Friday, March 18, 2011


Hillary and Geithner(sp) are around each other alot this past week with behind the scenes closed door meetings. So something is up in the Treasury Dept. They say to keep an ear and eye on Hillary because she is getting ready to take credit for doing something. Heard that she don't want the presidents job, or Joe's job, or Sec. of Defense, or even her own job. Just maybe Geitner(sp) is moving out. Hmmmmm! I'd like to have a job where I can control the money!(hint)
Lots of personal frustrations with her boss. He has left the country for reasons that will only come to light on a daily basis next week. Usually when he is out of the country, it is because he doesn't want to be involved in something but will ride back in on his white horse (silver). Not sure if Tonto will be by his side or not. Not even sure if he'll have on a hat like Hoss Cartwright or maybe Lil' Joe.
My emails/phone calls are telling me that next week is to be special/exciting for 330,000+ people. Victory has been achieved and results are forthcoming according to things I am hearing/receiving. PP 1st. then Dinar. If it goes the other way, then we'll continue to be slaves until Oct. Why Oct? I don't know but that's what I am hearing/receiving. I personally believe that the rollycoaster ride is coming to the end very quickly this week. Changes/maintance needs to be done to run'r much more smoothly. It'll be a better, more exciting ride when all is done. Also heard that very possible knocks tomorrow. Don't shoot the messenger.

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