Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Congressman Warns of Plan to Take Out Trump Suddenly

Infowars’ Owen Shroyer breaks down the day’s biggest news stories and discusses the bombshell comments from a pastor concerning attempts to take out President Trump.

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Infowars Predicted COG Deep State Attack On Trump

Flashback: Deep State Planning Overthrow Of Trump Using COG


Unknown said...

It's all in the master great plan !

Anonymous said...

I Hope they Understand That a War On Congress And The Libtards Will Ensue ! And Many On Both Sides Will Die Including The So Called Deep State Douche Bags , But I See This More Fake News And Somebodys Wishfull Thinking GOD Has This And Is NOT Going To Allow This To Happen, And For All out There That Gets Pissy Eyed About This Comment Blow It Out Your Butt !

Anonymous said...

Trump has his ass covered, trust me- He is going NOWHERE-

790 loves Trump! said...

God Bless President Trump and Alex Jones!!! And this awesome website!!! NESARA!!!

Olive Oyl said...

790 - See! You CAN be kind and respectful. Post comments with this attitude rather than crudeness and vulgarity, and your comments will be welcomed and posted! Thank you for this one! Blessings!