Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fulford Right Again! HAARP STATION found! .. in Nevada off of MASON ROAD!! -vid

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Fulford Right Again! HAARP STATION found! .. in Nevada off of MASON ROAD!! -vid

Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 13-Mar-2011 18:29:14

Remember when Fulford said that the HAARP attack originated in New Mexico and Nevada???

This youtube video was made 1 day before the mega-quake in Japan!


"my comment tells you what i seen alot of signs talking electric shock i couldnt get all the way back because of my car but there is definately something going on back there also if you google earth like you did you will see the road called hart lane the next road heading to fallon is unmarked even on the road. that is the road that takes you directly to it. mason road and hart road both say dead end so i went down them they end on someones property but you can still see the road continue through thier fields so i just drove right through thier property and it took me back to the pits but cant get to the back side of the mountain. so we are going to take kids this weekend hike back with cameras get more video. the video i shot now ill also send to you alot of it is driving there and showing the roads and then i go back on the back roads and show the signs and the FAKE GRAVEL PIT with noone working there all locked up but they have buildings and cameras. i got all that. ill send it when my daughter gets home she knows all that. good vid man. crazy i knew there was something off here just way way way to many trails and clouds daily. and today its like 70 mile an hour winds . just out of the blue not yesterday perfect calm.

Sent to: dutchsinse google earth coordinates of the "HAARP facility" I just found between Fenley, and Fallon Nevada... producing the "signature" on RADAR..."

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