Thursday, March 24, 2011

Republic - More Expose on Tim Turner & Kelby Smith

This is more information on Tim Turner and Kelby Smith. Check out the Rap Sheet of Kelby - Very Interesting!

If you still believe these con men --- TT must have some good Kool Aid in his bunker were he hides from the people!

Question with Common Sense

Kelby Smith Rap Sheet

Why is Johnny still doing this? He must be against the Republic! What an Idiot!

To those still refusing to believe the truths exposed in this 'Awareness and High Integrity Blog' --
My heritage comes out of West Point were honor, honor and honor takes precedent. As I child on the parade grounds I met Eisenhower, Patton and McArthur. Tall Men of honor!

The Republic, Your Republic is a call for us to reclaim our GOD BLESSED AMERICA again. I fully support it, has already been established and recognized by the world. And I am aware of the 3 candidates for the administrators during the interim period. The military had no provision for a self appointed president like TT nor want to have anything to do with his operation.

And with TRUE GRIT like my namesake --- "I don't cotton to lying bastards"!

Yea - TT boys go ahead and attack me again. I frankly don't give a damn!!!


Anonymous said...

john can you convert this doc. to a pdf file, I can't get the doc to view, thanks

Sgt.Slaughter said...

Keep exposing these egomaniac zealots. They will vanish into righteous obscurity soon enough!

TLGA said...

Anonymous, send me your email at and I will send the documents to you directly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these - I really appreciate it. Yes, PDFs would have been far more desirable as some of us don't have Office on all our accessible machines.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for those still in this group. I had one the other day trying to recruit me. I tell him no and reasons why and he continues like a brain washed puppy. Everyone else is wrong, Tim T is just being picked on bla blah blah blah. He just keeps making excuses for the restored republic...When will these people give up.. ? One thing though People say its a scam etc.. but I have not found that anyone has to pay a dime to be involved... just a thought there... I will have to have larry the cable guy give me his take on this