice. Seems, however, the Chinese have their own opinion about the situation and who and what is important! 

Remember Harry Reid? Former Senator Reid from hell?  Oops - 'Senator' from Nevada?  Harry - I do NOT apologize to you for the insults!  You ARE what you ARE are and you ARE from hell - not Nevada. I would not insult the Nevada residents because you happened to show up there to follow your orders from satan himself. Well, Harry ALSO received an important message in 2015 while he was still in office.  His workout equipment fell upon him and messed up his left eye - really bad.  Do you remember that 'story'?!  You don't suppose that very same Chinese General who knows McCain also knew Reid way back then?!

Ain't Reid cute?  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I DON'T feel so sorry for this AHO.  He got what he DESERVED, and he deserves a heck of allot more. Sins against the people have a way of catching up with these AHOs!

And ............... then we have the infamous John Kerry - yet another VietNam betrayer to our nation and to his fellow comrades. These jerks just seem to crawl out from under the refrigerators and holes in the walls - like the cockroaches that they are.  And Kerry - though I understand you are a clone as the original scumbag is dead - I don't apologize to you, either, for the low - VERY LOW - regard I have for you. Seems I recall you had a 'bicycle' accident. What a shame that falling off your bike did you in. Didn't you wear your VN vet hero helmet to protect you?

Kerry, as a clone - I hope you have more smarts and balls to be loyal to our nation and to follow orders than your predecessor did.  These pictures clearly demonstrate what can happen to traitors and those who disobey orders. Seems you learned the lesson the HARD way. Will McCain, Reid and the rest of the scum in DC EVER figure it out?  America wants you and your kind GONE - like out of sight - FOREVER.

Oh, yeah - we have been told about the Chinese method of 'left eye' and 'right eye'. We have seen that method in action - sadly - within the cabal crime syndicate 'government' of the U.S.A.  

Let's move on to what needs to be done - RV, official announcement of our restored Republic (NOT CORPORATION FROM FRANCE), announcement of NESARA/GESARA and the TRUE ELECTION of our NEW REPUBLIC government - would President Trump be willing to run for the job?  WE WANT TRUMP!!!

As always, voting on just one issue to get the RV job done is only a uninformed dinarian's dream.  There are always multiple issues to be brought up, debated and voted on. The 'cabal' is NOT dead and NOT off the planet.  It is alive and well and continuing their customary delay and confusion tactics.  No doubt multiple issues of extreme importance to the cabal are being brought up, such as added banking regulations, international rates for the new US gold backed note, what to do now about 'healthcare' and all the damage that was written into the 'obamacare' bill that they will now have to devise another method in which to hide their destructive plans for you and me and their money making plans for their own personal benefit,  anything and everything they can devise to salvage their positions and the influx of money to THEIR bank accounts. 

Folks! Let's be HONEST about this. Such is the makeup of those who occupy and run Washington DC.  Such a swamp of sub-humanity - those that ARE 'human' that is.  And that, folks, is a subject for further research and publication.

Back to the long awaited RV.  Seems it is NOT Iraq and all the other excuses proferred for the RV not having happened by now.  Seems all along it has been the scum, primarily Obama and his trademark schemes, in Washington DC holding up our trips to exchange.

Our nation is operating on a countdown right now - as always - and that is the end of September 2017. Let's hope that everyone involved can work together and get the job done so that the American people can finally  receive some HELP and POSITIVE BENEFIT from what comes out of the stinking swamp.

We send our sincere THANKS and a TON OF encouragement to President Trump to continue to 'drain the swamp.'  Trump found himself up to and above his eyeballs in scum and corruption, and needs our support and encouragement. There is no one more qualified to turn this nation around and back to the Living God than our President Trump. Forget what he did to negotiate amnesty. Trump is the MAN FOR THE JOB. If ONLY we could make it happen for him to continue on the job.  HEAR THIS CHINESE GENERAL???

Submitted by:  'RV Central Headquarters', NESARA


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah. Thank you for the update.
May we all be protected by the Most High God.
God's will is a systematic black eye for all the evil demon clones.
It's almost poetic.

Of course the prior claim was that it was the FBI that showed up at McCain's door and gave him the blackout. That came from Sorcha Faal and people say it is disinfo.

Doesn't matter really.

Anonymous said...

Reed's LEFT eye? So which of those pictures is the photoshopped one?
In the first one, it shows his left eye, but in the second one it is his right eye. . . Reed is a sleazeball, but we don't want incorrect and simulatneous conflicting information in the same post.

Joseph Eggert said...

A great read....I feel the same as you about those corrupt obozos,mccains, clintons,reids,grahams,ect... get them out of government power. Come on Trump stomp the deep state reptoids into the dirt.

Anonymous said...

Indeed!! Just make sure you spray them with 'Round up' afterward, that way there will be no more 'blooming idiots'!! LMAO!!

Melisand said...

Someone probably flopped the photo for publishing-- I'll bet it's the left eye blackened. How funny, it's like when they brand stock animals-- Funnier is the fact that Kerry Klone seems to have a double-dose or bi-lateral black eyes! Haha!

Melisand said...

Good one! Lol