Monday, March 28, 2011


In response to the national call yesterday on the offer of funding to the states.

Please believe me when I say that what I feel I MUST share with you now pains me greatly but as the old saying goes, "if you know of an attack beforehand and say nothing, the blood is on your hands but if you raise the alarm and the victims don't listen the blood is on theirs".

I appeal to the good ladies who brought forth the offer of funding to the states who truly believe it is legitimate and the right thing to do.

That being said I will raise an urgent issue which could not only directly harm you and ALL of the good people left in RuSA but can be the catalyst the de facto has been salivating for to halt the entire massive awakening and sovereign movement all across the country. Not just RuSA but the Tea Parties and all other organizations out there. It can and will reverse thirty years and more of effort, research and solutions brought forth to the people in one fell swoop. I will try to share this by posing a series of questions coupled with fact because it is imperative that you don't just take my word for it but that you come to the realization and the reality on your own.

1. On the call it was painfully obvious that those representing national ie; Kelby Smith, CW, Jay Jones etc. were openly opposing, contradicting and even attempting to twist or add to what you were told by Tim Turner. Would a "real" vice president openly disagree with the president on a national call or imply in any way that what you were personally told by him was something other or meant something other than you stated? I think you get the point.

2. I wrote a letter to Jesus Berrios warning him that he would shortly be offered up to the slaughter in an effort to cover some very guilty backsides in the Dimitrion FBI fugitive case. They had to throw somebody or a group of somebody's from the inner circle of national to the hungry wolves if they had any chance of a defense when the arrests are made. This is a game and a very nasty one. The name of that game is WHO THROWS WHO UNDER THAT BUS FIRST? Go back and listen to your call recording to when CW stated that you might be dealing with the same individuals that "stole 500 million dollars from the Republic" then he attempted to claim that they had to stop working with those people because they turned out to be fugitives yadda yadda yadda. News flash! He was directly referring to Tama Puna and the Dimitrions WHO THEY ARE STILL INVOLVED WITH I KNOW FOR A FACT but now have hung Berrios out to dry for. All he did was drive Puna around Las Vegas and L.A. in preparation to attempt the theft of the 5 Star Trust Funds through the HSBC bank in L.A. after prior attempts had failed. The 500 million Turner has claimed was stolen WAS NOT STOLEN THEY NEVER HAD IT! What really happened is that first attempt to high jack the trust through the bank in Switzerland by Tama Puna under the direction of Tim Turner and CW, it failed but what was the amount that he tried to withdraw? 500 million dollars! Yes I can prove that.

3. The plan to extract the fugitives out of Hawaii was hatched behind closed doors by THREE INDIVIDUALS in Virginia last June. Those three were, Carl Sedlak, Tim Turner and CW Wright. Yes I can prove that but more importantly THE FBI CAN PROVE IT. As a result this entire Republic was launched with the commission of several felonies. Why? If there had been the possibility of REAL funding why would Turner and CW need the help of an international money launderer and a convicted felon specializing in forged documents and banking fraud?

4. Why after that meeting did the remaining elders, Tom Shaultz and Regan Reedy along with Rod Class, jump ship? The answer bears no resemblance to what the people were told.

5. The State Department has blocked ALL EFFORTS to obtain a passport for Tim Turner. He has never had one, let that sink in. He has known for quite some time that he will not get one. So how could he ever get to the HAGUE or meet with foreign dignitaries?

6. The state of West Virginia was forcefully taken over by national yesterday after a three and a half hour attempt to destroy the credibility of their governor to the assembly by phone took place last week and the people would not remove him. Indiana will be next, again. The following states are currently being attacked by national, Oregon, Utah, Texas and yes California. They have out of necessity dealt with Chelene Nightingale very quietly and sneakily setting up clandestine meetings to convince the people to remove her. Of course it has to be quiet, she's their "Rock Star" governor, the real live Constitution Party de facto candidate in the last gubernatorial race. She's the feather in the cap! But just like all other INTELLIGENT people she is expendable. .

