Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Dinar Update 3-31-11

[ILOVEMYLIFE] Hey, All! Understand one thing. The RV
is already done and is coming to us through the system as we write. No
stop watches on time frames please. As of our Sunday night, everything
in Baghdad had been signed off on (remember the U.S. Treasury and
others have been there for some time now getting this all put together
and completed). As of our Sunday night, the RV was put into motion and
the ping went out at that time at $6.19. Verification of both was
reported yesterday morning. The U.S. Treasury said they would not
leave Baghdad until it was all completed. Well, as of 8:00 Tuesday
morning in Baghdad (our last night) all treasury personnel working on
the revalue of the dinar had boarded planes and had left. It was about
noon yesterday MST (3 hours behind Eastern Daylight), that the U.S.
Treasurey put out advance notification by secured communication lines,
to the banks that they were to honor the exchange of the Iraqi dinar
at all branches. Other financial entities were given their "heads-up".
Yesterday afternoon late, (MST) we got a message from someone outside
our information base that the rate is $5.27 and that the Dong would
also go. I did not understand that rate since it had pinged originally
at $6.19 (sent out signal between the banking and forex systems -
think of the radar ping in the submarine movies), but, I reported what
was said by some at that time. This morning it was made known that the
Dong would not go as yet, but that in some ways is good - but that is
another story. Also, it has been verified that the IQD is still
holding at $6.19.
[ILOVEMYLIFE] Now, understand that the RV has already been put out and
it is in the system and can show - remember - at any time. This is not
tied to days of the week or times of the day - when it gets to that
"special number", it will light up the banking screens and they are
already waiting for dinar holders to show up. It is NOT delayed... it
is NOT being held up... it is NOT not going to happen now, etc!! IT
HAS ALREADY! We can truly see it at ANY TIME! Also, this time frame is
not open-ended. It is to be in place before the end of the month. That
is, by the way, day after tomorrow. HOWEVER! The main emphasis is on
the ANY TIME - as in still quite possibly today! Do not get nervous or
wondering as there is no longer anything to wonder about - except how
long it will take to show up on your account screen. :-) Hold steady!
It is happening right now. Be Well,

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