Tuesday, March 15, 2011

John's Comments Per Japan Disaster

It is most appropriate at this time to consider the plight of Japan at this time.

The Nuclear disasters of multiple units meltdown have been raised to a level 6 out of 7.

Then entire region is about to become radiated. All airline flights in/out of Tokyo have been stopped and this will extend to all shipments of goods & food.


Claims with evidence by Fulford was this was done by a rogue portion of the USA military via Haarp under control of the Bush Cabal. Next attack shall be the Madrid Fault Line here in the USA.

Does this bother you a wee bit?


Why isn't anything done to stop these bastards. Why doesn't our Good Military do something?

Yea --- we know, it interferes with your military pensions.

And how about these "Galactic Forces" --- this is a test if they are really true. It be a great time to make first contact and do something!

My deepest prayers for Japan, there honorable people and may a solution be found to remedy this.

GOD Bless,

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

I'm with you John. If there are "white Knights" they are toothless, and the ETs are all talk and no action.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing to do during these troubling times is to stay calm. The deeds of the dark will be exposed, if not now, then certainly soon. Every awful crime against humanity they commit until their full exposure will just make it that much worse for them in the end. It may be hard not to get angry, but they feed off of the anger and it makes them more powerful. Just remember, God always has a plan.

In love

Anonymous said...


I pretty much feel the way you do about this whole mess with the dark cabal. If the Galactics are real than it is time for them to stand in and use their technology to help elivate the suffering of the Japanese people. This Karma thing has been carried to an extreme. We are suppose to be in the 9th and final wave of the Mayan calander and unity consciousness ?
thank you

Anonymous said...

Well said John, well said.

Anonymous said...

We can sure use President Turner's military and funds about now. Not just for japan but also for those in the Gulf dieing from being poisoned.

Bill said...

The GFL only care about their safety and stupid disclosure. What about our safety? Why can't the GFL just show their asses and remove the dark cabal by hand along with earthquake technology and HAARP? We've already awakened, they're the ones who need to quit channeling and actually do something. I don't think people should fear, the GLF have designed their vessels with beauty to make us feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:50 am
"The deeds of the dark will be exposed"????

Ya let's just keep sitting on our butts and wait for our saviours...galactic or otherwise. Us apathetic North Americans should take lessons from the people of the middle east...we'll have to take to the streets and revolt....otherwise this crap will continue on and on!

Anonymous said...

You said what is on our hearts and minds. All the BS from the spokespeople for the Galactics has been B.S. "No Nukes." The cabal is guilty of premeditated mass murder. What more is it going to take to arrest the creeps responsible? Their reign on Earth has surely ended. Thank you John.

Anonymous said...

John this was posted on Abundanthope.net lastnight
maybe this will answer some of the questions you asked about.


14th march 2011

Esu, can you comment on Japan?

Ok, Eve, short briefing: Japan is very serious. We are sucking off the most of the radioactivity – we are shift working 24 hours a day. We have taken care of the souls who were victims of the tsunami and there is special care for the ones whose body's were harmed by radioactivity. Japan is an incredible mess of harm and grief.

A catastrophe like that – in a place of such a high population density - is a pure apocalypse. You see the volcanic underground of Japan. This is merely the beginning. We've told you before, how hard Japan could be hit. A chain reaction is likely to follow from this. The whole place is like an open wound right now – and this is in fact – unveiled – a drama when man sees what he has created.

So many of you have signed petitions for stopping that nuclear energy thing. They have not been heard. To build these kind of nuclear plants on volcanic ground makes it even worse. Chernobyl has not been bad enough, so it seems - to turn the tide. The NWO players have placed a big coup by this. Now they are trying to make you believe they had arranged this by Haarp, as a shock and awe scenario. Your internet is already flooded by rage filled indications and statements, that Haarp had been used to intentionally make a mess out of this. Not so, beloveds.

The Japanese in special have long played with the fire and now their house is literally burning down. WWII – the nuclear bombs falling upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bad enough to prevent them from building these nuclear reactors. Japan is harvesting the grown up seed now, and unfortunately not only Japan.

