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SaLuSa 25-March-2011

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Message from SaLuSa for 25 March 2011

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Date: Friday, 25-Mar-2011 06:45:26

Message from SaLuSa for 25 March 2011

SaLuSa 25-March-2011

Let no one deter you from your goal, as having come thus far you are at the door of success. Even in terms of linear time there is so little time left, and even that continues to speed up. Equally your opportunity to increase your level of consciousness is becoming greater, as more and more energy reaches Earth. The Light is in the ascendancy and the lower vibrations are being transmuted quicker than ever. There is an air of expectation now that it is clear that the changes are really under way, and you will not be disappointed. All is moving nearer to completion, and as ever we are at the ready to move into action.

Japan is of concern, but the immediate danger has lessened, and we are hopeful that everything will soon be under control. What has happened is a lesson for Mankind, and is causing you to question the further use of Nuclear Power. Clean energy abounds all around you and can be tapped to supply all of your needs. Amongst the people there is a mood of desiring change, but few are aware that free energy is already known and has been proved possible for your use. It could have been introduced many years ago, but you have been deliberately denied use of it. In fact many inventions that would have advanced your society have been kept back. That will all change once we arrive on Earth, and you shall share any new technologies that will meet your needs.

Do you not think it strange that over the last century your means of road transportation have hardly changed; yet in other areas technologies have advanced quite considerably. Yet a number of inventions have proved successful in converting what you already have, to a clean and more economical power machine. Again Dear Ones, you have not been allowed to benefit from them, but we will ensure that such discoveries are open to whosoever wishes to develop or manufacture them. We will of course bring our own devices, and the use of those that are robotic will prove very attractive to you. It was never intended that you should spend the best part of your lives laboring, and in the future the emphasis will be on ensuring that you have all the time you desire for developing your own skills. Mundane jobs and services will no longer need manning, except perhaps for a computer expert to monitor all such functions.

We are going to help you speedily move into the future, and make up for lost time. You are going to get back on the path that takes you to Ascension and beyond. We already enjoy such a life, and we can assure you that it is quite normal to provide an easy and comfortable life for yourself. In time even education will be made much easier and more beneficial, yet take up so little of your time. That is partly because new concepts will be introduced to you, so that you do not need to study for hours on end. You can be programmed with information quite easily as you will find out. For those who desire a greater knowledge of spiritual matters, there are other planets that have fabulous temples of healing and knowledge. The Arcturians are one such civilization that excel in this particular area, and have the most wonderful temples of crystals and Light with colors beyond your present knowledge.

Life after your present Earth will be so different, and so fulfilling that you will soon forget the distant past. Indeed some of you are already focused in the future, and find that you are more removed from past events. In time you will put aside all experiences as such that held you in the lower dimensions, as they will serve no further purpose the lessons having been learnt. Indeed the reason behind all experiences is to further your evolution, and you can travel the Galaxy in search of whatever adds to your understanding. You will never tire of your journey which will be both rewarding and satisfying. Other life forms will prove extremely interesting and you will find that regardless of what shape or size they are, they are like you evolving towards the same Source.

For the time being you are very much occupied with earthly matters, and will not be at complete peace until they are cleared out of the way. Then you can start to concentrate on a wonderful future and prepare to rise up into the higher dimensions. It is like a dream come true, and promises your release from a period of intense experiences that have at times been particularly unpleasant. However, it has all added to your spiritual understanding in a way that no other experiences could have done so. Yet here you stand ready to move ahead and are none the worse for them. Fortunately the emotional impact is not lasting, and soon healed.

We see moves being made on Earth by our allies that indicate some possibility of results within the next two months. We can say no more as the outcome is dependent on those who we have no control over, although our authority does carry the power given us by the Higher Councils of Light. It is the Light that is the key to success, and the more mankind can contribute to it the quicker there is likely to be a result. You have such power yet do not realize its potential, and as you ascend it will be your place to ensure that it is not misused. You will however be given every help to understand your responsibility towards others. Once you have risen up it will be quite easy for you to become a Galactic Being, with full control over your powerful energies of creation.

You do create now, but usually it takes time for the results to come about, and you may not even realize that you had a hand in it. In the past your creations have been more associated with the desire resulting from your mass consciousness, and it has determined your future. It has led to where you are now, the difference being that the Light has since risen sufficiently to become the leading force on Earth. So we now look forward to sweeping away any energies that are still of the old paradigm. The new and the old are not in any way harmonious, and it has led to the chaos you now experience. It will be short lived and the new energies are now shaping your future.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to continue supporting the Light in every way you can. By doing so you will hasten the time when we can have a greater degree of contact with you, and we thank you for your patience.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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