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Dinar Intel - Conference Call Notes

Frank26 - KTFM Conference Call 3-14-2011

Part 1

We speak what the Iraq TV states - what they are saying...to you we don't pay too much attention to articles except where they confirm our studies. Where was the Emir today? We will discuss today. Ali of Dinar Trade will be here on his way to visit 2 other forums tonight... and of course Delta too with his news updates from the last 4 days.

Frank Opens with a song and a prayer.

Last conference call - we had info on Iraq TV reports that said the Emir of Kuwait would come to visit Maliki 2nd time since January and he spread the wealth both times. The Emir was to also visit today... it was confirmed it was announced on TV there in Iraq... but I told you do not be surprised if they did a side deal on their own to accomplish to be free of Chapter 7 and the Emir would bring it to M... M told the US last year that iraq was his and he would steal the election and he did - the authors are smart and things continued in the direction we wanted. The Emir in Jan and Feb he was a hero to his people and then a wave of unrest across the ME showed the people they were not satisfied of their own GOV - the Iraq protesting was for reform in country and currency for the people.

This campaign was not to bring democracy was to get rid of Saddam years ago and it was accomplished - then we wanted to have a monetary form and economic reform that would pay for the whole war...

Did the Emir show up in Iraq today as Iraq TV said last week? I did say do not be surprise of they meet privately to make a deal - they were not released of chapter 7 they are not free yet, the key from UNSC was not given yet... the last "banana" was to be given totally, only part last December not the full release. Did the Emir release the final "banana peels" The debt owed to Kuwait was $21 billion - is there anything else that M needs to do to satisfy this need for Kuwait and Kuwait does now want Iraq to RI-RV. The $21 billion debt is now settled and the Iraq TV announced this and the articles are now released that this was done... it has been paid off... officially announced.

Darline says that M needs to do nothing left for Kuwait except to RI the dinar - the whole time was to satisfy Kuwait not a stand still of a catch 22 - it was steady progressive movement.

They worked out a deal on their own and the visit to Iraq was not necessary... so the $21 billion was paid to Kuwait...

The blue couch = Frank says that Iraq does not have money to pay Kuwait = what if the USA paid this debt to Iraq over the weekend..???.. They know what they are doing...

Emir and M which TV says that all problems have been solved between Kuwait and Iraq- THIS IS HUGE! If the ME riots and pressure of Kuwait and all of this work ...what do you think? ALL 3 stations right now are off the air--- the statements is being said because of the riots etc...and M turned off the stations for a different reason - the news paper called Albaknaria that the GOI said hey you get out of here and they did and the TV station was all three of them were taken over by the GOI. They lied to us while they were busy doing self evident today. So a newspaper sent out some false evidence today and the GOI said NO and shut them down too. Delta said avoid this news agency as its LIES. They stated no hope debt will never be paid and yes today the USA paid off the $21 billion debt to Kuwait.

Darline states that she has the article that says "Urgent Iraq to pay all remaining compensations to Kuwait per Foreign Minister - and he said this on Iraq TV today.

The ministers will be announced today or tomorrow PER IRAQ TV today... and now France is putting their hand out to say gimme...Mexico, Russia, Spain, South America are never at the beginning of the line... and the never helped but now they are at the front of the line but they will get crumbs cause they are at the end of the line...

The resolution to exchange oil these countries voted against it...

Frank states we are DONE - not necessary to bring democracy to Iraq - it was to deal with Kuwait - WE ARE DONE - the $21 billion was paid today and ministers will be announced tomorrow... the MOU that was wrote - M talked and saw the Bulgarian PM and he asked for the to release the MOU so they can be fed etc...

Frank states the Lord brought me to this -I believe in HIM and Faith in him I have not prayed for this and I wait on Him as when he is ready he will do this we pray for the Iraq people and it is highly possible that the 5 year plan that was established that maybe the Lord is ready now - look at japan and this country is devastated and now everyone needs EMERGENCY STAT RIGHT NOW they need this money... they paid the debt - nothing else to do.... the national coalition of ministers are also done with the Security minister...

Part 2

Frank has a guest join the call - Dr. Mike Kellis

Darline has an article to read: Several articles she has on the file UNSC has that has been closed and why its so important... sanctions from Kuwait on Iraq has been closed - CHAPTER HAS BEEN CLOSED!!

She says that the Frenchman sees its closed and he does not want to loose out on what is happening..

She says another one End to Iraq Kuwait File = Paid in Full

She says M called on the UN to success the plans to the ministries to plan all this out since they are free now...

She also says one more article - Washington is looking to speed the completion of the Iraq cabinet - she asks why would that be Frank?

