Thursday, July 27, 2017

Senators prepare bill to block firing by Trump

Senators  prepare  bill  to  block  firing  of  special  counsel (by President Trump)

Whose interests do these 'senators' really serve? Not those of We the People!!!  STUDY the records of Mueller, for example, Lindsey Graham and even Sessions, and find out for yourself WHY President Trump may believe the nation would be honestly and better served with these removed and replaced with new honest and trustworthy replacements. Get rid of the old and bring in the new. Drain the swamp of the vermin. 

If you always do what you have always done you will always get the same results you have always already gotten. In short, you will continue to be the slaves of the snakes who rule and reign over the swamp - and YOU.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Warning of "holy hell" to pay if the president fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a top Senate Republican is working to prevent the potential end result, the dismissal of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is working on legislation that would block the firing of special counsels without judicial review. Democrats Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said Thursday they are among the senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee who are working with Graham on the effort.

Despite a drumbeat of criticism from President Donald Trump, congressional Republicans have expressed strong support for former FBI Director Mueller, who was appointed earlier this year to investigate allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. election and possible links to the Trump campaign. 

They have also rallied around Sessions, a former senator from Alabama who has become a daily target of critical tweets from Trump.

Graham and Whitehouse lead the Judiciary panel's subcommittee on crime and terrorism and have been investigating the Russian meddling along with the committee's chairman, Iowa GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley. 

A Graham spokesman says the senator's still working on the bill, and it's unclear when it will be introduced.

Blumenthal said that the bill "might be a committee effort" and said that it would protect Mueller and other special counsels. He said firing Mueller "would precipitate a firestorm that would be unprecedented in proportions."

Graham has sternly warned Trump not to fire Mueller or Sessions. He said Thursday, "If Jeff Sessions is fired, there will be holy hell to pay."

Trump has criticized Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation into election meddling after he admitted to meeting with Russia's ambassador during the campaign. Sessions, who traveled to El Salvador Thursday to work on an effort to lessen gang violence, has privately told allies he doesn't plan to resign.

People: This is not even our true government but a group of leftover cabal of the crime syndicate corporation that was masquerading as our government. They do not serve the people of this nation. It is a corporation. They are employees of that corporation, and they take care of business for the corporation - not for you and me - but business that serves the interests and goals of their corporation employer and also puts money - LOTS OF MONEY - in their pockets.  Their corporation has been defunct since 2012.  They continue to operate because they will NOT give up their manipulation and control over this nation, its assets and people unless forced to.  DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?  They will defend and protect all within their ranks - Ryan, Obama, Graham, Mueller, Comey, Clintons, Bushes, et al   because if they allow one to go down, then potentially ALL could begin to come down like a long row of dominoes.  That is EXACTLY what needs to happen!  Many have worked very long and very hard behind the scenes for many years to get to this point where our REAL GOVERNMENT, the RESTORED REPUBLIC, can be resurrected thereby ridding the nation of this criminal scum. BUT the scum will not give up without a fight.  People - we MUST stand up and be counted.  DO YOUR RESEARCH AND FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS ROGUE CRIME SYNDICATE WITH A STRANGLE HOLD OVER YOU AND OUR NATION. FIND OUT ABOUT THESE TRAITORS WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU AND WILL ONLY STAY AND SERVE THEIR OWN INTERESTS.  Most in the swamp are not even human!  They are clones, reptoids, and aliens and very few actual humans.  They are NOT humans like you and me.  If you do not get serious about your nation and government, you will continue to be their slave, serving their purposes until their time comes for you to provide your final service to them - your death ad perhaps more - cannibalism, ritualism, etc. PLEASE WAKE UP!  WHAT PILL ARE YOU WILLING TO SWALLOW TO SAVE YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR NATION?  ARE YOU WILLING TO SELECT THE RED PILL?  OR THE BLUE PILL?  PLEASE WAKE UP!  Please refer to!  


c said...

Most of the people I know here in SC are sick of Lindsey. Hope he doesn't go in again.

Olive Oyl said...

Allot of us NOT in SC are also sick of LG! Would love to have him retire - permanently! Work now on recruiting a good solid proven Christian to replace him. Start campaigning NOW for the next election to get the person known, and ready to be signed up on the ticket. Also - understand the crime syndicate corporation make believe 'government' no longer exists. It is just that the treasonous non-human reps/beings/clones in the swamp refuse to give up their seats/positions. The Republic is in place now and should be formally announced very soon. The next election will be to fill positions for the Republic. All should be demanding the corporation states, counties, cities be dissolved and national 'government' be dissolved and the common law governments be raised back in place.

Anonymous said...

"Your government needs to be cleaned out...." -- Ramtha, 1989

Since then, these political criminals have been coming out of the shadows and exposing themselves.

Olive Oyl said...

Thanks for the Roy Potter video suggestion. Will try to post it Friday morning. Appreciate you! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Agree 100%. I've been trying to get the message over to our Governor of Texas to desolve the corporate Texas, but never hear from them. Its time the people start demanding.

Olive Oyl said...

Anon 11:23 - Was happy to read your comment, and I agree totally. Texas is my home state, and though I was glad to see Abbott be elected and he has done some good things since, still there are important issues to be addressed - dissolving the corporation status and withdrawing from the corporation in DC are 2 of my issues; also resurrecting the Republic of Texas government and status and returning to common law. Your comment about not hearing from them matches our experiences. I have been thinking that perhaps trips to Austin and visits to the home offices to make your points known would be a good start - even more so if you can convince some others to go along with you for support. Might also consider frequenting their local offices when they are not in Austin. Letters, emails, phone calls. Can you get a group together to work with you?