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Haarp Did Japan, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD, whats next? Madrid Fault line?

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The Vatic Project: Haarp Did Japan, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD, whats next? Madrid Fault line?

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Date: Sunday, 13-Mar-2011 08:30:45

VATIC ALERT: Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - See first blog for update and proof that felony criminal murder was done by HAARP in Japan and the Madrid fault back when small quakes were being done earlier this year at the same time the birds were dying in massive numbers. Very important to down load before they take it down. Remember, this is the khazar Israeli Rothschild, Zionist bankers controlling our gov and not anyone else.
Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily Summary - March 12, 2011

I. Post: Haarp Did Japan, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD, whats next? Madrid Fault line?
Vatic Note: This is up today because of the Japanese earthquakes and the potential and threats we have received about the madrid fault line (IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT 1966) WHERE THEY AGREED THAT "ECO-GENOCIDE" WAS THE ONLY WAY TO GET US TO GLOBALIZE (the gulf rig blowout, Katrina, Haiti, and now Japan) or attacks on us by aliens. Either one and that is all the way back to 1966. How fortuitous that these showed up today. The date this was done on the second video was back in early feb when the birds all died and small quakes were occuring along the madrid fault line, and fish had been killed and this was truly relevant to that event and he does a great job showing and tying that event in with Haarp. Further, though he showed us the small quakes and shows within the zone where they are occurring and the shows us at exactly same time that Haarp can be tracked by their signature in the clouds. Amazing. The guy is a hero. WE MUST WATCH THESE AND IF THERE IS ANY MADRID FAULT QUAKE AND LOSS OF LIFE, THEN ITS WAR AND WE BEST BE READY TO DEAL WITH IT. They are crazy if they do the madrid fault because the only people that will not be prepared for it are the sheep.... and they are the only ones left who are now a minority, that the bad guys could continue to fool, and now they will be the first to go leaving only the knowledgable who will never forget the offense if they do it. The First video is recent just prior to the Japanese Quake. Haarp is double busted from two different perspectives and both of them are below, 2 videos. Please watch them both and see how they confirm the crime committed by haarp against the Japanese people. GOD, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF APOLOGIZING TO DO TO A LOT OF COUNTRIES, and a lot of house cleaning right here or we will be as guilty as THE ISRAELI CONTROLLED US MILITARY for what they have done in our name. Now we know it and now we must stop it. (Here is the first video for you to see that was filmed just before and during the earthquake) .... Click above link to read more.

II. Post: Rothschild "Day of Rage" -- Hiroshima-Nagasaki II FUKUSHIMA BLAST against mono-ethnic nationalist all-goy high-standard-of-living educated cultured Japan
Vatic Note: A very short note simply to say that after reading this, there should be no doubt in anyones mind who every nation on this planet should conduct a world war against. Its clear as a bell. That includes the USA joining all other nations to take down once and for all the Rothschild dynasty and their puppet country, Israel. No doubt at all. If not then this globe is in serious and terminal jeopardy. Its up to the world now to locally take out every single rothschild owned facility and purge every single rothschild markets and banking executives from their country, or throw them in jail or both. Thanks, Dick, the khazars are truly psychopathic. OH, forgot to tell Rothschild something; "DO NOT MESS WITH THE MADRID FAULT OR YOU ARE SO TOAST, YOU HAVE NO IDEA".

Commentary Excerpt: Watch now for another million-to-one shot of the second atomic power plant "going super-Chernobyl" on the nation that sided with Hitler during World War II and which pinned blame on Jewish Bankers" for Japan's economic meltdown of the 1990s. (VN: This was written before the explosion and is massively prophetic) The Port City of Fukushima, surrounded by dormant volcanoes, and a modern reactor with all of the best safeguards has, most improbably, is in danger of breaking down following a tailor-made super-quake and possible international sabotage of safety systems. Over 50,000 of the living have been forced to evacuate -- but with major radioactive contamination there will be no place to go. In two days Japan is a nation that can no longer shelter, warm or feed itself -- overwhelmed in an economy strained and depressed beyond description. Click link above to read the rest

III. Post: Mysterious Caller on Alex Jones / Coast to Coast - Chem Trail Proof?
UPDATE: 3/13/11 - Just received an update video on that document that is actually being scrolled on the video. This is the document she was referencing that can no longer be seen on the gov website that she referenced. But now we have a copy and I highly recommend you down load it and read it, since its definitive proof of intentional criminality on the part of those foreign interests occupying and controlling our government. This is from a french source so you will not understand the intro, but second video below has the english as we heard and saw it. Please scroll, stop the scrolling and read the text..... ITS PRIMAE FACIA EVIDENCE OF CRIMINAL WRONG DOING BY OUR GOVERNMENT...FELONY MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE at least in the case of Japan.. Serious stuff and under the RICO laws which means confiscation of assets if convicted. Its IMPERATIVE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS TO PRESERVE THE RECORD. I do not have download capability. Doggone it. WATCH AND DOWNLOAD VIDEO BELOW.
Vatic Note: This is amazing. She called this reference into both Alex Jones and George Noory, and Alex cut her off and George instead of really getting into what she found, he asked if she "...visits talk radio a lot". NOW WHAT KIND OF A DUMB QUESTION IS THAT WHEN SHE IS BUSY TELLING HIM SHE HAS ABSOLUTE PROOF OF THE CRIME BEING COMMITTED AGAINST US? Now the assassins have her name and where she is from. I might try to track her down and see what she has. She said Alex interrupted her and when she began to tell George what Alex did, George interrupted her again so she could not finish, and told her to send it to him and then he was very abrupt and ended the call without probing or asking what was in it. She began volunteering and he changed the subject, but what she said that totally blew me away was that the document clearly states "THAT ALL WEATHER, EVERYWHERE, IS MODIFIED BY THE GOVERNMENT". Here is the link she gave verbally on the video to George and I had to stop the video several times to get it correct by relistening, and here is the link she provided: Now I tried it and its been a month since this interview, and now the link is dead. Same with the link below provided by the downloader of this video. Click on link above to read the rest

IV. Post: DNA "Genetic Patdown" Introduced to Airports by DHS
Vatic Note : We have been saying for many months now that our DNA is under attack for purposes of changing it and us from who we are to what they want us to be. We gave much in the way of info and maybe we should revisit that again. Its amazing what we don't know about their technology that we paid for with our taxes and they end up using against us. So, lets make sure we tell our reps NO DNA ANYTHING WHICH IS A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Even if they have ignored our rights, we must never stop pushing and talking about it until they LEGALLY change the Constitution. Right now, all these acts and laws on the books that violate the Constitution and bill of rights are ILLEGAL and we do not have to comply. Make sure you have the courage to back that up. Click on link above to read more.

Peace Train Yusuf Islam formerly Cat Stevens. Its one of the most beautiful renditions of that song I have ever heard. Its peaceful and spiritual. A must listen. This song tells us who we "want" to be.

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