Darline says that if and when they do this RV they made it clear that do not want the US soldiers there -

Delta said Iraq TV today showed best news was that the $21 Billion paid Kuwait today - it was surprising to a lot of people and that cause the UNSC to release the from Charter 7- it was originally $25 billion and the DFI fund when it gets release no one can use it only for infrastructure of Iraq not to pay no one but to build country -2 weeks ago and Kuwait and Iraq came up for a 5 year plant o pay Kuwait by them to invest in Iraq - what happened was that the USA was involved in paying this debt off for Iraq to Kuwait. Kuwait any thing the USA asks them, they can't say no... now so many countries had lots of pressure to do this now to finish this deal for UNSC came out of Chapter 7 100% successful. The Emir did not show up as USA paid this debt in both their agreement. $21 billion is a done deal live on TV - the USA did this to finish this issue....

Delta says today on TV the advisory committee of PM they are the one of economy of reform they met with officers of UNSC in Iraq and they did discuss economy of reform and it was done today on TV _ wow WOW WOW

Darline says that article says Global Economy is Opened Today - the barriers and law that hindered the movement of investments were removed today!


Delta said - The doors are open now from all over to Iraq by paying this debt now... Delta said they had to do that and we are so sorry what happened in Japan this is helping this to be rushed as the RI is needed... its in the bible as to what is happening -this will make Babylon rise again and the most powerful country was China and Japan and now they are nothing - the US is in debt and lots of rich people used to come and save the US and Japan was one of them and now Japan is needing help and Babylon is going to rise up and this will make Iraq #1 country of the world and will be the savior of all countries and now Japan will have to ask help from Iraq.

The USA knows that the authors of The Plan has to close the chapter on The Plan and now paying the last debt owed to Kuwait - the US expects the Dinar to RI-RV in so many hours... THe authors are in control... Frank says ITS DONE!

The time is now they have to move very fast - the US controls the revalue - who paid for new IRAQ currency - the USA did - who paid for the new infrastructure of the banking system

The stall of Kuwait was all from the authors of the plan cause they didn't want a non complete GOI... They said that the GOI is important...

National coalition all resumes for remaining seats will be finished this week.

The dollar will not collapse. Iraq will explode on the world scene...

Subject: Key points made on PD conf call tonight - with Ali of Dinar Trade - 3/14

On tonight's People's Dinar call ... Ali from Dinar Trade was the guest

Ali says:

No special receipt or special paperwork is needed for cashing in dinar--
who ever HOLDS the currency OWNS the currency. There is no need to
"prove" where you bought/got the dinar.

A parent or guardian could cash in for a disabled/elderly person or child--
if they have proper power of attorney and all bank account information.
[Routing number, account number, probably also the SWIFT code--as
your bank in advance for this.]

They will open offices nationwide within 5 days of the time it becomes
evident the dinar RV is underway. He mentioned 3 times that they
would begin opening exchange offices in cities across the country when
they see the dinar valued at about $10,000 per million.

[HA! We are certainly expecting much greater than that!]

The amount they will be paying will be the SAME as the CBI's "buy" rate
at that time ... NO spread. Their fee will be $150 per million or portion.

You can also exchange part or all your amount for smaller denomination
dinars -- if you make those arrangements in advance. The smallest
denom dinar currently in use in Iraq is 250. Anything smaller is currently
in coins.

They have a direct account with the Fed Reserve, so their money wires
will be seen at your bank within 15-30 min--bank wires are typically not
done or accounted for after 2 PM daily, so Dinar Trade will only make
appointments for exchanging until around 2 PM. Clients will be able to
remain in the exchange office until they get confirmation from their
banker that the funds have arrived.

He suggested one might want to open an escrow account to temporarily
HOLD the funds, then have the bank transfer them to a different
account -- simply as a security measure.

He cannot and will not give ANY indication of when he thinks an RV of
the Iraqi dinar might go up in value significantly. His standard reply is
that we should consider this currency a long term investment.

There is not going to be any limited window of time for cashing in--once
a country has a tradeable currency, it will be good for an indefinite time.

[Obviously, the RATE could change (up or down) ... so you would want
to decide how much to exchange WHEN -- after all, a lot of things could
go wrong in the Middle East .]

There is no rule against traveling by air and carrying ANY amount of
currency in the USA . Nor does it need to be declared unless you are
leaving the country. It is totally legal to carry currency, so no apologies
or trying to hide it needed. He once personally flew to New York to
deliver a billion dinar to a client--the TSA guy wanted to inspect the
bag holding it ... he did, asked some questions ... and sent Ali on the way.


The terms for cashing in/exchanging with Dinar Banker are quite similar.
In just about every case, unless you have a LARGE amount of dinar
and thus have leverage with your bank, you will SAVE by going to one
of the broker locations to do your exchanging. Banks are going to try
to get a spread of 5 to 20% whenever they can!

Check their websites for cities and instructions--when the time comes!



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