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Governments, Corporations Push Cover-up of Japanese Nuclear Nightmare

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Governments, Corporations Push Cover-up of Japanese Nuclear Nightmare

Kurt Nimmo
March 16, 2011

A data map of radiation levels in Japan posted on the TargetMap website has omitted information from the Fukushima Prefecture where nuclear reactors are currently melting down.

The map reports a “survey” of the area is currently “underway,” in other words the Japanese government is not reporting the obvious fact the area is contaminated with deadly radiation and it does not want the Japanese people or anybody else to know the full story.

A coordinated coverup of the severity of the situation is underway. This sort of behavior is typical of governments, especially when they are interested in protecting their power base and protecting the interests of transnational corporations.

Normally stoic Japanese citizens are outraged over the lack of information forthcoming from the government. “Residents who have been evacuated after a radiation leak from a quake-hit nuclear power plant have expressed their anger with the lack of information about the incident and how to respond to it,” The Mainichi Daily News reports.

In the United States, countless numbers have flocked to stores in pursuit of iodine tablets, said to help prevent thyroid cancer. Americans are obviously not buying the line promulgated by federal and state government that radiation does not pose a threat.

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Gerry note:


Subject: #1 - Now The Rest Of The Story - Media Not Reporting - Re: Fulford Statement

Quake selloff wipes $287 billion off Tokyo stock market then this. . . . .




There is, as Benjamin states, a panic mongering. The news is not reporting and today I stopped by to say a few words to a few. A few of savvy players

meet and talk! Interesting times to be far ahead of the pack!

One person, Ben, knew the mega MOX Fuel happening. I have cut and pasted most of what you are reading. My source is close to Jeff Rence

and I would take every word to 'real news' and 'real truth telling' too. The editor is to be released in my e-letter for tomorrow. Leaving for

Thomasville and no time for details. Thank you for the Fulford in Japan 'real news' too.

Keyword = MOX Fuel

Sherrie Questioning All

Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown!

Original post commences about MOX fuel

I am so Astounded that the Japanese have as many Nuclear Power Plants that they have on the most seismic place in the world! How they did not have 100 different back up plans is beyond me! Why didn't they have their generators 50 feet in the air in case of tsunamis? I have thought of tons of questions regarding it all!

I am sadden by the tragedy in the first place,
now the Man made tragedy is unfolding that is a million times worse than the natural tragedy!

We all know some of Japan's nuclear power plants are in trouble and one exploded.

What is NOT Being released is the FUEL used in that plant! I read about it and decided to research it!
I am SHOCKED at what I found!
This power plant meltdown can be 2 MILLION times Worse than Chernobyl! This could make the whole country of Japan uninhabitable, besides being carried around the world!

This is truly Sickening! In fact it really makes you wonder WHY they did not have 100 safety precautions in place! How dare they use MOX in a nuclear power plant in a place that is known for the biggest quakes and tsunamis! Besides Japan putting their plants right along side the ocean!

This is what Benjamin is referring to but to avoid the panic, he has stated the mild mannered report.

I will send this out with details tomorrow. The market is down over 200 points and when others learn about this MOX fuel used/storage problem, it's used here in the United

States too, the markets cannot hold up to King Bernanke's minipulation! In the next 10 days less or more, North American and South America will be next! Earthquakes!

What do you thing the United States Treasury is going to do for money when Japan and China continues to cash in their treasuries? Middle East is moving away from worthless U. S. Currency too! That's how money works!

Mary Ella, this is truly a God Job! No way man can fix this much stupid!

Just me,

Gerry G.

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Subject: Fulford Statement

By Benjamin Fulford

There is a blizzard of panic mongering about nuclear melt-downs in Japan being generated out of U.S. corporate propaganda "media" and their Japanese employees. Please do not play into their hands because the generation of fear and panic is one of their last weapons.

Here is a list of the corporate sponsors of the so-called "Egyptian revolution" as compiled by the Japanese magazine "Kami no Bakudan" (paper bomb): Howcast, Edelman, Google, MTV, CBS "News," Mobile Accord, You Tube, Facebook, MSNBC, National Geographic and the Omnicon Group. They have proven themselves to be unreliable in the past so please ignore any exaggerated panic causing news emanating from any of these propaganda outlets and their Council on Foreign Relations god-fathers.

The world now faces a choice between mutually assured self-destruction and world peace. We believe rational minds will prevail.

Benjamin Fulford

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Anonymous said...

This is from my son, Michael, in Japan in the Shiga area...

Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 00:51:44 +0900
Subject: Re: FW: YouTube - READ BELOW NOW! RADIATION reaches USA - BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA ! March 16, 2011 - 234 uR per hour
Nope, again radiation particles are too heavy to fly that far.[to the U.S.] And NO radiation has gotten out, at all.

Do not worry anymore All the newscast, and other things you are getting from America are completely false. It's nut jobs who are paranoid about EVERY little thing that is going on, and it is SEVERELY taking away from the real problem. Thousands of Japanese people and AMERICANS are without homes, food, shelter, and our trying to survive in negative degree weather right now. Please stop spreading these videos about Radiation flying on clouds, that the japanese are lying, all this **** that is taking away from the real strife that is going on. IF YOU LIVE IN AMERICA YOU ARE OK. Nothing is going to reach you EVER. End of story. For a radiation particle to reach America, it would take a F5 hurricane flying from Fukuishima Japan all they way to the pacific to get there, and that just isn't possible. So please again stop worry about radiation coming to America.

Here in Japan, things are not so grim and dire. The Japanese are trying to focus on making sure its people are taken care of, on top of all the other worries that are going on. This video is something the Japanese are showing the children here to explain in easy terms for people to understand what radiation does. It's cute and funny because it is meant for children, but it does a great job of TRULY explaining what radiation is all about. There are TONS of good things going on here as well. 9600 people were missing last Saturday and all of them have been found as of yesterday. This is truly a blessing and is being overshadowed by the doom and gloom that is being posted EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET.

Again, if something is being forwarded to you, and it's some Joe Smoe in his basement freaking out about a storm cloud, then it is a fake. And, honestly, we are exposed to radiation EVERYDAY from the sun. It's nothing new and every radiation detector will pick something up.

A friend of mine here in Shiga said something very true today. Every year, thousands of men die in coal mines, and the fumes from coal mines. The death rate of radiation is only about 10 per year. So, why are we as Americans freaking out because of a small radiation leak that is being solved, and has, is not a threat to the world. So, I beg you: please do not spread this doom and gloom anymore; try to spread something positive throughtout the day. This world is becoming too concerned with everything that is going to kill you, and it is not focusing on the fact that we are ok.

I'll say it one more time. Turn off your TVs; turn off your radios; step outside and enjoy the day that God has given you. Enjoy something positive, and be glad that you are not one of the thousands of Japanese people without a home to return to.

If you need something positive to pass on here is a website of GREAT things that are happening here in Japan everyday. There needs to be more things like this in America.