Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinar Intel Update

[kettle7] tm Here's another one [ALREADYBLESSED] KME verified intel with his own intel..... From what he is hearing and has surmised, we look good for late Monday night, start making cash-in appointments on Tuesday..... 3.87 is the rate. He did also add that NO ONE SHOULD GO OUT AND BUY UP RESERVES BASED ON THIS INTEL..... IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN 3 TIMES IN MARCH BUT KEPT GETTING PUT OFF!!!!! IT COULD VERY EASILY BE PUT OFF AGAIN. But, the ball is rolling!! [TerriLD] 3.87 is my favorite number!!!

[kettle7] Just posted on PTR [elsie] one of our members, Honeybun stated that Shabibi appeared on TV yesterday to let the citizens know that the currency was about to change...imminently. He also stated that they would be dropping the three zeros, but that this would be a good thing for the people. They will be allowed to exchange their 25,000 notes for smaller denominations that will equal 25,000 It was a TV segment from yesterday in Iraq It was verified through our sources in Iraq

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Anonymous said...

how much longer?? people are hurting and dying early for a lack of!! THIS HAS BEEN EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER!!!