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Dinar Intel 3/12

Subject: Notes taken on tonight's People's Dinar call ...3/11

Hosted by JoeP ... who introduced all speakers ...

Steve: He and Ray got together today ... he had written down 15 points
indicating the Iraqi dinar is right at the tipping point of being revalued.
The following were reported by Ray (who has family in Iraq ).

Among the points we've been hearing about, he says Maliki told the
public on television about 2 weeks ago that their dinar would be revaluing
soon at an amount of more than $3 US.

He says the 3 remaining Ministers HAVE been named but not yet announced.
Also that the Oil and Gas Law (HCL) has been voted upon and approved but
not yet signed into law.

Steve adds that he DOES expect the RV no later than the end of Feb, but
hopes and rather expects it to be in the coming week.

Kenneth says: His contact tells him there was a huge shouting match in
Parliament and the Kurds had a HUGE, HUGE shouting match over territory
issues and other issues involving the CURRENCY RV. Maliki was overheard
in a privy conversation with a member from the CBI, and he said that this
ordeal will come to an end SUNDAY once he Maliki can get them to concede
on some of the lesser issues. He further stated that this matter will not hold
up any pending matters with the bank. Everything is on schedule for
Tuesday-Wednesday time frame.

Allie says: (She works at large Ariz bank)that she has been noticing lots of clues.

Just got memo from upline that all vacations on the books are canceled
until further notice. Employees will be be paid overtime ... which has
never happened before.

Bank has also hired extra people (not seemingly needed) ... have set up
the conference room as another office (not seemingly needed now).

Hearing that other banks are gearing up with DeLaRue machines in order
to handle dinar.

Hearing that although we're being told the Iraq Ministers have NOT been
seated--but they really ARE!

"Millions" says: Iraq (first time in history) has just had a tourism booth at a
travel and tourism fair in Europe .

Joint Kuwait/Iraq meeting happening in Baghdad on March 13-14--
including a very high level conference of some kind.

Parliament to be in session tomorrow/Sat - Maliki will be updating
everyone on where all pending issues stand.

JoeP says they do have 4-5 pieces of additional info (not specific
to an RV) but they won't disclose because of possibly causing
risk to those who leaked the info.

DonnieR - Introduced some CEOs in his circle. Mr. C, Mr. R
Kevin (MangoRancher) took Q&A from the audience.

Mr. C (think he's a CPA) says the dinar will be taxed
as a capital asset (long or short term)
short term - 35% through end of 2012
long term - 15% through end of 2012
(Some still think it could end up being ordinary income -- so
all should rely upon their OWN legal and accounting professionals.)

Another tax/gift item: Anyone can gift someone up to $13,000 a year
without incurring gift taxes.

Currently, the lifetime exemption for gifts is $5 million -- but this
amount changes periodically.

Alli jumped back on to say Steve had to leave the call, then phoned
her to say Maliki was called to go BACK to his office last night,
stayed into the wee hours, and reportedly signed or "took care of"
something very important that had been pending.


To hear the rest of the call:

If you still can’t get on - you will be able to listen to the recording when the call is done

by calling 760-569-7699 903818#

* Breitling: Parallel Currency Laws
Being Passed in US & Iraq

March 11th, 2011 10:37pm
Posted in CHATS & POSTS (Iraqi Dinar Info)

I am posting this item to point out some conversations I have had about the goings on with the new laws the Fed and Iraq itself are passing, as they too have included new legislation on currency exchange.

Some of the laws passed down to currency traders in the US are as follows:

1. No ledger to ledger transfers
They are doing this so you are forced with a wire transfer.
If you use the wire transfer then it is Fed controlled,

A ledger-to-ledger transfer is considered inner-banking, and the information from ledger-to-ledger will just be in the
company reports.

With wire transfer, the Feds will have the eye on the package from the get-go.

2. Per US Treasury Department directives, wires can only be sent to the individual exchanging the dinar, and
the account must be in that person’s name.

Again this is to control who will be receiving the funds upon exchange, and at what amounts.

Each and every individual will have to cash in using name and appropriate ID based on Fed regulations.

3. Per US Treasury Department directives, wires can only be sent internationally if the individual making the
exchange is a citizen of that country and the account is in the customer’s name.

Again, this is so feds can keep an eye on the package for tax reasons.

They have skewed options, and unless you are a non-US citizen, you have to trade your dinar into a US Bank or US

4. Per US Treasury Department directives, dinar exchanges must convert to US dollars in the customer’s name
prior to any purchase of precious metals or other commodities.

This is also a way of skewing different tax reducing tactics.

Before you trade the dinar, you have to fill out the tax forms, and then you can buy gold.

The reason they want to do this is to stop people from trying to convert dinar into gold so they can get into a long term
cap and gains.

Also, trading for gold was speculated by some you do not have to fill in amounts and report to the feds.

I want to point out that none of this is in anyway bad news. In fact, it’s very good news because
if the feds ever thought no one was cashing in, or going to cash in, then why even bother with
such alarming new regulations. The fed has laid out a strategy to get dinar in their hands. They
even have a right to do so I might add. Let’s look at Iraq. The timing should make you very
excited. This was sent to me by 8ball. Dinar Daddy had it up on his site. Mind you, regulations
related to investments, currency, and wiring-of-funds for both countries were put out just about
the same time.

Iraq May Legislate on Currency Exchange

Posted on 09 March 2011

According to a report from AKnews, a number of bankers in Baghdad have demanded
that the Iraqi parliament legislates to regulate and protect their businesses from market
changes because of the sudden decisions taken by the Iraqi government.

Ali Abdul-Zahra, owner of an foreign exchange bureau, told AKnews that banking in Iraq
is still precarious and that regulation is needed on the opening of forex services.

The law is supposed to prevent any economic decision that may disrupt the currency
market which negatively affects the work of the offices

The circulation of hard currency (dollar) at the present time follows the decisions taken by
the Iraqi government in particular with regard to the entry of goods into the country.

We have it on our end regulations from the Fed set up to get our dinar rather than the currency
dealers and Iraq.

On Iraq’s end, they need regulation to also protect bankers from unfair advantage from
currency dealers based on sudden decisions taken by the Iraqi government.

The Iraqi bankers are lobbying because regulation is needed on the opening of forex services.

If you’re getting the point, both sides are maneuvering for a change in status and activity in the
IRAQI CURRENCY, and the laws on both sides, which just gave us a heads up!!!


Fadil Taher, the owner of Qusour Exchange office in Baghdad told AKnews that “the exchange
work in Iraq is subjected to unjustified controls and in need of great facilities by the concerned
authorities.The banking offices suffer from the problem of mobile money-changers who affect
the Iraqi market and this must be addressed by the Iraqi government to prevent the currency
exchange outside of regulated offices.

The well-known banks do not deal with unknown external financial dealers and they work
according to the regulations of money laundering law, which is adopted by the Iraqi Central
Bank (ICB).

So there you have it!

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