Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump Shutting Down Agenda 21

Trump Shutting Down Agenda 21
Shadow Government Agencies!
President Trump is learning the TRUTH
behind all the BS that the former crime
syndicate corporations, posing as our
government, have been pulling off
against the American people -


Anonymous said...

I am afraid that it goes MUCH deeper than that, and there are things that Trump, at this time, MAY NOT be aware of as of yet, but time will tell- There is a lot to do before we see any RV, as it {the RV} is being closely monitored by the deep state, and because of Obama refusing to let us receive it, the deep state will be fighting us tooth and nail, and they are not likely to give up, until they are stopped, arrested, and thrown in jail for life, and there are about 3.7-15,000,000 of them world wide, the IMF, the World Bank, The Rothchilds, Soros, McCain, the Clintons, Obama, etc...

Tedtw said...

A lesson is to be learned from John F. and Robert Kennedy as shown in a documentary aired July 28, 2017. President Kennedy appointed his brother as attorney general. Robert Kennedy immediately put the FBI onto investigating mafia crime families. New agents were trained and sent to field offices. Washington, DC FBI office agents increased from ten agents to over sixty as fast as they could be trained. Many are college educated even today.
Result? Both Kennedys ended up dead. Deep State is far, far bigger and far more powerful than the mafia. Mafia runs from the government, while Deep State freely uses the government. Makes the mafia look like cub scouts gone bad. How will they get to Trump? Deep State will use Trump's family-minded weakness against him by threatening his family. Deep State has very, very deep roots and tentacles. Like mold on a basement wall. Unless you do it right, the mold will keep coming back. Even bleach will not wipe out mold like it does bacteria and viruses. Even if Trump could isolate himself from every threat, it would take a lifetime of work to remove Deep State.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Agenda 21 simply one of many UN created initiatives designed to "condition" the U.S. for its role in the New World Order (NWO); the cited purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations? If Trump hopes to "Make America Great Again" he (as should all Americans) must take the position that government's PURPOSE is to secure people's unalienable rights, that any government Act that has diminished or destroyed anyone's ability to enjoy a right is an illegal Act and those responsible for it and its perpetuation are criminals! America must again become a nation of laws in lieu of continuing to be a lawless nation in which politicians are immune from the law. In that most of the illegal government Acts were taken on behalf of our Constitution's enemies seeking the NWO the criminals responsible for them are guilty of Treason.