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Update by Sheldan Nidle 10-26-2010

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Ix, 12 Tzec, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return with more to tell you! Over the past few weeks, the last dark cabal has been forced to make a number of concessions. These open the way to new monetary policies, a new financial system, and a much-needed series of regime changes. At present, we are working in step with our Earth allies to manifest what has been agreed to by the dark cabalists, who continue to squabble amongst themselves which further fractures what little unity remains within their ranks. As a result, we can report that the process of transforming your world is once more back on track, and we are expecting the appearance of those events that have taken so long to come about. Our Earth allies are in the process of assembling the various individuals who are to head the numerous departments of the new US government and are putting the final touches to the long-awaited announcements. Barring sudden delays, we expect the changes to begin at any moment and have consequently increased the number of our ships presently flying over several capital cities.
The reason for this is to secure these areas from rogue craft belonging to the secret government. We are on full alert status and have put cloaked defense ships on constant patrol above their bases. So far, our units' patrol schedule has been undisturbed. The last thing we want is for any 'incidents' to mar the smooth procession of the announcements that are to be made by the new caretaker governments. These new regimes have enough to do without contending with a premature display of any of the new technologies that are weeks away from being formally presented to the world. Our role is to keep the lid on any preemptive use of esoteric devices before they are unveiled. These formal unveilings are to include the range of technologies that we wish to provide you with. Until then, our Earth allies wish to concentrate on the more immediate global issues: introducing the new hard currencies; debt forgiveness; abolishing income tax and disbursing income-tax refunds; the reformation of the banking industry and related financial services; and the restructuring of all corporations.

Then there is the introduction of Common Law and, in most cases, reestablishing true de jure constitutional government. These diverse operations are expected to be among the first matters to be tackled by the new governments. Also at the top of the agenda are the cessation of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and the signing of agreements enabling the return of armies to their respective homelands. The restoration of many foreign military bases to their original owners also comes under this heading. This is a time to emphasize global peace and cooperation, and in pursuance of this, a full-blown nuclear disarmament is expected of all nations. Once this is in place, we intend to neutralize all nuclear weapons and reactors. This will dovetail with the deployment and activation of regional zero-point energy generators which will replace all nuclear reactors currently serving electrical power grids. In a matter of months you are to move along your path to full consciousness in a series of great leaps!

Moving your world quickly from its present state to something rather more civilized is a truly gargantuan undertaking. Your society is characterized by illiteracy, dogmatism, xenophobia, and a general disinclination to accept new concepts. As we watch this, we see just how challenging our task really is. We have sent observation groups into your myriad cultures and are well aware of the differences and entrenched hostilities that will need to be overcome. Our medical teams have observed the damage and violence that have been imposed on most of you, and these traumas are used to engender a whole range of perceptions that your former 'masters' have used to control and manipulate you. One of our jobs is to help you heal these assorted wounds as you prepare for the final stages of full consciousness. The Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy, too, envelops you with messages of Grace and Love in order to quicken this transformational process. We greatly look forward to the potential of the post-mass-landing world.

After the mass landings, we can easily work with you one-on-one and get you to focus on those areas that need it. Our counselors are well trained in the special requirements that will get you to full consciousness quickly. The procedures are complex and designed to open your perception to new realities. Right now, a very small number of you exhibit some of the characteristics that are dormant in most of you. We intend to fully explain these abilities to you and then help you bring out similar capabilities that you have long suppressed. The purpose of all this is to begin an awakening that will allow you to at least glimpse what you are capable of. We wish to peel away the layers of suppression that were imposed on you in early childhood, which can hopefully put you on a level where we can begin a dialogue that is to end with your return to full consciousness and the abilities that you abandoned long ago.

Returning to full consciousness is of course the primary reason for first contact. Everything else we do is simply to aid and abet this necessary transformation. In the same vein, Mother Earth wishes to progress beyond the reality she now occupies, and this desire was made clear to us before we formed this special first-contact mission. Spirit, too, dearly wishes to manifest the stipulations of the Divine Plan. For all this to happen, two components are required, of which we are the physical branch. Our task is to use all the resources at our command to get this mission completed successfully within the timeframe given to us. So far, we have achieved most of the protocols required. Everything is in place and we have kept meticulously abreast of the changes each of you is going through. Now what remains is an official contact with you.

We are waiting for the next steps planned by our Earth allies. As stated in last week's message, we have informed them that we are prepared to complete on their behalf whatever is necessary to get new regimes into power and to deliver the prosperity programs to each of you. To this end, moves are being executed according to the stipulations of our Earth allies and us. We wholly intend to carry out whatever can accelerate the necessary changes. Many of the dark-controlled regimes are still cooperating with the dark cabal, and we are expecting some degree of mischief on their part as our plans begin to manifest. This is why we are monitoring their secret underground bases and associated surface facilities so closely. These dark ones still persist in their recalcitrance, but any form of delaying tactics on their side will be preempted by us.

The cabalists know what the consequences of their dirty deeds will be and they do not like what is to happen to them. We have seen signs of their apprehension when discussing certain issues with them. We are constantly scanning their inner thoughts and predilections, and understand just how fractured their formerly solid bulwark has become. This last remaining obstacle is crumbling fast and everything else is pretty much in place. Our Earth allies and their friends have done great work in setting up the structures needed to implement Heaven's decrees. Now we are literally on the brink of realizing something wonderful for you, and within this context we hope that our presence will be seen by you as truly beneficent. This next period in your history will see the revealing of who and what you really are!

Today, we talked about how close you now are to achieving your true destiny. First contact is just one of the 'vehicles' being used to get you there. We are most proud of you and look forward to celebrating this magnificent future with you. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


Anonymous said...

The Nidle update is from Oct. 26, 2010.

Anonymous said...

Is this true? because Colleen Nidle said that Sheldan would not have an update this week

Anonymous said...

True, update from 10/26/10 here:http://www.paoweb.com/sn102610.htm Sheldon not doing updates last week and this week. Read more at www.paoweb.com