Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Peoples Dinar Post

Here is what really happened today at the UN Security Council Meeting.
1. Back-room deal to lift Chapter 7 was agreed to on Monday, December 13, 2010 (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
2. Today’s meeting HAD to take place in order for every Member Country of the UN Security Council to have their say and vote, a formality which must take place, but a formality that was already governed by Monday’s agreement. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
3. Meeting was held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order which are guidelines for how to run a Parliamentary meeting to make certain of smooth, orderly meeting and to give all participants the courtesy and respect of their fair-say, i.e. again, today’s public meeting HAD to take place – not proper to be determined solely in a back-room deal.
4. Considering the many items that are on the Agenda, not just the few such as 660 and 661, it would take forever for Iraq to comply if they had to do so prior to completely being lifted from Chapter 7. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
5. Thus, the agreement entered into on Monday was that the UN will vote to agree to lift Chapter 7 with the caveat that if Iraq does not stay in full compliance, sanctions will be immediately re-placed upon Iraq. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
6. All sanctions against Iraq are listed on the linked-site listed below. The site then gives another link for more recent sanctions; however 660, 661 and the important sanctions are on this site.
7. Japan gave strong speech when it took it’s turn at UN Security Council Meeting which focused primarily on economics, i.e. “show me the money”
8. The multitude of Kuwaiti claims cannot be resolved in a moment’s time; another reason why Chapter 7 has been lifted with caveat, i.e. you screw Kuwait and you will be right back in sanctions. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
9. Too much need by world economies for RV – sanctions against Iraq must be lifted; thus the deal was done on Monday and what you saw today are the formalities. One example, France is bankrupt but they are sitting on a stack of Iraqi Dinar – they need RV ASAP. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
10. The Iraqi govt has been seated, just hasn’t been announced (source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
11. Govt contracts and independent contracts have to be honored. The infrastructure of Iraq has to be re-built. They cannot wait for Iraq to comply with everything prior to Sanctions being lifted. Covered in Monday’s meeting. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
12. The Iraqi people need money to sustain a reasonable, respectable, and humanitarian life-style, i.e. RV must take place soon or major revolt (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
13. We are talking about a Dictatorship being turned into a Democracy. This takes time, indeed – years. Thus, Monday’s agreement to lift Chapter 7 and then come right back with more sanctions if Iraq does not follow through on their part of the deal. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
14. The world needs Iraq’s oil; now! Thus, Monday’s agreement to lift Chapter 7 and then come right back with more sanctions if Iraq does not follow through on their part of the deal. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
15. RV must and will happen within days. Rate has been given to Bank of America and FED. They are waiting for orders to send the wire to every bank immediately upon receiving said orders. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
16. Bank of America is the market-maker and FED facilitator on this deal. Know the history of Bank of America and you know this to be fact without even having a qualified source (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
17. The deal is finished. EVERY country wants to get their piece of the pie so there will be some more back-room posturing and negotiating with every country knowing in advance that they will have to “horse-trade” quickly as the deal is actually finished. (Source – Attorney/Client Privilege)
18. The men and ladies of the Iraqi Government are extremely intelligent and well-educated, i.e. they come from wealthy families and studied overseas, not at the Community College of Tikrit! They are lawyers, economists and the like educated at the London School of Economics, Harvard, Wharton School of Business, etc. (Source – this is your homework assignment)
19. RV is imminent. (Read above)
20. The fat lady is gargling (Source – eagle)

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