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Walter Burien - CAFR1: When Push comes to Shove

by Walter Burien - CAFR1


    Our country, the USA, is at a crossroads. What is at stake is the perceived reality we are all spoon-fed vs. the reality of truth.

    Truth is not a propagandized agenda that is slanted to such an extent to be outright false. Truth is simple reality when the before mentioned agenda layers are stripped away.
    I have closely watched the news from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and other news outlets over the last 6-months to clearly spot the biased propagandized presented agenda as would pertain to our President, Donald Trump. 

    As we all know, a campaign to smear Mr. Trump was aggressively exerted by key individuals from the center of corrupted political control machine in place prior to the election. Bottom line? ... They did not succeed and,  in fact, their obvious tactics polarized the American people to organize the population to make sure Mr. Trump succeeded in his bid for President of the USA.
    Did that inherently corrupted machine evaporate when Mr. Trump took office? No it did not. What it did, though, was to organize a singular strategy to tie the hands of Mr. Trump through utilizing a well planed, agreed upon, and focused attack whereby through repetition over and over again in so many words was structured to convince the population that the World was not round but flat. My statement here may seem a little too simple but in, "fact," is how the objective game is simply played out by the syndicate gang.
    The object is through repetition and supposed debate on the issue, designed to "implant" in the minds of the population that a serious issue exists when, in fact, none does. In doing so it accomplishes several objectives:

1.     It swamps Mr. Trump with "time consuming" thought and effort from both him and his administration in response. In doing so, it stalls the progression of our President's efforts to accomplish his campaign promises.   

2.     When the political gangs of our Senate and Congress see the effectiveness of the focused attack, those who were fence sitters will tend to lean towards the agenda of the attack, further complicating the effectiveness of Mr. Trump when it comes down to votes on an issue.  It appears that Push has come to Shove in resolving these issues of the controlled effort to marginalize the effectiveness of our President, Mr. Donald Trump.

3.     The intended effect such an agenda has on the population through the open spoon-feeding of the agenda from the corrupted political machine is to diminish support for our President through convincing the population through repetition that an issue exists when, "in fact," none does. The one issue focused attack?.... Russia's involvement in the election. (And I am confident five or more other plans are being held as backups to be used as time goes by and are needed to be used by the gang.)

    So let us examine the "reality" of facts:

A.     In every Presidential election that has taken place over the last 100-years, especially in the USA, the world community, every country on the planet, has expressed their "Nay" or "Yea" regarding the candidates running for office. Was Russia pro Trump? Yes. Were many other Countries around the world pro Trump? Yes. It would be nice for the news media to compile that list and make it very public. 

    I will note that financial contributions that came in for Mr. Trump were primarily from the USA whereby for Mr. Obama (emphasis added), Mr. Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary when they ran for President, massive amounts of contributions came in from foriegn countries, Soviet block countries, Asian Countries, and especially some of the mid-east countries. For the Bush's, massive contributions came in from Corporate entities both domestic and foriegn. (But then war assured for those Corporate interests is very profitable)

    Who has the cleanest record of financial backing from the US Population and NOT foreign or Corporate interests? 

    ANSWER: Mr. Trump.

B.     Health Care: 'Obama-care' as it is called was designed to be the most profitable (massively profitable) in all respects for government institutional investment funds.  USA government, both local and Federal, are the primary investors with the insurance, health-care, and medical provider industries. When 'Obama-care' was put in place, billions came rolling in "designed" to enhance the profits within those government institutional investment accounts at the direct expense of the USA population. 

    So is Mr. Trump running into opposition regarding modifying the "Goose that lays the Golden eggs" for government institutional investment funds to the tune of a few trillion dollars in government profits since it was implemented and projected to accomplish over the next several years? Well, that is a "no brain effort"  for an answer.

    Mr. Trump is in a position of a rock in a hard spot regarding this issue. On one hand if he "qualified" to the population the scope and size of the government institutional investment funds "collective" trillion's of dollars of participation for "profit" from 'Obama-care'; Presidents for attempting that type of disclosure have been quickly destroyed or assassinated for less. 

On the other hand, to sway the political syndicate players, that in the alternative truly benefiting the population per health-care at a low cost where in effect it would substantially diminish those massive profits coming in for the government's institutional investment funds, is to say the least,  a very difficult up-hill battle. 

The "Art of Making the Deal" will be put to a true test of Mr. Trump's abilities here.

