Saturday, July 22, 2017

'Muslim Mafia' spy says "Islam at war with us"

capitol-muslim-worshipISLAM  AT  WAR  WITH  US,  'MUSLIM  MAFIA'  

'This enemy has always been defeated on the battlefield'

WASHINGTON:  The man who infiltrated one of the largest Muslim organizations in the U.S. claims the nation is at war with Islam, but Americans  refuse to recognize that fact.

Chris Gaubatz, vice president of "Understanding the Threat",  joined  the "Revealing the Truth" Internet TV show with Rev. Eric Walker to discuss what he sees as an ongoing plot by organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR - headquarters in Richardson
[north Dallas]  TX) to turn America into an Islamic nation.

"The entire purpose of Islam is to make the Shariah the law of the land all over the planet, and the vehicle to do that is jihad," Gaubatz said.

He has insider information on the threat because he infiltrated CAIR as an intern posing as a convert to Islam, as documented in the book "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America." Since then, Gaubatz has studied Islam from Muslim sources.

Despite claims that jihad is simply a "spiritual struggle," he said, from "a Shariah perspective, jihad is total warfare."

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"They define jihad as warfare against non-Muslims, but it's not just people shooting things and blowing things up. That's one jihad. The other aspect of the jihad is media manipulation, political influence operations, espionage, intelligence gathering, and propaganda," Gaubatz stated.

"Islam defines itself as a complete way of life - social, cultural, political, military and religious, all governed by Shariah. It's all about Shariah."
Gaubatz believes free people are at war with Islam, and Islamists are winning because free people refuse to fight back. He said  'the U.S. is only a few years behind Europe in Islamic encroachment on freedoms, and if Islam is allowed to grow much further, it will be very hard to uproot".
"Once it gets entrenched, there's almost no softer, kinder, gentler way to defeat this," he said. "This enemy has always been defeated on the battlefield. And if we don't stand up now and start fighting, then what we're going to face is going to be completely brutal, and we're going to wish that we had fought harder when it was just at the phase of being an information war."

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"Free people are not only ignoring the war, they are allowing the enemy to set up bases under the guise of mosques within U.S.A. communities, according to Gaubatz. muslim-mafia17
"We need to understand what a mosque is," he explained. "In the Shariah, Muhammad is considered to be the perfect example of a man, so if we want to know what a mosque is, we just have to ask what did Mohammad use a mosque for. Muhammad used the mosque for social gatherings; he used the mosque to pray. He used the mosque also to store ammunition and weapons. He used the mosque to have jihadis stay there, jihadis train there, jihadis plan the jihad. The mosque was the place from whence the jihad was launched. That's what a mosque was at the time of Muhammad. That's what a mosque is today."

Gaubatz warns of a conspiracy in the U.S. to create anarchy, perpetrated by what he calls the "Red-Green Axis."

"You have the hard-left Marxist, socialist groups, whose goal is to create chaos and overthrow the United States government and create their Marxist, anarchic, utopian society," he said. "You have the jihadi groups who agree with the Marxist revolutionaries that we need to create chaos and create a revolution. Out of that chaos there will be a revolution. They believe that they're going to have a Shariah society, under Islamic law. So they are not working alone in this."

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