Monday, July 24, 2017

TDAs --- Not for Americans

By Anna Von Reitz

All those TDA offers?  Well, the verdict is in.  

I was right.  TDA's are only for federal employees and dependents and federal corporations.  American state nationals who have been misidentified as federal citizens are not eligible for this remedy, but they are eligible for another better remedy.  
In 2012 the Bureau of Public Debt was merged into what is called the Bureau of the Fiscal Services, located primarily in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  It's jurisdiction is strictly limited to the federal government.  
The Treasury Direct program is being administered under their Retail Securities Services subdivision, and all of this is being run under the auspices of the Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance. 
Whenever you see the word "domestic" in federal publications, they are talking about "domestic with respect to the federal enclaves" --- not domestic with respect to the states and people. 
This is their foreign program for their foreign citizens--- for JOHN MICHAEL DOE. 
If you sign up like a good little sheep, you admit to being a federal franchisee -- and that means you can't possibly own any copyrights or land or children or any of the other assets owed to a natural man or woman.  
In claiming one-- that is, by authorizing a "Treasury Direct Account" -- you deny the other far greater claim.  
Here is the rest of the story--- as I have also been saying all along, you are owed discharge of all debts and payment of your assets--- simply by a different process.  
What you, Joe Average American, need to claim back is your whole estate which the Federales have seized upon and held and invested to benefit themselves for several generations.  
That "legacy trust"  is listed at  31 USC 1321, and the allowance for the beneficiary to reclaim it is listed at 31 USC 1322.  
When you investigate this whole TDA thing, you go to 31 CFR 363 and start reading about different kinds of savings bonds and how to convert them from investment use to payable status and all the various ramifications of doing so. 
Remember how I told you that whenever the government corporation pulls one of its shady deals, it has to provide remedy for its actions?   ---Like the "income tax" contains the provision allowing you to "revoke your election to pay"?  
When you look for the remedy in this whole pile of worms, you find this in 31 CFR 363.126: 

§ 363.126 Under what circumstances will payment be made?
We will make payment:
(a) Upon your request for redemption prior to maturity;  (This is what people are doing with the TDA accounts) 
(b) When the bond reaches final maturity;  (This is what the government does when you die and never claim the bonds.) and
(c) If a person who becomes entitled to the bond is unable, unwilling or ineligible to open a TreasuryDirect ® account.
This last part--- 31 CFR 362.126 (c) ---is your remedy.  
Not being a federal employee or dependent in fact, and being owed the entirety of your actual estate, you are ineligible to take part in the foreign TDA process, but you can instead invoke pay out to a bank account of your own choosing.
So why are they offering TDA accounts?  (1) To keep control; (2) to reduce their interest payment obligations (note that when you pull the plug and make the bond payable, it stops accruing interest); (3) to get you to "admit" and give them evidence that you are in fact a  voluntary federal employee or dependent -- a franchisee --- having no further claim to all the rest of the assets you are owed as an American state national. 
This last part is the crucial one.  
They desperately need to stem the tide of American claims coming at them. They need your land to pay their debts.  They need your house as an asset yielding them property taxes.  They need you to "voluntarily" agree to be their whipping boy--- and they are willing to release you from debts you never actually owed "in exchange" for your "admission" to being a slave.  
That allows them to claim your whole ESTATE forever.  
And gives you a bowl of porridge.  
Or less.  
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Holy Cross said...

SO, an American State National cannot be a Secured Party Creditor using the "redemption - set off - discharge" procedure directly through the ACH system?

Anonymous said...

This opinion means's just ramblings not based on any information or fact. Just say the entire thing is wrong, and maybe ponder some aspect of it that may be right.

Maybe the one who 'gave' the Secured Party Creditor(SPC) is the actual Trustee, or working for the actual Trustee.

Most likely, whoever gave it, looked to see what contracts of 'submission' the SPC enjoin, and didn't open the door all the way.

Everyone thinks they have to be a citizen to get things, or am Secured Party Creditor (to have status).

What they have to be is sovereign.
Sovereigns are automatically creditors.
The door that is open is like Noah's ark, and the people that are sovereign will not have the same experience as the people that got on the citizen-ship and refused to get off..

People tend to like to have their collective group experiences, social bindings, and such.

Those groups can share from the same pool of money, available for the 'public' and when they hear talk about sovereign bonds and stuff, they won't be talking about those public citizen-ship people.

Sovereigns can't be forced into bankruptcy, public entities and non sovereigns can and will file for bankruptcy.

The asset transfer is going to be an interesting event. The good thing is the privacy laws protect everyone, citizens and sovereign from having their information exposed.

We had time. The warnings and notices are clear, the distractions are many, and many looked where they were told to look, by people and media they trust.

It's just opinion, it doesn't alter the life of anyone because people have already made the decision of their life by the time they read this, and I didn't assume role to lead anyone.