C.      Building the Wall and having Mexico pay for it:  Well, that is a pretty simple thing to do. Step-one is to impose a 1.5% import tariff of Mexican goods coming into the USA. In doing so it, in a small way, helps USA interests from being under-cut by cheaper Mexican goods, and those funds collected are specifically designated to build the wall. (To the tune of 1.5%). 

Step-two, and this is a big one, the value of all confiscated drugs caught coming across the border from Mexico is added as a separate levy to the tariff on a semi-annual basis which will add more revenue for quick completion of the wall. The 1.5% import tariff or the drug confiscation value add on? Time will tell... But I am confident that drug seizures will go up substantially with that value added levy in place. 

Also the Mexican government may just be motivated to fight drug trafficking coming from their country going into the USA due to that levy. So what is holding this back from being implemented?  Again, it boils down to USA Government institutional investment fund profits generated from Mexico. 

    What the USA population needs to comprehend is that back in the 80's, the Mexican Peso was intentionally driven down through the floor by USA Institutional investment fund manipulation (funds traded domestic AND Internationally) through the world currency derivative markets. When the Peso was driven down to a very small fraction of its previous value, the USA Government institutional Investment funds came in with several hundred billions of dollars buying up and investing in several Mexican Industry groups for pennies on the dollar based on the currency manipulation that took place. 

    Then the currency manipulation ceased, the Peso rebounded, NAFTA was implemented in 1993 and GATT was utilized, and the flood gates for Mexican goods coming into the USA were opened. After that was done, by the end of the 80's and the beginning of the 90's almost everything you picked up in Walmart or K-Mart said "Made in Mexico".  Investment returns for those new owners of those industry groups by investment, and orders being directed to the same, the added value of the rebound in the Peso,  and the cheap labor available in Mexico, profits soared. We are talking 600% to 3000% on some of those investments "per-year". 

    After 5-years, and then for the next 15-years with the flood gates being opened, USA Government institutional fund profits were in the trillions of dollars from the original investment take-over accomplished through the Mexican Peso currency manipulation played out at the beginning of the 80's. 

    So, what does a 1.5% tariff effect? 

ANSWER: The return generated for those now trillions of dollars in value held collectively by USA government Institutional investment funds in place within Mexico. That is why the silence is deafening per the building of the Wall. 

    Could Mexico, in retaliation, move to seize those assets standing of USA government institutional investment funds? Yes. Additionally, back in the early 80's when the Mexican government was crying 'uncle' due to the Peso being driven down through the floor, the US Government advanced the Mexican government 50-billion dollars, and then got them for another 50-billion dollars+ on a loan where it was specifically repayable in crude-oil locked in at $10 per barrel for repayment of the total loan. If a good portion of that loan was outstanding, could the Mexican Government in retaliation default on it? Yes, they could. 

    So, when Push comes to Shove between the USA and Mexico, Mexico has some pretty good leverage to hold over the USA's head. But then in over-all reality, if Push comes to Shove, in light of military inequality, Mexico may just make a good new State to the Union and no wall would be necessary. I am sure many a Texan would want to participate in that one if it became necessary to do so, but then the Mexican Government would quickly realize the error of their ways if that potential was being put on the drawing board.
    When truth is presented, and most importantly "comprehended", the "Big Picture" comes to light and the implications therein understood. 

    The "Bottom line" comes down to "Who Benefits"? Is it the USA population, or the USA Government Corporate Institutional fund's for profit interests? (Due to the money and wealth involved)

    Well, again we saw what played out before the election and what is being playing out since the election. As it has come to be known: "The Fake News," in cooperation with the entrenched political gang, is predominantly moving along to systematically marginalize Mr. Trump and his effectiveness as our President. 

The syndicated corporate Government "for profit" gang in DC and across the land has their plan in place and will continue it's implementation until they are forcefully stopped. Keep in mind they have played the same game for over 70-years and the trillions of dollars that have and continue to change hands through cooperating with the game is well in place and tuned like a Stradivarius violin. That is what Mr. Trump in all reality is up against.

    What is needed in the "Push come to Shove" effort from the American population?  

1.     Take names and addresses. The game being played out once comprehended is very obvious.  Let those you spot cooperating with the game know in no uncertain terms that you are not very happy with them. In fact, let them know you are out-right disgusted with them, and you think they are an insult to the American population. For a starter that will have a positive effect.

2.     Cooperative players with the game are effected by their established cash flow being diminished. I have noticed ABC and their talking heads being one of the clearly smug, methodical players in perpetuating of the game. The corporate sponsors that buy ad-time on ABC, let them know your feelings as expressed in #1, requesting they pull their ads from ABC.

