Sunday, July 23, 2017

Forty Aces and a Mule -- Swissindo and Bondage in America

By Anna Von Reitz

First, I want a "Red Alert" to everyone that Cindy Kay Currier has a bunko record as long as my arm and many different aliases.  One of my readers (a retired private investigator) got interested enough to delve into her background and boy, what an eye-opener that was!  She's an honest-to-goodness professional crook. 

Buyer beware!  
Very unscrupulous parties are at work in America, trying to do to us what they did to the freed plantations slaves after the Civil War.  
They are trying to re-enslave us almost at the moment that we break free. 
Look carefully at the UN-SWISSINDO paperwork.  What do you see?  Do the words "Human Obligation Bonds" jump out at you?  They should.  
A bond is a promise.  There are many, many kinds of bonds.  A "human obligation bond" means that you are agreeing that you are a "human" --- legally meaning: "monster, animal, color of a man" --- basically, that you are not a man or woman, but "something like"--- and that you are being obligated.  
In this case, if you sign up for the Swissindo "giveaway",  you are in fact being obligated to donate your estate -- name, copyrights, labor, land, estate in sum total--- for the benefit of UN--SWISSINDO in exchange for the pittance $1200 a month they agree to provide. 
Not really "free money" is it?  Especially since they never inform you about what you are giving up "in exchange".   No, they don't come out and tell you that your estate is worth millions, if not billions, and that you are giving it to them for a bowl of porridge.  
The Dutch East India slave traders were the ancestors of the Swissindo bankers today.  They made their money on slavery then and they are still making their money off of slavery now, even though it has been outlawed since 1926.  How do they do that?  By getting your to sign paperwork you don't understand. 
After the Civil War there was a similar program.  Freed plantation slaves were offered "forty acres of good land and a mule" which sounded pretty good to most of them.  So they signed up and they started farming their little plots and building small homes and barns and little communities.  All was well until the "obligation" part of the unseen bond kicked in.  The new landowners couldn't pay all the taxes they were obligated to pay.  The government came back in and took everything, but the bond didn't change.   
Most of the former slaves were re-enslaved within three years, only this time the new owner was The United States of America, Inc. 
If you sign up tor the UN-SWISSINDO bonds, you  and everything that is rightfully yours will be owned by two foreign corporations, and you will be stuck with a "lifetime residual lease income" of $1200 a month on an estate that is worth anywhere from a few million to a few billion.  
Wake up, America.  
Start demanding your due--- your real due.  
Start complaining about these foreign corporations operating on your shores to bilk the unsuspecting public.  This is an international law enforcement issue.  The UN-SWISSINDO operation needs to be recognized for what it is, and it and all similar scams promoting slavery and undisclosed "donation" of assets need to be shut down as organized crime syndicates.  
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Anonymous said...

People contract their rights away every day, and every 4 years; then demand their rights.

Ignore the fact that less than 100 years ago One could buy a car for $400 and the people who controlled the money would sell a car for $40,000, less than 100 years later.

$1200 seems like a lot for the homeless, but as soon as that 'wage' increases, everyone's money is going to chase the same 'few' things that money can buy, and inflation will occur and people will be bound again into society, and if they had a Republic, they'd gather together to [s]elect someone to get them out of the mess they are in, or to drain the swamp of the people they choose to work with.

All these swamp creatures have customers who bank with them and have their mortgage with them and love to pull up to their teller windows and pay their loans and love to have check or payment cards with the swamp creature's company logo on it.

But these people want to hang the swamp creatures and ignore how they are aiding and abetting the perceived enemy.

The current flurry of touching the treasury accounts, some people are finding they can touch it once and then get insufficient funds afterwards.

Maybe, just maybe, the touching shows someone assumed the liability, and then once they 'shifted the trustee' from them to the one plugging in the numbers, they push that money out of the account onto a balance sheet for their benefit.

A fool and his money is soon parted.
Some didn't and don't care until they find out they are being told they owe what came back, so they pay, and it reverse, they pay again, it reverses, they pay again it reverses, they went from owing one amount to owing three times the amount because of the reversals, plus they have a penalty for late payment, or returned funds.

Yeah, and then they try to read the papers that supposedly give them the right to do what they did.

No one paid attention to the bondservant word on those documents either.
All this time; acting like they are adult, and arguing with strangers on the internet, where truth is stranger than fiction, and truth will set them free, they are locked and time is running out.

Savior will come, whoever that is, SWISSINDO, OPPT, next bigger better deal, unidentified flying object, secret underground bunkers, and they will run to the "anything is better than this"

You have been played.

Anything in the air has to land at some time, 'to serve man', the airline version.
Anything underground, if they get you their, then 'To serve man', the underground.
Someone mentioned a natural law link and another one posted, 'Have you read that thing, buy it's own words I have violated most of their rules and I haven't joined yet!'.

You'll get your garden of eden, but like Adam and Eve who lived in ignorance, as soon as you get knowledge you will be kicked out of the garden.

Don't believe me? It happens all the time here on this awareness blog.
I post something the others don't know. They attack my intelligence and knowing, and tell me to go somewhere else. If this was 'that garden', I was kicked out.


Unknown said...

Anna, thank you for your post and bringing me to the realization that you ARE sincere and pure in your intentions. I have been telling people for a while to NOT SIGN ANYTHING relating to their trust. But the account info got out, you have people looking for quick cash and looking to anyone for answers, and they all end up jumping on the Tucci TDA bandwagon.

I don't know her, nothing against her. I just know that she has a bit of a history. Not blatant fraud, like every government agency that exists, but undelivered promises more like. Your thoughts?