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Dinar - Opinion on R/V date

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((*))Disclaimer: This is an OPINION based on recent events. None of the info you will read in this post has come from any source or contact. It is simply a statement on what makes sense for Iraq to accomplish. (We know how that works.)

Here we go.

Everyone has been wondering about the "end of March" deadline. There have been MANY things that have happened in March that have been pivotal. If you've read my last few "CSC" posts, you'll know that I believe Iraq has attempted to revalue more than a few times this month. As we near the end of March, I would like to point out a few events and a few resolutions that should come "hand-in-hand" with those events.

WTO meeting-- As we all know, the WTO had a meeting with Iraq on March 18th. Not much news was released about this. Then, Iraq's inauguration into the WTO was set for March 25th. Did you see anything about this on March 25th, or after? Probably not. Now we're hearing that Iraq is to have an "Introduction Announcement" by the WTO on April 7th. Before you get up to go get a shot of whiskey to drown the sorrows after hearing a date past April 1st, read this next paragraph.

Let's start with the "incognito info." March 18th and March 25th were supposed to be news that would be earth shaking to Iraq. Why didn't they release the big news? Maybe because it is tied to something even BIGGER. If the ascension into the WTO was just a move into an organization, they would have announced it when it happened. Even as just big news, they would have announced it. They know that the world knows they HAVE to have an internationally tradeable currency to be a permanent member. That would be grounds to not tell us about their new membership, right? You bet it is!!

Now, when would they need to revalue their currency and make this membership active? BEFORE THE NEXT BUDGETED PERIOD. You know when that is? That's right--> April 1st. Not only is this the beginning of a new month, but the beginning of a new quarter (but you already knew that.) Did you think of that? If Iraq were to want their currency to have a brand new value in a brand new budgeted period of time where it was effective in one period and not have to be accounted for in another, they would have to revalue between busines hours of 3/31 and 4/1. That way, it is not part of the first quarter budget but is starting the second quarter fresh.

I told several of you guys to push back from the computer this weekend, because the RV wouldn't happen this weekend. I also told you that you would hear things that would not be favorable. The smoke is thick, and will continue to get thicker. I was told that FOX News had a report saying that Iraq is filing bankruptcy. Then someone lost their mind over it, and wanted to get rid of their dinars. Mission accomplished!! That's what they're trying to do!! They will say whatever they need to to get some of that IQD in. Keep your dinars, folks. You will see and hear things that will have you doubting this to the core. Most of it will be believable. That is the way this plan was engineered. ALL authors of this plan know that they need to control he amount of people in this. If too many people are in it, it can be detrimental. If everyone in America were invested and became millionaires, everyone would quit their jobs and there would be no more workforce. With a controlled amount, it will work perfectly. The "smaller" investors will immediately dump money into the economy buying houses, cars, clothes, toys, and whatever else they need or want. "Larger" investors will quit their jobs, opening positions for the unemployed. Others will open their own businesses, opening even more jobs for the unemployed.

As we draw near the end, steer clear of the smoke. Like I said, most of the negative news will sound believable.

In conclusion, Iraq and the WTO have hidden Iraq's membership inauguration for a reason. Neither of them want too many details out in the open. That would tell everyone that Iraq has a currency that can be traded over international borders. I believe they are holding this info and all details surrounding it until they can release the new value of their currency. I believe that date to be March 31 (after business hours in Iraq.) To reiterate, that will happen so that next budgeted period is fully covered. Then one week later, Iraq is announced as being inducted into the WTO and the World Market.

There you go. Nice and short. Analytical info that you guys have been asking me to give. Hope this gives you a little peace of mind. Rest easy, folks. I don't think we'll see anything until Thursday.

I am going to bed early tonight, but I will catch all of your questions that I can before I get there. If not, I'll catch them in the morning.




Anonymous said...


This makes the most sense to me.

Thanks John, you're doing a grest job keeping us up to date.

The Dinar RV is THE trigger event we are all waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me for being so out of the loop, but does all this have any meaning for the rest of us in America awaiting big financial changes that do not own any dinar? I am not understanding what this is all about..... please help!

Anonymous said...

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