3.     Let all know that are cooperating with the game, done so by them knowingly, willingly, and intentionally, that their cooperation has consequences diminishing the  USA's standing with the population domestically and in the World's opinion of the USA. Additionally, that cooperation with the embedded inherently corrupted political machine will additionally have UN-intended consequences as to the basic cohesiveness held by the masses making up the population. A cohesiveness that for hundreds of years has maintained the prosperity (that has been perpetually diminishing) we all have enjoyed since the USA's creation as a nation to date. I note as history proves, Rome fell after looting 2/3rds of the known world, and when the looting became thin from their conquests, the looting was turned inward towards the wealth held in Rome, against each other, and Rome fell.

    Mr. Trump, as our President, needs our 110% commitment behind his efforts and in support of his integrity. The methodical diminishing and attempts to "set up" a repetitive spoon-fed meaningless issue as if it were an issue to accomplish the political objective  from those "specific" cooperative players to thwart Mr. Trump's effectiveness to benefit the USA population  needs to stop and will only stop when those perpetuating the same are directly confronted to do so

    A universal law is: "An object in motion stays in motion unless countered by an equal or greater force".  

    I say it is about time that the DC gang learns clearly who and what is the greatest force within the USA, that being the collected consciousness coming from the population of the USA. Throw the organized false agenda spoon-feeding out the window. Throw the "divide and conquer" spoon-feeding we all have been getting for decades out the window.

    Mr. Trump has promised to: "Make America Great again". I have always believed that America was always great. But, based on the effects of an inherently corrupted political system that is running way out of control for decades extorting the wealth of it's own peoples, there is MUCH room for improvement. Let us all help Mr. Trump and his administration "Clean up the Swamp" and establish a structured government that is more in line to directly benefit the USA and, more specifically, the Population "of the USA". 

    We are all "Masterfully Entertained" by the implanted gang to be off in La-La land and under ultimate distraction as "they" laugh all the way to the bank every day, week, month, and year. They have been doing so for decades as the tears, stress, and diminishing of the population's wealth and holdings proportionally erodes and worsens.

    I don't know about you, but I would be a whole lot happier if the population's laughter and big smiles erupted into a consistent and perpetual roar as the standard. The trend that is in place now needs to be reversed and reversed with true applied force, done so within the best of our abilities to do so.

    Please share this communication with those that you know. Post to chat and news sites so that as many individuals can see it to thus comprehend what is disclosed within. Censorship will be at play, but then that is what force is all about. Breaking through and over-riding the opposition presented. 

    The majority of the American population needs to see this communication. Will that happen? You and all that read this communication will determine that "realty" in your efforts of breaking through the digital communication censorship in place today. There is no "Masterful entertainment" here. Just some of the "reality" that may turn the tide for assisting our President, Mr. Donald Trump, towards effective action as "We The People" intended...

    Who knows, our efforts may just free up his time and focus to where he and his administration may be able to assist in making the TRFA designed to retire taxation across the land go into effect sooner than later throughout "our" nation.

    Again, "throw the "divide and conquer" spoon-feeding we all have been getting for decades out the window." It only serves the syndicate and weakens us as a peoples of this planet Earth.

United we stand, divided we fall. So it appears, emphasis given, unity between all is the way to go for optimum unified force to be applied to effect the desired changes needed. As far as this issue is concerned, there are no Blacks, Whites, Asian, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hindus, or any sect or breed.  There is only one force: The Peoples of the USA united, united to stand for a common end. That end being prosperity for all peoples of the USA in opposition to an inherently corrupted government for profit, operating outside of the interests of it's own peoples.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours,

Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel: (928) 458-5854 Arizona

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Anonymous said...

1.Seize all msm outlets and put them under some kind of authority that produces only true and factual news with no agenda other than truth. Then pay the talking heads a reasonable salary instead of the insane amounts that some of them have been getting.
2.Introduce term limits for political office and set the amount of payment to say, $50,000 or less since so many of these critters end up with millions in a few short years that sure as hell isn't possible on the salary they are being paid. Pay congress critters only for the time they actually work.
3. Publicly hang any of the &%#*$ who are caught ripping the people off.

790 screw you MSM!!! said...

Chemtrails and cell phone radiation will catch up with these vermin...

790 loves Trump! said...

If President Trump was pure evil like all the rest, Anderson Coooper would have hung himself last month and woolf blizter would have killed himself by way of multiple gunshots to the back of his silver head!