Wednesday, July 19, 2017

America’s WORST Nightmare

We are being reminded of and questioned by many of the readers about the following.  We have been repeatedly asked to post this for all to see and for inquiries of the General to be made about the concerns of Americans:  
Increasingly more instances of problems the American people and communities are experiencing with muslims in America have been reported, and about the increased sharia law and neighborhoods being established which is diametrically opposed to what this Republic is all about. It has been said that about a year to two years ago several reported that General Joseph Dunford planned to round up all the illegals and muslims and DEPORT them OUT of the united States, yet more and more are appearing on the scene, and more reports have surfaced in recent months of what is being discovered about the muslim plans for this nation. 
Below are some randomly selected video reports evidencing some of the problems. Multiply these several times over for a more realistic view of the problem that is building up and rearing its ugly UNAMERICAN head.
America has Obama and his muslim cohorts (and the Vati-CON) to look to for this invasion and their planned war on America.

Ex Muslim Warns all Americans. 

Ex-Muslim Woman Warns America

Trump Sends Feds In To Raid NY’s Islamberg
 After 2 DECADES – Uncover 
America’s WORST Nightmare

Drone Investigates Islamic Training Center

Islamberg, New York


Muslims Establishing No-Go Zones in America

A Million Muslims, mainly men, 
invading the West and no end in site


ConcernedAmerican said...

Do the people not know how to connect dots? Do they not see through the CHINESE continued delay after delay of the RV for this nation? And do they not see through the continued excuses proffered for the Chinese not hydrating funds for the RV to take place in the States? NO! Most RVers in the states are too busy following after the lying 'gurus', those putting out the lies and propaganda that falls right into place to benefit our invading enemies. Do the people not discern the port of Long Beach having been turned over to the Chinese for their importation of 'goods' - those 'goods' not searched and approved by the US government? What has been shipped in - non-inspected - to our nation by China Shipping Company in those containers that are trucked and trained all across the states? And how about the locations of Chinese military across this nation that we are not supposed to know about? Some of those locations have been discovered while Americans have been climbing mountains, hunting, camping, etc. And how about Russian locations within the states? Oh - right! Some are told that they are here to 'help protect Americans' - FROM WHAT? Why the continual hype to take away Americans' guns and their right to self defense? And why is the US military - ALL branches included - not returned home from all the overseas locations - taking measures to protect this nation from the enemy within and without instead of their continued corporation crime syndicate cabal/NWO Vaticon ordered invasions of other sovereign nations - and lying about the reason why. WHY did Dunford take the Republic Constitution to France? That should NEVER have happened. WHO is Dunford REALLY WORKING FOR? And when is the shit going to hit the fan for Americans? THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!

archangel said...


The Islamic word Jihad translated means struggle. What is their struggle? They have declared that Islam will conquer the whole earth and impose Sharia (their law) upon everyone in it. This is the very mandate in the Quran. This means that we all become slaves of fuzzy faced barbarian murderers. We either submit or die is the actual deal.
Check out the real history here

After watching this video, I think you will find this an unthinkable prospect. They have had a perpetual war with the world for 1400 years. They are all-in on this. We need to be all-in to stop them once and for all. Otherwise we will never have a world worth living in. First of all Islam is not a real religion. It’s more like an anti-religion. Islam is a civilization template of total conquest through violent Jihad and stealth Jihad. No religion mandates this kind of behavior except Islam.

These demonic creatures have butchered 270 million people in all countries and continents over the last 1400 years. It puts all other mass murderers to shame. It was all done by the sword. They conquered half of India at one time. The piles of severed heads were higher than a man on horseback. They are still very much at this. Mohammad was a mass murderer and rapist child molester. He’s their example and model citizen. Allah is actually the Great Satan.

We are in the final battle for the planet earth. We will either liberate this planet into a golden age renaissance or go up in flames and become Mars the sequel. These are the real Hells Angels. They have invaded America and Europe, India, China and Japan. They fully intend to conquer everyone. They are a loud and ruthless death cult. They are Kamakazi death pilots. However, they are no match for all of us. We can have equal resolve. After watching the video, I’m pretty sure you will be inspired and infuriated in fact.

It would be one thing if they could justify their take-over by offering something wonderful to the world, but the fact is all they have to offer is death, destruction, slavery and hell on earth. Not much of a recommendation is it? They act like termites. They insinuate themselves into a culture like termites into your house. Then proceed to chew away at your cultural structure until the cultural house finally collapses in on itself. You must comprehend the two styles of Jihad. They use violent Jihad that all are familiar with and then there is “stealth Jihad” that insinuates into finance, education and social movements. These are the so called “moderate Muslims” you hear about. Do not be fooled. It’s all a radical take-over plan using different facets of operation. Remember they have had 1400 years of practice and experience behind them. They have a formula for success based on tried and true experience. Then they claim the spoils of war which is everything you have.

It is time for a global alliance crusade to finally end this nightmare once and for all and forever. They like to whine and bitch at everyone till they weasel their way into power. Well it is time to really give them something to whine about. Send them all back to hell where they came from. Either that or they will surely drag us all into the hell they have in mind for us all.

“We can forgive, we never forget, expect us.”

Anonymous said...


Rise of Antichrist

Vol. 2, Chapter 10, pp.135 – 136

Phoenix Journal # 228



“I do have one thing to remind these super-men about: “And Immanuel was silent and they hit him again on the head and he moaned in pain and started to speak, ‘Verily I say to you, as you beat and mock me, you, too, shall be beaten and mocked. The time will come in five times one hundred years when you shall have to atone for this day. A new man will rise up in this land and whip and persecute your, and you shall have to pay with your blood.

He will create a new and have people call him a prophet, and he shall persecute you throughout all times. . .

His name will be Mohammed, and his name will be, for your kind, horror, misery and death, which will be of your deserving. Verily, verily I say to you, his name will be written with blood and his hatred against your kind will be endless. . .’.

So, WORLD, to all of you who see this assault against Iraq as just another “incident”, I suggest you carefully look to the OTHER world of Moslems, Islamics, etc., etc., etc., and see if you American-Israelis who send your children off to struggle and die, bomb and pillage a hapless, helpless country of women and children- -THINK AGAIN- -VERY CAREFULLY, FOR THE BLOOD YOU SHED SHALL BE YOUR OWN. ADONAI”

Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

790 takes no shit! said...

If it ever comes to open war in the US against muslim terrany they will be defeated in such a pig saturated bloodbath way they have never seen. Ive got friends that have so much ammo for their 20+ assault rifles, anyone with a dark tan and beard is toast! Come on down muslim scum!!!!!!!!!!! We are bored and ready to shoot you!!! mohammed can suck my ass!!!