7. Now the really tough stuff. IT IS IRREFUTABLE FACT that Homeland Security, FBI and all law enforcement agencies have now declared RAP and RUSA and all other "SOVEREIGN" movements and organizations to be not "potential" but full blown "domestic terrorists"! So why would ANY GROUP of possible funders approach them? All original funders except the Criminal faction still being used have not only permanently severed any ties but have actually SCRUBBED their computers of all records of ever having communicated with Tim Turner. YES I HAVE SPOKEN DIRECTLY WITH THEM. They know that any funding received WILL BE IMMEDIATELY SEIZED by the federal government. Secondly THERE IS NO WAY CURRENTLY to move funds into the US banking system undetected and any funds of any substantial amounts must go through not just banking compliance packages BUT HOMELAND SECURITY COMPLIANCE PACKAGES!!!. This I know because of my real world job.

8. LADIES YOU ARE BEING SET UP! Here is why. RuSA is set up as an "interim" GOVERNMENT. The minute you accept a single dollar from any foreign or overseas entity you have violated THE PATRIOT ACT, THE TRADING WITH THE ENEMIES ACT and even worse YOUR OWN RESTORED ORIGINAL 13TH AMENDEMENT!

The missing 13th Amendment, called Article XIII, reads:

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain, any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

Note the words Title, Honor, Present, Pension or Emolument (MONEY!) from any foreign Power, cease to be a Citizen, and incapable of holding office for either country. Those are very definite limitations with a profound sentence for violators - loss of Citizenship in the United States! If "honor" includes immunities and pensions, etc., all government employees will be under fire. This amendment certainly will cause a great shuffling sound in the areas of election donations (especially from non-residents), holding office, immunity from laws by government agents and agencies, titles of honor, and benefits legislators give themselves.

If a single state accepts a single dollar from an overseas source while that state is representing itself as the Republic you have handed the de facto the PEARL OF THE CENTURY. You have committed HIGH TREASON for which they will come down on you like the black plague!! I have already sworn to you that whomever you have been contacted by CANNOT AND IS NOT ONE OF THE ORIGINAL FUNDERS. CW told you to have your bank do a ping on their bank, why? That would establish banking evidence that you had intended to do business with a foreign entity and would add to the evidence and the case being built against you as we speak. Any money coming form anyone or anywhere not 100 % provable to be American is considered foreign. Even if a rich American gives you money from a bank in your town, if that money came from foreign investments or companies what you are guilty. Do you see the big picture yet?

If you do this you will be responsible not just for the death of your individual Republics BUT THE ENTIRE SOVEREIGN MOVEMENT AND OVER THIRTY YEARS OF HARD WORK, RESEARCH AND AWAKENING. The de facto thrives on FEAR and INTIMIDATION to control the masses. The FBI and other agencies have said their investigation into RuSA is FOCUSED on those professing to hold public office such as senators, congressmen, governors, president etc. Not the little guys. They KNOW WHO YOU ARE and it is NO COINCIDENCE that on Friday they convict one of the RAP elders and at the same time miraculous funding offers come to you. Add to that one more thing I am sure you haven't thought of.

A while back you folks in Florida were covered on television and that segment was played all over the nation, you tube etc. You rubbed the noses of the de facto in it publicly. You will pay for that ladies and it is the reason you are being singled out and made an offer that CANNOT be legitimate and WILL BE THE FINAL NAIL IN ANY POSSIBILITY OF RESTORING THIS NATION BEFORE GEORGE BUSH, OBAMA, GEORGE SOROS, MAURICE STRONG AND THEIR HANDLERS GET THEIR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND WE ARE A THING OF THE PAST.

I know your hearts and I know how desperately you believe in what you are doing but has it not occurred to you that while you are so focused on what you are doing the enemy has surrounded your flanks and taken out your defenses from the inside out? Don't you realize that if one single state accepts money from a foreign source that it will mean the END TO ANY DREAMS OF RESTORATION? RuSA was never designed to succeed, INDEED the very act of forming a national organization and giving it a name made it a major target. That is the mistake all organized restoration attempts have made, giving it a name and a target. Bullets can only hit one target at a time but this one will be a machine gun and it will hit them ALL.

