Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Quakes + Tsunami = HAARP???

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In The Year of Our Lord March Thirteen Two Thousand Eleven ~ By CJ

Japan Quakes + Tsunami = HAARP???

It is now being reported that more than 10,000 people in Japan have lost their lives or are officially considered missing. The devastation in Japan is overwhelming and now it appears that these events were most likely caused by the United States military using HAARP technology/weapons. This is being reported all over the internet as well as videos of HAARP clouds over the stricken areas just ten minutes before the quakes took place. If this was indeed a HAARP activated disaster, all we can say is that THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!

It IS time to wake up folks! While the protests take place around this country over state and government cuts in spending, they continue to kill us! This is a typical strategy used by the corrupt, evil, murderous dark cabal…, better known as “The Powers That Be” (TPTB) and which goes something like this; watch over here while we do this over there.

We have been warned many times that TPTB plan to take out the New Madrid Fault at some point and that time could be dangerously close! If you haven’t listened to John Moore yet…, we urge you to do so. Part One is located on this blog with a link to the rest of his twelve part series. In his video (created in 2008) John provides a map that shows the areas of the United States that the US Navy EXPECTS to be submerged once the Madrid is targeted. Naval Intelligence officers and retiring personnel are advised to relocate to the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks. These are, occording to the US Navy, safe locations because of their altitudes. The plans of TPTB are to reduce the population and that plan is still alive and well. If you do not believe it, just take a look at the targeted areas where they have already trampled and left their mark. In Part Two John discusses what they had planned to do to the Gulf…, unfortunately that has already come to pass.

Also, according to some, there is evidence that both China and Russia plan to “capture” the heartland of the US which include the grain growing areas, because much of China’s farmland is expected to be submerged and/or destroyed in the future. It appears that this could take place very soon as they continue to ramp up their use of scalar weapons and therefore destroying much of China's farmland. They have been prepositioning supplies in both Mexico and Canada for years now. The I-35 corridor, which runs from Mexico to Canada, was planned and engineered to move heavy and bulky GRAIN items such as wheat, corn, and soybeans, and which, until recent years, were primarily transported by train and/or barge. The bottom line is that they KNOW this is coming. And we’re watching it all unfold right before our very eyes (if they are open) and it’s been ongoing for a very long time.

The following is an article found this morning on that provides many useful links which further explains the use of, and reasons for, these scalar weapons:

Japanese tsunami deliberately caused by US military earthquake weapons deployed from Nevada and New Mexico The 10m high Japanese tsunami which started at 1446 local time (0546 GMT) on Friday 11th March 2011 was not a natural phenomenon. It was deliberately ordered by the US Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate. An 8.9 magnitude earthquake was initiated by US military earthquake weapons deployed from US military underground bases in Nevada and New Mexico. US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were advised by the Pentagon and the CIA of the specific origin and purpose of the attack. The same rogue US cabal of Nazi-continuum Satanists instructed the Christchurch New Zealand earthquake on Tuesday 22nd February 2011. These Skull-and-Bones puppetmasters, who control US governance and polity from behind the scenes, are looking for a bolthole to use after their forthcoming public exposure. They tried to use earthquake weapon blackmail against the city of Christchurch to force Queen Elizabeth II of England and New Zealand to give them New Zealand South Island as their final refuge. Other islands being considered for this purpose are said to include Madagascar, Tasmania, Mindanao and East Falkland.

Before the Indonesian tsunami of December 2004, the US requested Indonesia’s cooperation with the “war against terror” and wanted US naval access to the
Straits of Malacca (between Indonesia and Malaysia). Indonesia refused. HAARP antenna arrays were then used to stimulate the tsunami and punish them. Similar punishments, in the form of directed earthquakes, have been given by the US cabal to China and (several times) to Japan in recent years. Examples often cited in this connection are the Great Sichuan earthquake (China) on the 12th May 2008, and the Kobe earthquake (Japan) on the 17th January 1995. In Japan, the targets have always included areas in which important nuclear reactors are sited. There has been much comment that the Chilean earthquake of Saturday 27th February 2010 may have had something to do with the underground Nazi continuum installation at Parral, Chile, and/or the nearby Hacienda Dignidad. More here (27.02.10), here (27.02.10) and here (29.04.04). And the Haiti earthquake on Tuesday 12th January 2010 was widely rumoured in senior intelligence circles worldwide to have had a Doomsday Weapon hoofprint. More here (13.01.11), here (21.01.10) and here (25.01.10).

Background information about the use of scalar electromagnetic geodestabilising weapons can be found
here, here and here. Some of these weapons are referred to as Longitudinal Wave Interferometers or Tesla Howitzers. Some influential commentators are saying that these weapons, along with all nuclear weapons, have now been neutralised by The Higher Evolution. An example of such a viewpoint can be found here

Another interesting article on the net this morning was found on the Vatic Project found here:

Also, if these are a potential “warning sign” for us, we had better take a VERY close look at the clouds over the targeted area and remember what they look like. (then run like hell!)

HAARP sky prior to quake

And then we came upon this. You decide what it means: OMG.. caught on RADAR for both Bird kill and EARTHQUAKES near the madrid fault line. It all comes together... HAARP, Chemtrails, Animal Deaths, Beebe Arkansas, and CAUSING EARTHQUAKES!!

There are many pictures of the destruction that has taken place in Japan, as well as many other areas around the globe, from recent and unusual weather and earth related events. However, we must take a closer look at HAARP and those who operate these deadly weapons and begin to seriously question their intent and DEMAND that these scalar weapons and weather machines are no longer used. It is our firm belief that the recent events in Japan and Australia are part of their very strategic plan to finalize the NWO agenda and which is being played out. The goal is to meet the requirments clearly and precisely posted on the Goergia Guidestones. The proof is all around us and it is found in our poisoned drinking water, the manufactured and toxic food additives, the lethal vaccinations, the poisoned chemtrail air that we cannot live without but is killing us anyway, the dead zones in our oceans and destroyed sea life, the black birds falling out of the sky, life extending and free energy technologies that have been hidden or surpressed, brilliant scientists murdered, whistleblowers threatened and killed, and ANYONE who attempts to alter, reshape, or halt their plans of MURDERING much of the human race are immediately targeted and subject to becoming a victim..., their victim. Anyone who thinks that TPTB have been put out of business, well, you have another thing coming . They are ON A ROLL! And only we can do something about it. They are threatened by one thing and one thing only..., and that is numbers. We out number them, which is WHY they are determined to reduce the population. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the people of Japan and we pray for their swift recovery.


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