Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Only government employees are liable for the personal income tax!

Only government employees are liable for the personal income tax!

The only geographic area in which any United States District Court anywhere in America is authorized to hear and decide cases is the District of Columbia—and every such “court” is a kangaroo court[1], operating under color[2] of law, office, and authority, deceiving and extorting the American People, with no constitutional authority to be doing business in any county, parish, or borough in America.

When cornered, District of Columbia Municipal Corporation legislative-branch officers—e.g., Federal judges, magistrates, and DOJ officers—routinely fall back on the policy of “Never respond, confirm, or deny.”

This approach, however, will not work under these circumstances for all Federal officers.

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Anonymous said...

John Parks Trowbridge has failed at all court levels up to and including the Supreme Court. He failed again this year.


liza said...

nice post

790 takes no shit! said...

Income tax is a fraud...