It doesn't mean you have lost or that you have wasted your time. The restoration IS HAPPENING in a lawful, legal compliant way using the very loopholes they have left open for themselves. Why don't you see it? Because it has to remain as hard to PIN DOWN as the WIND, they can't shoot bullets at the wind!!!! YOU ARE STILL THE ANSWER.

Please understand you cannot do this because you will destroy exactly that which you are striving to achieve! CAN YOU REALLY BE SURPRISED AT THE LEVEL OF ENTRAPMENT THEY HAVE PLACED YOU IN? Ask yourself why they let you get this far, well not really anywhere since nothing has ever really been accomplished but why have they LET YOU THINK IT WOULD? YOU ARE BEING SET UP TO PULL OFF A BLOODLESS COUP ON YOURSELVES AND THEY WON'T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER .

God Bless and protect you!

Teri Lynn Hinkle



Teri Lynn Hinkle


Anonymous said...

I believe this is correct, I have family and friends in RAP and I think Turner is a rat, he worked for homeland security and was sent in to destroy the movement. The fact that he helped the Dimitrions to escape from the FBI tells me alot, I know Turners in alot of trouble or he's trying to cause alot of trouble for the movement. I know Rod Class does'nt have anything to do with him. I hope these ladies don't give them money I'd like to see the republic restored. Who was the elder that was convicted, was that sam davis?

Anonymous said...

Maybe defacto won't let Tim Turner out of the country because he will get the funding to restore the Republic.

Hey, two sides to every story.

Anonymous said...

I was curious if Sam Davis was convicted. I belonged to Rap and was a Juror / congressman. I resigned at the switch and never looked back. I knew when Sam Kennedy left there was a problem but I kept truckin along until I realized that they kept calling the kettle black. I mean the hipocracy of the leadership was bad enough. Tim was making anyone who attended his "seminars" his leadership.. bad Idea. He has a loyal following and still today I am constantly being asked to re join. I will not be associated with criminals and what has happened concerning all this other stuff. Oh well.. better days are ahead.. the republic is and always will be our republic but who runs it and lay claim to it will determine where I will be when the time comes... God bless the u S A God bless all patriots who "are" doing the right things. And God bless all those patriots who are "honestly trying to do the right things as well.. later folks

Anonymous said...

If Sam Davis (not ever an Elder of RAP) has taken a Plea of guilty, what deal did he strike? A guilty plea is not what he taught was what one did to fight the PTB. Interisting the timing here as these things unfold. Guilty plea, Funding promise out of blue, Claims of destruction for all patridiots of the past 30 years. Just saying or is it asking? Huh?

TLGA said...

UPDATE…. Last night there was a governor’s call for the purpose of discussing the offer of funding the good ladies of Florida received. As a result of this call I now say Tim Turner has moved in my estimation from possible sacrificial lamb to DESPICABLE DESPOT!
It’s bad enough to have bamboozled hundreds of people by exploiting their faith, manipulating their fear and desperation and flat out lying to them for months but when he attempts to place the blame for HIS OWN CRIMES, PLANNED AND EXECUTED BY HIM, CW WRIGHT and CARL SEDLAK on innocent dupes and an honorable man who had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I DRAW THE LINE!!!
I will now discuss this with law enforcement and provide to the world any and all documented proof they will allow me to share. This has gone from pathetic to disgusting and it has nothing to do with Common Sense or intelligence.
Those of you who are still touting TT and company is in any way the salvation of this country SHAME ON YOU! You had better wake up and DO SOME DUE DILLIGENCE YOURSELF! If TT tells you to drink poison will you do it? Why not? You are letting him control you, lie to you, manipulate you and lead you to destruction without even an investigation into months and months of promises and claims that NEVER PRODUCE RESULTS!
Excuse me, I have to throw up before I get on the phone with law enforcement.