Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mr. President: America's 'Number-One Adversary' Is Wall Street


The United States is in its eighth year of less than 2% annual economic growth with economic infrastructure falling apart, wracked by drug-addiction deaths of its people in the prime of life, its tax revenues dropping and huge debt bubbles defaulting toward a financial crash.

How foolish that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dunford, can't decide whether the nation's top adversary and national security threat is Russia, China or North Korea!

That adversary is Wall Street, and the London financial power it is allied with. There is a great deal of evidence that the American people realize this, but their elected officials will not give them the leadership to mobilize to break up the Wall Street casinos and stop a "second 2008" crash so that the economy can actually be rebuilt.

Most Americans clearly do not agree with "Russiagate," the frantic attempt to sweep the people into a new McCarthyism against President Trump, which was started by British intelligence figures more than a year ago and still dominates national media. They want it ended. They backed putting Glass-Steagall reinstatement in both parties' national platform

A poll just taken shows that majorities of all voters want gasoline taxes raised and used to build new infrastructure projects. They want the nation's industrial power rebuilt, and space exploration excites more potential astronauts than ever.

But just as Wall Street captured 2009's anti-bailout, anti-Wall Street tea party movement and turned it into the "no-government" caucus in today's House of Representative, President Trump is now surrounded by a virtual Wall Street cabal which opposes Glass-Steagall, any intervention to revive the industrial economy, and any interference in Wall Street's rush toward another blowout of securitized debt. 

One of that cabal, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, is so venal that he put financial sanctions on Secretary of State Tillerson for not being sufficiently anti-Russia!

That is why the LaRouche Political Action Committee has mobilized to take on Wall Street — and the City of London — and pre-empt a trans-Atlantic financial breakdown worse than 2008. 

The President's vital peace policy in cooperation with Russia and China, admirably kept up against a war phalanx in the media, Congress and intelligence agencies, will be swept away if we let that breakdown hit.

The actions of that mobilization are Glass-Steagall re-organization of banking and credit, funding for new physical infrastructure projects across the continent, accelerated return to space exploration, and a crash program of fusion power development. 

In all these, cooperation with China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative and with Russia will be crucial.

The adversary is Wall Street.  It must be broken up.



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