Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hi John,

Today the LORD spoke and made it very clear how important it is that we follow HIM and to stay close to HIM and to deliver our promises to him through the blessings that are vastly approaching. If there's anyway you can post this on your blog, that would be beyond amazing. All who receive/give need to know this very important revelation that GOD has revealed to us. The LORD said today:

Archangel Michael, is battling to open ALL doors for the blessings to come and Michael is battling to knock down all the barriers that are holding this blessing back- he is battling, because God's people are crying out to the LORD for help! GOD said the door will open first for the small part and then the big part will follow. GOD said that this is HIS plan and HE is battling for HIS people and GOD is NOT going to let the devil win. The HOLY SPIRIT said for all who give and receive these funds/blessing- we are all asked to read: Matthew 25: 31-46 and Mark 8: 1-9, these verses were given to us all to strengthen our faith and to know that GOD delivers his promises. GOD will appoint each individual who receives apart of these blessings- the angel will watch over us, to make sure this gift will be used to glorify GOD and to bring people to his Kingdom and endure everlasting life. On the day of judgement, the Lord will say to many: because to worked for me and helped the needy and so that my name (GOD) was not made in vain, HE will say: COME IN TO MY KINGDOM YOU FAITHFUL SERVANT!

the Lord will appoint an angel to each of us


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Ah yes, the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. It is still possible now. Peace, and thank you for your most timely message.

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Make no mistake about it, GOD is always on time!! His time!!