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Message from SaLuSa for 23 March 2011

Message from SaLuSa for 23 March 2011

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Date: Wednesday, 23-Mar-2011 19:51:42

Message from SaLuSa for 23 March 2011

SaLuSa 23-March-2011

You have so to say a lot on your plate and it might overwhelm you, so this is a time for deep introspection so that you put it all into perspective. Not all of it will concern you personally, but remember that somewhere behind the scenes we are constantly monitoring what is taking place. Where we can we will limit any attempts to cause another major upset, but sometimes there is a lot more at stake than you imagine. As long as matters can be channeled in such a way as to serve the greater purpose, we may at times be obliged to allow a certain outworking to take place. Be assured we are ultimately directing matters for your progress and ability to sidestep any real danger. You all have Guides and according to your life plan, they will always do their utmost to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time. In some instances you may see it as being in the wrong place, but no mistakes are made where your life plan is concerned.

Trust that you will leave this Earth, much wiser than when you entered it, as you cannot fail to learn lessons through your experiences. That indeed is the object of your incarnations, and each time you commence another life it is carefully planned to ensure that you continue to evolve. If in this lifetime you have had much contact with the lower vibrations, it is for the purpose of assisting you to progress. Such experiences do not necessarily hold you back, as they can be put behind you and still enable you to step up into the higher vibrations. No soul is perfect at this stage of evolution, and if you were your vibrations would be far too high to remain in your present dimension. Many of you are however rising up quickly, and your intent is to go on doing so and leave duality for all time. You will know if you are one such soul, and you are most likely already a Lightworker helping others to achieve Ascension.

Not all of you will be called to be a Lightworker, and often the preparations to do so go back many lives. There is normally a strong urge to work in a certain way for the Light from a very young age, and you are seeing this with the many youngsters now who have so much to offer you. When the timing is right their opportunity will come, and many are waiting for the changes that will bring them to the forefront. There is a time and a place for them to share their wisdom with you, and they will feature very much in work to bring the truth out. Spiritual knowledge and ability to heal are often their forte, and their services will be vitally necessary for many people just awakening. The changes proceed to become more evident, and instead of fearing the outcome people need to be aware that it is the necessary cleansing before Ascension can take place.

We urge people to follow their intuition if they are in a position of having to make an important decision. It could for example be connected with moving to a new area, and you may seek assurance that is will be safe to do so. Make a calm decision that you feel comfortable with, and trust that it will be correct for you. Somewhere in your subconsciousness you already know what was planned for you, and this is why your intuitive powers will normally prove to be the most reliable. These are times for sorting out any remaining problems in personal relationships. Try not to leave loose ends until the end of this cycle, as it is far better to have settled any issues even if it means eating humble pie. Forgive and forget, otherwise you will carry the energy with you until you do find a way of settlement.

In real terms there are no winners in arguments, as differences cannot be settled until all sides come together in forgiveness. Mistakes are commonplace where humans are concerned, some are unavoidable and others deliberate but either way they cannot be allowed to interfere with each souls evolution. Such baggage needs to be released, as it serves no purpose to carry it around with you. Entering the last stretch before you ascend is going to be a wonderful time of understanding, and a great expansion in your levels of consciousness. Every opportunity is there regardless of who you are, and truth and knowledge will abound in such a way that you will not need to question the source. We will at some stage also be with you to help explain your true history. You will soon realize how you have been held back, and take back your sovereignty. You are great Beings who will once again recognize your true potential.

For too long you have been ground into the dust, and used in so many ways that have been demeaning for souls such as you. However, your Light is returning quite quickly and you can show others how great their potential is by your words and actions. Be your true self and treat others as your loved brothers and sisters, because you are All One. Such action will draw the best out of other souls who will want to be as calm and happy as you are. Your strength will encourage others to follow your example, as they will see how you walk tall and deflect any lower energies around you. It is everyone’s time to decide exactly how they want to enter the new cycle, and there has never been such a wonderful time for it. Some will prefer to remain where they are, whilst others will jump at the opportunity to leave the cycle of rebirth in the lower dimension.

Whether you realize it or not, choice has always been yours where your experiences are concerned. Nothing has ever been forced upon you in the spiritual realms, and in fact every help has been given to ensure you make the best decision for yourself. You have always been promised that you would be guided back to your real home, and there was never any way that the dark Ones would totally imprison you. Yes, you have touched the lowest of points in duality, but to your credit you have found the will and intent to overcome them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that the Galactic Federation sees you in your real Light and Colors. We know what great Beings of Light you were and still are even if you are not totally aware yourselves. We salute you and leave you our blessings and love.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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Anonymous said...

"...because you are All One."

All "one" what? Person? No. Spirit? No. Being? No.

We are individuals with things in common. We are individuals with things that are in direct contradiction with one another. Some of these things are relatively trivial, others are of life-and-death importance.

How long will the deliberately nebulous cliche, 'We are all one', be marketed successfully to humanity? Along with the equally deliberate--and very specific--agenda it is pushing?