Friday, March 18, 2011

Dinar Intel - 3-17-11

Athena Rumor 3/17/2011

[mhannah] From PD Chat: 7:19 PM [reoqang] I was told the rv is scheduled for sunday..... They are all set to do the summit on the 21st. There is a huge celebration going on in the Treasury. Iraq was advised to blow smoke and mirrors until all is done... It is done. Dont shoot the messenger... but this was done earlier today. I just recieved a phone call from a contact who has a contact in the White House... go rv!

[jgem] [athena] very telling what is happening Okie is 100% correct Tony Blair is in charge of the rv no one else Huge Iraq has to take care of Chapter 7 things then we get the rv, the minister news is all smoke There were to many hands in the pot, now we have one Remember no rv until off chapter 7 sanctions [jonjobe7] athena and ministers issue has always been smoke?? [athena] jonjobe7 yes The goi has nothing to do with the rv [concord] So, athena you think that as soon as the chapter 7 is signed off on, we will have our RV? [athena] concord 100% correct [jonjobe7] athena and blair was in the plan when ghwb, cheney and gw wrote it up? [athena] jonjobe7 :-) [Finnigan] athena, I thought the settlemnet with Kuwait was the last nail in the coffin? [Finnigan] for Chapter 7 [athena] Finnigan nope [athena] Finnigan others to be paid too [jonjobe7] athena blair represents wto? [athena] jonjobe7 wto imf Iraq UN [jonjobe7] athena he is the key neutral factor? [athena] jonjobe7 It's in his hands now [elaine schembre] athena
[janna] [athena] Tony Blair is in total control and no one else, he is finishing the UN stuff and as soon as it is done we have a rv, seems the central banks are watching the cbi very close right now. There is a lot of central bank heads in Iraq, Japan China and France are putting a ton of pressure on Blair to get it done

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