On the background info of availability and development of free energy and the technology of Tesla in the first half of the last century even, this whole nuclear thing comes out to be the crown of irresponsibility.

And I'm sorry, folks, this is merely the beginning. You have now Japan as a building ground of drama and what does mankind do if further building grounds will be added and become manifest?

Hopefully you will cry out for God to help you. I assure you, what we see in Japan is tearing apart our hearts. You have heard about the high number of missing people. It's more, dear ones. And it will get worse. Go on joining your prayers and empathy to this location exposed to the elements of nature, to earth taking back her power, … keep firmly anchored while things will be adding up furthermore.

Yes, it's true – „it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark“. But now the rain has set in and I hope you have finished your preparations. This is the final rundown. Esu.

Anonymous said...

The news is pushing the idea that japnese reactors will spread radiation all over the world, Top nuke experts say that this will not be the case, it will not be like the russian meltdown, but don't be suprised if we get radiated by the dark cabal using the stuff they put in dirty bombs, only they will dump it on us from the chemtrails and blame it on japans reactors. Watch for increased chemtrail activity.

Anonymous said...

Right on John! Where's the Galactic Federation when we really need them?! I agree, a perfect time to step out and step in...the whole world is hopefully being shocked awake and watching, ready to surrender to support from any quarter!!
Let's do it guys!!! I understand the karmic play out that has to happen, and how dense and stubborn much of humanity still is at this time, but aren't we over due for the next phase??!! Onward and upward! Love, Peace, Enjoy!

Elle said...

Read this first before any conclusions:

We're more intuitive than the "dark cabal" want us to be. They are hoping we are weak-spirited enough to believe all the fear hype, but I'm hoping that we can prove them wrong.
Just like 9/11...just like the oil spill..just like the countless illnesses they proclaimed would wipe our nation...just like EVERY SINGLE NATURAL DISASTER history has ever seen.... - we're still alive, breathing, aren't we? We spend our precious time watching the news, surfing the net, seeing those "words" and "videos" stating how horrific everything is. But really, is it THAT horrific? Or are the "dark cabal" trying to use your power against you by having you create the very horror they are trying to push inside your head (and guess what? That horror you create is nothing more than self-inflicted mental insanity. While you're driving yourself crazy about what and who will target you next, there's millions of people out there living the life of their dreams). DON'T GIVE IN TO THE FEAR PEDDLING. Instead, just throw love within yourself and in ALL directions. I promise you'll feel more better doing that than feeling fearful about any nuclear radiation.

And to those doubting the Galactics - keep in mind they have already prevented things from happening that would have made the Japan incident look like a walk in the park. But us humans still, to this day, push drama over peace. We claim we want peace, harmony, world love...and yet we ourselves have not attained those attributes. We need someone to blame, someone to be mad at - i.e. we need an excuse to be NOT HAPPY. News flash people! We can't have that perfect world when we're constantly looking for imperfections. Let's appreciate the fact that we're still physically able to even get on a computer to (unfortunately) rant and complain about how nothing is changing.

Before our world changes, we must change first. And it starts with having a positive attitude that all will happen the way it's supposed to. There's no accidents, there's no mistakes. Everything in history has occurred the way it should have for the sake of our own evolution. Appreciate the negative because it sparked you to call out for the positive. Try not to feed the thoughts that make you feel anything but joyful (and don't say it's hard to do. only you make it hard. not anybody or anything else) It's like that wonderful quote I hear not often enough: Two wolves fighting each other. One is good, one is evil. Whichever one you feed is the one that wins. So which one will you feed?

Anonymous said...

I think the GFL is a bogus group from the nazi era, the nazi's had flying discs during ww2 and exscaped germany with that technology. When the next war is over which they will be a big part of attacking us from above, they step forward and claim that they where helping us and that they destroyed the enemy, they'll introduce us to all the hidden technology they have with held from us for 100 years, we will be in awe of all these things but the truth is we should have had them all along and made our lives much easier. They still hold back alot of the knowledge just to keep the upper hand over the slave race.