Saturday, March 12, 2011

GOD's Boot Camp


Our first “BOOT CAMP’ meeting last night we experienced a tremendous euphoria of challenge and God’s glory.

Many of you asked for an update of the meeting. This was the first of a series of sessions, designed to send an army into the great city of Detroit for the purpose of taking down the cloud that presently exists over the city.

This army must be so well equipped so that no darkness of hell can overcome it. We talked about “Transporting in the Spirit”. The “Mind of Christ” was greatly emphasized. To be successful, we MUST have His mind in all of our dealings. Many other areas were emphasized and will be expanded in the days ahead.

God spoke to me in a clear voice over three years ago and told me to “address myself as one of His Generals”. I did not clearly understand the meaning of that until now. God recently told me that He was forming a great army of strong people who would invade Detroit and beyond. That is now happening. This is not Church work but Kingdom driven. We have already start hearing testimonies of people who are being “transported in the Spirit” to other lands and speaking in their native language which otherwise they did not know.

These future sessions will be very intent and demanding. They are for the believers who are tired of Church as usual and are ready to advance the true Kingdom of God. The next session will be Wednesday, March 16, at 7:00 PM sharp. You may still get involved if you so desire. We have videoed the first training session which you must purchase.


One of God’s Generals . . . C L Johnston

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