Saturday, March 26, 2011

Let no one and nothing rob you or deprive you of your crown.



The Spirit of the Lord says:
I come quickly, so you must hold fast to what you have in Me. Let no one and nothing rob you or deprive you of your crown. For My Church must be overcoming and My Bride is heavenly. I have not chosen a bride from Egypt, but one risen from the ashes of the old and now is a new resurrected Bride. One that has decided to make My home hers. This is a called apart and set apart nation. A holy and royal priesthood that continues to look beyond the temporal and keep their mind on the eternal. In that day when I gather My own, all that you have done in My Name and all that I have recorded in your name shall unfold. Your faithfulness shall be rewarded greatly, and it shall be your testimony. But, dear ones this is not the season for looking at the temporal, the circumstances that presently surround you. For your suddenly shall come in a moment and all that you see now will be in your history. The only thing that is stable during all seasons is My Word, it never changes. It is your compass and guide during transitions, changes, storms and times of trouble.
As I prepare My Bride, I will purge her with My prophetic rain of power in teachings and in demonstrations with peculiar signs and wonders. This will be My Wonder, as you begin to move in new realms of manifestations of faith, as you come out of lethargic and inactive ways. Those who spend time in the secret place with Me I will give to them a new sense of perspective. In order that your future will be as clear in view as the past. You will see these fleeting things from My point of view. You will know that I Am not only preserving you but I Am also perfecting you. I know that you live within the confines of time, yet I Am. I Am neither limited or bound by time, I Am infinite and eternal. I Am using this season to reorganize thoughts of confusion and fortify what I have built in you. You must have a 'different spirit', a different attitude of mind in order to posses the territory at this time. You can not conquer with the old mindset. You must remember that the 'giants' in the land are nothing but grasshoppers to Me, and that I Am a Warrior. I will fulfill My good Word to My true Bride in due time. I Am your Lord and I change not!
Scripture References: Num. 14:1-24; Psalm 24:8; Psalm 138:8; 1 Peter 2:7-9; Rev.3:11; Rev.19:7

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