Monday, July 31, 2017

New Phony Democrat Message


July 31 2017

Democrats are finally beginning to realize that “We Don’t Like Trump Either” is a poor campaign platform for the 2018 midterms. As such, they’ve developed a slogan that might be even worse: “A Better Deal.” 

Meant to evoke FDR, presumably, it marks the party’s turn back to the middle and working class Americans who abandoned them (or, more accurately, were abandoned) in the last election. But despite having all of Hollywood at their disposal, Democrats couldn’t manage to come up with a saleable message that might actually inspire a few people to come out and vote for them the next time the opportunity arises. 

And this isn’t by accident.  It happens when you have politicians so wrapped up in their own 'elite' bubble that they literally have NO idea what an average American’s life is like.

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi kicked off the new era of Democrat failure with a press conference in Virginia, just far enough outside Washington to make it look like the party is trying to reach out to small-town America. But not far enough that any of them actually have to be inconvenienced, naturally. 

And while their words were filled with progressive platitudes and earnest claims, none of those words could hide the truth: The new and improved Democratic Party is just a fresh coat of paint on an old, tired dog. 

Underneath all the platitudes are the same high-tax, anti-business policies that kept our economy in handcuffs for eight long years. The same policies that the country rejected in 2010, 2014 and, most emphatically, in 2016. The same policies we will likely reject next year.

Absurdly, the Democrat leadership thinks that “answering” the surprising popularity of Donald Trump lies in copy-catting some of his ideas. So we heard some lame business about an infrastructure plan, re-negotiating our trade agreements, and a new program for paid sick leave. Which of course makes you wonder why these same Democrats refuse to budge an inch when it comes to actually WORKING towards these goals with the current president. 

It almost makes you think this is just a lot of hot air being blown around to regain favor with disgusted former Democrats in the Rust Belt. If you didn’t know better, that is…

For years, the number one complaint from the low-information voting sector of America is that there’s too much gridlock in Washington. You heard Democrats complain about it day and night when Obama was president. Now they have a chance to ACTUALLY remake the image of their party by working with the president, working with Republicans, and taking a chance on some of the policies that will actually help middle class and working Americans. But they don’t seem too eager to do that, now do they?  No, they want to make “a better deal.” Smells a hell of a lot like the old deal.


Smells like the stench of the same old rats to me!


??? said...

will all burn in hell,,,

Unknown said...

So, the Democrats have a new slogan, "A better deal." Does that include free classes on how to destroy computer hard drives, cell phones and Blackberries? Democrats are a Clear and Present Danger to the safety and security of America.