Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your Father’s Business

Marianna, Florida
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Your Father’s Business

March 16, 2011

Did I not tell you that you are My very own prized possession?
Did I not tell you that I would be returning for My bride?
I told you these things and I meant it.
I meant it with every fiber of My being.

Now get ready to see My majesty shine forth in your life.
Get ready to see the living God put on a show; it will be quite a display.
It will show many in the world that the living God lives in the lives of His chosen, lives mightily.

I am the living God and Creator.
There is no match for Me. The enemy may show his antics.
He may try to woo the world,
but he and his offerings compare NOT to what I have to reveal,
to give, to those who serve Me.

I want you to know that the words that I speak are truth.
I want you eagerly anticipating this final victory that I am about to display.
I want you, My beloved, sending forth a resounding "Praise the living God!" as I reveal My heart of compassion.

Get ready for the almighty to show forth His promised glory in a most pronounced fashion.
Get ready to see displays that will send hearts soaring in that region of success and anticipation.
Get ready to have your life changed, your daily schedule changed.

I have called you to be about your Father’s business.
Now, get ready to do just that!!!

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