Monday, March 28, 2011

CASPER love affair with Poofness! LOL!

As Hobie of Rumormill News says ---- USE DISCERNMENT

As WE have previously said many times it is OUR policy not to comment about others or their affairs unless WE are mentioned by them in which case WE do not hesitate to respond.

In his Sunday update His Highness the ‘Poofness’ mentioned casper and suggested ‘he keep his mouth shut’.

In case you have not figured things out by now, the reason you have received the same nonsense from him week after week, month after month, year after year, with never an explanation as to why he was unable to explain anything of substance, is because he never knew anything of substance. That’s why he always dealt in ‘generalities’, the same generalities over and over again. Most of his updates, including the current one, are loaded with pure crap being fed to him by those who are themselves ‘up to their asses in alligators’.

A couple of updates ago he said it himself, ‘he doesn’t know what is going on’.

He never has but he has to say something to keep the ‘consultations’ going.

Usually WE and those we are in touch with around the world simply ‘laugh off’ his gobble-de-gook, WE don’t respond for the sake of ‘peace in the family’.

Today is different, as he has once again chosen to attack casper and his team, which to the best of my knowledge are the only ones who have kept you appraised of the actual goings on as they occurred, week after week, year after year.

It matters not whether you or he recognizes truth when you read it, it was ridiculously accurate and provided to you in real time as it occurred, as it is not ‘the company line’ emanating from Obama and the bad guys which constituted, and still does, the bulk of what his Poofness had to say week in and week out.

Had WE ‘kept our mouth shut’ as this puffed up self congratulating ignoramus suggests, the lack of exposure of the bad guys secret sabotage activities would have taken much longer to discover and longer to deal with.

Moreover, there was an array of ‘discoveries’ dealt with behind the scenes which were not reported publicly as it was in everyone’s best interest not to do so.

Perhaps this can all be summed up thusly:

"While some were running their mouths for the primary purpose of collecting money,

Others were about the business of spending money, lots of money, on your behalf”.

"Heads Up."

Casper 3-28-11


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So the packies really were hijacked a thousand and one times ? HA HA Casper has all kinds of credibility.

Poof used to work for the enemy .. Bush Sr

Poof worked with Bush Sr's rogue agents