Saturday, March 12, 2011

This is the moment that we have been preparing for.



The Spirit of the Lord says;

This is the moment that we have been preparing for. I have placed My men and women strategically as carriers of My fire of the times. While the enemy's time is culminating, and knowing that it is, he is using every ounce of his power to try to assault My mighty fire-carriers. My children of valor and integrity that I have anointed to receive all of the fullness of the time, have been purged by this fire. It seems as if hell itself has unleashed upon them, because of their commitment, but I have lifted up My holy standard that has a great damming effect upon the works of the enemy. Some are having a difficult time because I have called them to this high calling, yet they are compromising for the temporal, yet not realizing that the enemy knows that their is a distinct difference in their lives. Many are still letting their flesh rule, and they are torn between total submission to My will and the mechanics of the flesh. Do you not know that My way is the only way to the high ground of protection and preservation?
Also, many that I have anointed to preach and teach My Word, still yield to their flesh allowing the soulish realm to hinder the realms that I have opened for all of my children to walk in and be victorious in through persecutions and troubles. Many look at these men and women as 'preaching' machines, not discerning that they are no longer flowing with Holy Spirit. It is a heart that is consecrated and dedicated to Me and the Kingdom that I need, not ideas born from human reasoning or understanding. In order to know in this hour My movements, you must be sensitive to Holy Spirit. As you begin to repent from trying to go on in your own might, you will find the help from on High, that is most necessary. No more 'sounding brass or tinkling cymbals', it is noise to My ears. For the Words that I speak, they are spirit and they are life. This life comes from My heart and can only be achieved by a continued flow from My heart to your surrendered heart. From this connection will come a boldness and fearlessness, you will no longer be intimidated by the enemy.
Now, you must be willing to abandon your comfort zones in order to flow with Me to the next zone. It may not be familiar to you, but there is no place that I have not been. I will take you there and help you to assimilate in this new territory. Do not resist the change. For many in times past have resisted what they thought was a 'new' thing and perceived that it wasn't Me. They did not understand that it was not new to me, only to them. They failed to shift and became stagnant. Stay hungry and thirsty for more of Me. As you stay that way you will have to continue to die to self, so that My life may come forth through you. No matter what happens on the earth, great things are ahead for My submitted ones, even in the midst of all that is seen!

Scripture References: Prov.16:25; Zec. 4:6; Rom. 8:12-13; 1 Corin. 15:31

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